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    HyperX Cloud I or II?

    hi, I play mostly on Xbox One and PS4 for Chat and Game Volume. Sometimes ill play on PC but only mostly for Game volume. The Cloud I is $80 and the Cloud II is $100. I understand the main difference is that it is 7.1 surround sound but since i play more on Xb1/PS4, does this matter? and I also...
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    Which Gaming Headset should i get? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, so i need a good gaming headset for the Money, i play and chat mostly on Xbox One but sometimes want to hear gameplay on PS4 and PC. Here are my choices... HyperX Cloud ($60) HyperX Cloud II ($100) Xbox One Stereo Headset ($50-$60) ASTRO Gaming A40 PC Headset Kit (on sale $100) - not...
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    Best laptop 2015 with +- 3000 €

    Hi, i am a young artist/architect always on the move (so i need a laptop). I use 3d modelling programs (3d max, sketchup, ...), use a LOT of the adobe collection (photoshop,illustrator, PREMIERE (BIG time on the video editing),after effect, ...), without forgetting all de CAD programs et...