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    Hello, I'm sorry I don't speak English well. I have an ACER SWITCH 10E (SW3-013) tablet. Windows 10 tablet + keyboard flash disk + 1TB disk. I replaced the hard disk which works perfectly with an SSD, it works, but when I want to use the original WD BLUE HDD hard disk on another computer, it...
  2. 1slavicc

    Solved! How can I use my mashita DVD-ram on my android tv installed on my PC

    I use an Acer Travelmate with Mashita DVD-ram UJ8HC built in. When I put a DVD, it recognises the DVD, but not to play with it, but as a storage device. How can I use my built in DVD player to play DVDs on my Acer Travelmate with Android TV 9 installed.?

    Question PC Keeps Crashing

    So I just recently bought a Pc for Gaming, I do not know all of the specs. However, I do know that the graphics card that was already intact with the pc was burnt out so I purchased another for about $250 which was half the price of the first. So I have been able to Download and play Fortnite...
  4. C

    Solved! DT 990 PRO Limited Edition Disconnecting

    Recently purchased these headphones for my 2.3k gaming rig, however they tend to disconnect randomly when playing games. I'm not the technical guy and do not understand why it could be disconnecting any ideas? i do not use an amp and it plugged directly into my pc and disconnects on both front...
  5. A

    Solved! Onboard audio interference

    Hi, I have some problems with onboard audio, some time ago i switched to a new PC case, that has malfunctioning front 3.5mm headphones jack (only right channel plays), I tried to use MIC In jack, and retask to Headphone/Front Speaker out, but somehow it still doesnt sound like real Headphones...
  6. COOLGUY173633

    Is this a good gaming PC deal ?

    A Intel i3-9100F 9th gen and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super and G.Skill Ripjaws V 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL19 Memory and 120G of ssd storage(SATA) and Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive in Asus PRIME H310M-D Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard , PSU : Thermaltake...
  7. prime27

    Question How to connect sony ht rt40 to pc ?

    I just bought a sony home theatre ht rt 40 I want to connect this to my pc which has the following ports 2 Hdmi ins and 1 dpin (Monitor) Line in, Line out and Dvi Hdmi and Dp ports (GPU)Nvidia 1050ti What is the easiest way to get 5.1 sound out of my pc? Please help me guys its very...
  8. Jonf12

    need pc build advice

    hey I am interested in building a pc and wanted to get some suggestions on a build if you could list parts and a case for me I'd appreciate it! I know for sure im geting 3080 and i9 9900k i also like rbg alot and all white for case but not sure on the rest like what is the best motherboard ram...
  9. M

    Solved! Asus laptop restarts several times and displays black screen for a short time before restarting

    the lapop was on the sleep mode and then my twin turned iton and found out it was updating windows so she restarted it and then it only requires a password in a blue box and when you enter pass it shows asus logo and that circling icon then it displays a black screen and a window frame flashes...
  10. N

    Solved! 3.5mm audio messed up (PC)

    Hi there. My 3.5mm jack is messed up and i need help. My sound keeps cutting and sometimes it just stops and i have to force it to work even though thats probably not the best thing to do. So an idea struck and this question remains. Would a USB DAC help me out? Mic included, i have a razer...
  11. J

    Is downclocking my gpu safe for a low wattage psu?

    I recently got a swap card from 1070 to a 2070 super, the 2070 says it needs 650w and I only have a 330w psu. I'm not able to upgrade currently so I was wondering if lowering the power consumption for on msi afterburner will be safe for my pc until I can upgrade. If so, what is a good percentage...
  12. M

    My PC is frequently getting BSOD during different activities

    My new gaming PC is now frequently getting BSOD and I'm not sure what is causing it. It first occurred when I was playing Black Ops4 and I turned on the Windows game bar, which started to turn itself on and off, disturbing the game. I hit the Windows key and turned off the Computer. When I...
  13. D

    Question Desktop in task manager??????

    Ive had my PC for like 5 years now and under startup it has never shows DESKTOP.I disabled it but it is under C:\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup soIdk i would normally brush by it and not think twice but its never been there before.I just worry that its a virus...
  14. D

    Solved! Minecraft Lags on good pc? Cant allocate more RAM.

    [SOLVED] I've played Minecraft on this pc before, i would get 200fps sometimes 300 fps on it. I reinstalled it and now its lagging like crazy. I investigated and Minecraft is using only 1gb of RAM and that seems to be the problem. Im running it on a Windows 10 pc, 64bit, Intel i5-2400 3.10 GHz...
  15. L

    Solved! Non Bluetooth PC to old stereo

    I want to setup for my parents for them to be able to play mp3 music files that are on a non Bluetooth PC (motherboard: ASUS B85M-G R2.0) and have the sound come out of an old stereo (non Bluetooth, Sony FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver STR-AV770) in another room on the same floor. They have a PC in the...
  16. mr007ammudi

    Solved! how to connect PC to home theatre to have 5.1 audio

    how can i connect PC to my LG home theater while i have OPTICAL IN and HDMI OUT and AUX IN in home theater as you can see in IMAGE down below... so i need 5.1 audio not stereo so please help me how can i solve this case .... it's been a while since i try to solve it but no chance i got only...
  17. O

    Solved! Is JDownloader 2 safe?

    I heard a lot of things about JDownloader and I'm not sure if I can donwload it or not. I heard that it has malware, adware and trojans etc. Is it safe to download or should I stay away from it?
  18. Clunker

    Hooking up old stereo speakers to my PC. Will this work? Bad idea?

    So I've got these old stereo speakers just sitting in a corner of the spare bedroom. I thought it would be cool if I could hook them up to my PC. I thought about buying this amp to connect it to the PC...
  19. B

    Does anyone know how to disable Cortana?

    It tends to consume more memory than its worth, and I want it gone for good. I don't even use the damn thing.
  20. O

    How to use an XLR for Dual-PC Twitch Streaming

    Hello everybody, I run a very basic DUAL-PC setup for my Twitch streams, of which I want to upgrade my audio. Gaming PC Elgato HD60 Streaming PC Above is the very basic route all my audio follows. All the audio from my gaming pc goes through my Elgato HD60 and to my streaming pc, ultimately...
  21. G

    How to Get Into the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta

    Black Ops 4 is coming, which means it's time for the annual Call of Duty beta. How to Get Into the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta : Read more
  22. J

    Solved! TV Stuck into LOGIN Screen!!!

    Hello guys, i have an issue! i own a LG tv super UHD4k model number <<SJ850V>> I recently format my pc (Windows 10 Pro) and when i connect tv to pc through HDMI i can't get into windows! It Asks my mail's password and when i put it and the circle dots starting to roll on to get into windows then...
  23. T

    Laptop freezes at lockscreen

    Laptop running on windows 10 keeps freezing at lockscreen. I put in my password and press enter and it freezes at welcome screen too. Trying to get to safe mode by pressing shift+ restart and it freezes at please wait screen. I’ve held down power button restarted it like 10 times Too and that...
  24. K

    If cpu gets hot will it still work?

    Hi i want to ask,i have an old pentium 4 pc that haven’t been used for years and i was testing it to see if the power supply still works and turns on but the cpu doesn’t have a heatsink (I’ve bought a new one but online so still waiting) so I tested it a few time because it stop spinning...
  25. S

    PC Freezes when turning on/off Reciver (HDMI)

    Hello, I have my custom built PC (Windows 10) with a GTX 1080T Video Card plugged via a 20 foot HDMI to a Sony DH-770 Receiver as a 3rd monitor (Other two monitors are Display Port). Whenever I turn on or off the receiver (regardless of the Input) the PC will freeze for roughly 10 seconds and...
  26. O

    Problems with bsod at home

    Hello! i have a problem with my computer. I get frequent blue screens of death (The stop error is system_service_exception) but for some reason people that i have asked to help with my computer haven't found anything weird about my computer. I said that i was using a screen with a DVI output...
  27. teegee

    Solved! Static noise from speakers and other audio devices.

    Hello, When I have my speakers enabled, or my headphones connected at random intervals I have this static noise play through whichever device I might be using at that time, it is fixable by making noise through either playing a video, music or having a friend speak. It comes back still...
  28. K

    Using 3.5 Sata Hdd to boot on laptop

    Hi i want to ask i have an old fujitsu laptop but the os won’t boot because its missing NTLDR,i have the cd for it but it won’t boot or read the disk and I don’t have a pendrive at the moment or any access to a laptop or pc And i only have that laptop since my other laptop broke and I can’t...
  29. J

    Need help choosing a laptop?!

    I have a old alien ware laptop and I want to upgrade because when I run elgato it becomes really loud. (fan noise) I want a laptop that is - really quite - good battery life - nice graphics I main need a laptop that is quite, Can anyone help me? 1. My budget is $2400 AU 2. I would like a 13...
  30. Agent Dash

    Facebook slow on PC (Chrome)

    I saved up to build myself a 5k dollar PC for gaming, music producing, and tons more (Ridiculous I know but not the point) It has 2 1080 ti's, a 6850k, 128 GB RAM, and a Samsung 850 PRO 500 GB SSD with Windows 10. I have decent internet, not many programs open, and no more then 5 tabs open on...
  31. U

    Solved! Unable to send multichannel PCM audio from PC to LG B6

    I recently purchased an LG B6, and came to realize my good old AVR (a Denon 1612), featuring HDMI 1.4, won't do HDR pass-through, so intending to keep the Denon, I switched to having the TV in the middle, instead of the AVR as I did until today. I have managed to get audio sent from the TV to...
  32. D

    Is there a gaming mouse software for R8 Model: 1613 it says here uts from China

    Is there a program that can change the buttons and DPI of the mouse for the R8 model 1613 mouse?
  33. M

    My PC Gone Crazy

    i don't know if its the right section for my topic but i guess this is the closest one. a While ago I Was just fine until it comes a day when everything Collapse. i was Running Win 7 x64 the day all of these started ... so what happened was a bunch of Errors such as: 1- Missing .exe for these...
  34. J

    how do i uninstall the svcvmx client.

    So I open up task manager and i see this thing called svcvmx client, first thing i did was end the task, it just came back. I searched it up and found out it was a virus so i went on google but found no good answer. HELP
  35. A

    Record at Native Framerate OR Desired Framerate?

    Hello. I'm experimenting with different methods or recording and rendering gameplay footage on my PC and I had a minor question. I run all of my games (if possible, of course) at 120fps to match my monitor's native display setting: 1080p @ 120Hz. Is it better to record my gameplay at its...
  36. A

    my pc still lags even after i update dispay driver.

    my pc still lags even after i update dispay driver. my pc is HP notebook, AMD processor with E1-6015 APU with Radeon(TM) R2 graphics. please help me guys i spend two months without playing any game because my pc is lagging. i hope i wil ge the soltion.
  37. Yolyx

    What is the input for on my speakers?

    Hi First off, I do not know anything about speakers. But recently I bought a pair of PC speakers, the Logitech z333 2.1 speakers. On the back there is an input and an output. The output is where I connect my speakers to my pc, but what is the input for? What do the colours represent (red and...
  38. Tomhueb

    I have office on my student PC. Can i get it on my home PC free from my school?

    What Title says
  39. malrats

    Bought SHP9500 and VMODA BoomPro for gaming. Do I need anything else?

    I've used gaming headsets for a long time now and finally wanted to give the other option a shot. I'm totally new to this. I have Razer 7.1 V2, Astro A40s, and SteelSeries Arctis 5. All closed back and I rely on mic monitoring to hear myself. After a couple of years of recommendations, I...
  40. T

    Adding more speakers to my PC. Is it possible?

    Is there to hook up more than just the 5 speakers that I bought for my PC? I got a Logitech set up, but I want to buy maybe three more speakers so that I can have a true surround sound experience, but I can't seem to find a way to connect the extra speakers. IS there a way to add more speakers?
  41. L

    Hooking up home theatre speakers to PC

    I have Samsung HT-THX25 Home Theatre system that has 5.1 speaker system and all speakers are 100w 3Ω including the subwoofer. The trick is that the unit itself has only stereo input so it just casts that stereo sound on 6 channels. I'd like to use my speakers full potential so I need an amp that...
  42. D

    Do I have a keylogger installed?

    Before I get into explaining the whole situation, I am not an amateur computer user. I never run anything, and whenever I want to install something that could potentially have any sort of adware or spyware in it, I always use a virtual machine. I use different passwords for everything and have a...
  43. R

    URGENT Need to extract data from a protected drive

    i need to extract data from my external hard drive. Its very important for me i need it urgently my hard drive creates a secret zone inside it which is password protected my hard drive is Maxtor 1tb it created a file inside it with a extension .msr i just wanted to know if in extract the data...
  44. M

    MSI laptop gets to the boot screen and doesn't load, shuts down after 15 seconds.

    I have a MSI laptop and yesterday after going to the movies I tried starting up my laptop again and it got the the boot screen, where i see the logo of MSI but it doesn't load. Fans start and maybe 15 seconds later it all powers down. About 1 or 2 weeks ago I installed windows 10 (Not sure if...
  45. J

    headphone mic pc compatibility

    So I don't know if this has already been discussed, but on my PC I have a separate mic and headphones. This Christmas I was gifted a nice pair of headphones with a mic attached. I wanted to know if there was a way to use the mic and headphones together like on a mobile device or laptop. Thanks
  46. C

    huge lag in Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere

    Hello i have a windows pc with an atlhon x4 760k, nvidia 750ti, 8gb ram, 1tb 7200rpm hdd. I use adobe lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere i am experiencing huge lags every time i open one of these 3 applications. I usually edit photos from my camera i have imported over 2000 pictures in lightroom...
  47. F

    I think my Nvidia GPU is damaged.... Nvidia GeForce820m (Will exlpain further with pictures)

    Hello every wonderful person reading this thread. I'm quite new here but I do have a question that needs to be answered since a looooong time ago. Anyways, going straight to the point. As stated in the title I think my nvidia graphics card is damaged. It has some static and squiggly lines on the...
  48. C

    Best headphones for gaming that aren't made for gaming?

    So I'm using the Sennheiser HD 598 right now with a Asus Pheobus sound card, got a Creative X7 on the way. I'm quite content, these are the best headphones I've used and trump any gaming headset I've ever had (most are utter crap comparatively!) I'm looking for info on the most recommended...
  49. M

    Laptop purchase help - Top 4 in your honest opinion

    I was just informed that I will be getting a laptop from work. I would like suggestions by the community on what are some of the best laptops out there. I am not familiar with laptops, cuz truth be told, I never owned one. I would be using this laptop for mostly graphics, video editing, and...
  50. M

    Forgot my password for 7zip archive

    Title basically says it all really I have an archive made using 7zip which is password protected and I used to open it and edit it almost everyday and so I didn't think i'd need to write the password down since I used the password thats different to all my other passwords but the thing is a few...
  51. E

    Where Can I Find External Speakers for My Monitor?

    I have the Acer GN246HL monitor that I use for my gaming PC. I have an Xbox 360 next to me that I would like to use, but I cannot seem to get the audio working (monitor does not have speakers). What can I do to hear the xbox games? Are there speakers that I can buy, or am I just missing...
  52. R

    Music from PC through DVD speakers via HDMI cable, is it possible?

    Just bought a sony bdv e6100, i have no TV so i was wondering, can i play pc music through my home theater system via hdmi cable?
  53. O

    PC crashes while Gaming

    Hello everyone. I'm new on here. I need help please. My Laptop, A Lenovo Y50-70 gaming pc crashes too often. While playing games like FIFA 16, Watch Dogs etc, My pc will freeze with a buzzing sound. I'll have to perform a forced shut-down. This is getting out of hand and I'm really sick and...
  54. Ghost2609

    Headset have opposite stereo . Left is right Right is left on PC in the front jack.

    So my Sades SA-708 got opposite stereo Left is right and Right is left only on my PC but only in the front audio jack. I have speakers plugged into the rear jack and I have a program that I can switch between Speakers and Headphones with F9 and F10. In the rear jack the headset is working like...
  55. H

    I'm Looking for a New Laptop...

    So I'm looking for a new laptop. First I want at least 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and an i7 Processor. My current 3 options are the Dell XPS 15, Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition and the MacBook Pro. I will be installing Linux on it alongside Windows / MacOS. I will be doing programming, Photoshop work...
  56. D

    My Computer freezes on start up, a few seconds into loading the windows loading screen, ive swaped out hard drives and this ma

    My Computer freezes on start up, a few seconds into loading the windows loading screen, ive swaped out hard drives and the same problem, also wont let me boot up for windows disk as i t freezes on that too, i also reseated that ram and check all connections, the computer is a Acer Aspire quad...
  57. M

    Hi. I've reach maximum population and cannot collect the taxes anymore...

    I'd like to know how to keep collecting the taxes even though my population has reach the limit. Thanks.
  58. Seeking_Gamer_2

    MacBooks vs PC's

    Can MacBooks be a good challenge to normal PC's? Many people say that mac is faster than normal PC's but others say that a normal desktop of low budget can easily outperform a mac (I'm with these guys :lol:). According to me, macs aren't that good! Let's see what you guys think about it!?
  59. A

    Speakers that work with PS4 and PC at the same time?

    Hey, I am looking for a sound bar or speaker setup that can connect to both my PC and PS4 simultaneously. Like a standard AUX for the PC and optical for PS4, then when I want to I can just switch which device the speakers take audio from... Would something like this work? Thanks for your time...
  60. S

    How do you get surround sound for Itunes and Google Play videos?

    Hi. My motherboard is Asus M489GTD Pro, which supports surround sound. I have the Logitech Z506 set of surround speakers attached to my PC. Surround sounds clearly work in things like video games. The problem is that it doesn't work in movies I rent on Itunes and Google Play. I only get...