Dec 13, 2015
hi, I play mostly on Xbox One and PS4 for Chat and Game Volume. Sometimes ill play on PC but only mostly for Game volume. The Cloud I is $80 and the Cloud II is $100. I understand the main difference is that it is 7.1 surround sound but since i play more on Xb1/PS4, does this matter? and I also heard that it has a better mic and its alittle more comfy. but is it worth the extra $20? Thanks :)


I personally went with the hyperX cloud 1 instead of the 2 model because the problem with surround sound is that it uses a usb sound card which isn't the best in the world. You do get great surround sound, but at the cost of audio quality.

When I eventually get my hyperX cloud 1 in the mail (lol, yeah Christmas time is always rough on packing companies), I'll plug it into my motherboard which has built in audio that is superb. Then use razers surround software to get 7.1 surround when I'm gaming.

So it comes down to if you'll be gaming only or also listening to music on that headset. If you do both, game and listen to music, I suggest the cloud 1.