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  1. Vexzionel

    Question HyperX Cloud Alpha underperforming (low audio)

    Hey guys, I went ahead and bought HyperX Cloud Alphas today after quite a bit of consideration. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed with the audio and I'm wondering if anything can be done about it. The headset is laughably quiet and the bass is negligible, rest is quite mediocre (kinda...
  2. daniel.avital62

    Solved! HyperX Cloud Flight, what settings should I use?

    Windows 10, when you go to sound settings you can see all your audio possibilities and I right clicked my Headset, Hyper X Cloud Flight and I found enhancements. I looked everywhere for suggestions but have not found any that suits my question. I'm a gamer, but I'm also a music lover...
  3. F

    Solved! Sound leaking on a brand new headset

    So I've just purchased and tested my new HyperX Cloud Alpha headset, works like a charm on any other device. While testing on my computer (Lenovo Legion laptop) it appears that other people on Discord are able to hear only the loud sounds from my desktop, youtube, games, even themselves when my...
  4. G

    Any good Gaming Headset/Headphones out there?

    Hello! I need a new headphones and your advice. Now I'm using Sennheiser HD555 connected directly to my Mobo - MSI Z87-G45 Gaming, no extra sound card. I'm looking for a great headset or headphones for at 1st gaming, 2d movies. I'm not a professional online gamer, so all I need is an awesome...
  5. G

    combo jack/headset mic not working

    I just got a HyperX Cloud with a combo jack (http://imgur.com/T1w9YdZ) but when connecting it to my laptop (Acer Aspire V5-573G-54208G50aii), the mic doesn't show up on the sound tab in Windows while the headset sound is working. The mic works perfectly fine on my dad's pc though. My laptop...
  6. W

    HyperX Cloud 2 Headset breaking

    I got my new HyperX Cloud 2's as a birthday present November 6th and were good until about the 10th of this month. Scene: The wire (which is very long) was on my floor, i moved back a little on my chair and I am pretty sure I didn't go over the cord. All of a sudden the sound stopped and...
  7. M

    HyperX Cloud I or II?

    hi, I play mostly on Xbox One and PS4 for Chat and Game Volume. Sometimes ill play on PC but only mostly for Game volume. The Cloud I is $80 and the Cloud II is $100. I understand the main difference is that it is 7.1 surround sound but since i play more on Xb1/PS4, does this matter? and I also...
  8. M

    Which Gaming Headset should i get? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, so i need a good gaming headset for the Money, i play and chat mostly on Xbox One but sometimes want to hear gameplay on PS4 and PC. Here are my choices... HyperX Cloud ($60) HyperX Cloud II ($100) Xbox One Stereo Headset ($50-$60) ASTRO Gaming A40 PC Headset Kit (on sale $100) - not...
  9. C

    Hyperx Cloud or Hyperx Cloud 2 (I have Asus DGX)

    I am currently trying to decide on which to buy. At the moment I have a Steelseries Siberia v2 headset that works fine but I am after an upgrade. And my search for headsets has led me to the Hyperx Cloud 1 and 2. However I am struggling to decide. Basically I have a sound card (a cheap Asus...
  10. D

    HyperX Cloud Headset Hz Gap

    About six months ago I received my first HyperX Cloud headset. I was pretty excited as I got it $30 off normal price and thought it might be a decent headset, but I ran into some issues. The first pair had bad low range quality and a Hz gap at around 3.8KHz to 4.1KHz. For the low range, it had...
  11. M

    HyperX cloud Headset

    Hi all, Firstly I am sorry if this is the wrong section to get help from. I just purchased HyperX cloud headset yesterday and i lets just say that i have mixed feelings for it. It's really comfy but at the same time it sounds kinda weird. Everything is just so high on treble and while gaming...
  12. Dustichux867

    HyperX Cloud - Sudden audio quality decrease

    I've posted on here about these previously and still mostly fantastic headphones. That time it was that these seemed quiet. Now it is that the audio quality from the left ear just decreased out of nowhere. The right driver still sounds perfect, but the left sounds a bit garbly now, and when I...
  13. Dustichux867

    HyperX Cloud seems too quiet

    I bought the HyperX Cloud, not the II, the original. I know it has 60 ohm impedance or whatever, which means that it takes more power to drive it, but a PC should have no problem with it, right? I was using Turtle Beach X12s before, and they seemed much louder than the Clouds. The extra weird...
  14. A

    Which Headset is Best?

    Which of these is the best. I am looking for looks, mic performance and sound. Kraken Chroma http://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-kraken-chroma-rgb-71-usb-gaming-headset-ab57792 Hyper Cloud II...
  15. aa777nx

    5.1 headset - Sounds coming from behind are extremely quiet

    When using my Kingston HyperX cloud headset, I've noticed that sounds that are coming from behind me are almost inaudible. This makes the headset virtually useless to me. For example, someone could be standing right behind me, firing wildly into the air, and I would literally not be able to hear...
  16. Oakley999

    Razer Kraken 7.1 or Kingston Hyperx Cloud

    I got my razer kraken 7.1 a few days ago, and it already had static problems as soon as i got it out the box. I believe its just faulty. Should I send it back to get another pair or RMA it and get a refund, to buy the Hyperx Cloud?