Question mic picking sounds from headset (not a headset problem)

Sep 11, 2019
So I have hyperx cloud alpha's and have the problem with them that microphone picks loud audio from the headset. I know for sure it is something with my pc, coz I've tried them on my friends pc and the problem was gone. I know I played with settings a lot and tried reinstalling drivers. I had the same problem with my old razer Kraken's, but at the time I had them I had a completely different motherboard, and switching it to MSI z370 gaming+, the problem is still here. The things I still have from the time I used Kraken's is SSD and RAM. So my guess is that the problem must be something with them or in fact windows. P.S. my headset's mic both quality and volume is bad So I'm guessing it is also something fixable.