Solved! HyperX Cloud Flight, what settings should I use?

Nov 25, 2018
Windows 10, when you go to sound settings you can see all your audio possibilities and I right clicked my Headset, Hyper X Cloud Flight and I found enhancements. I looked everywhere for suggestions but have not found any that suits my question.
I'm a gamer, but I'm also a music lover.

Question 1: For bass boost is that for music or games, if so what frequency will work best for either one.

Question 2: Should I use headphones virtualization for gaming or music or not at all? If so Jazz Club, Studio, or concert hall?

Question 3: Loudness Equalization Should I use for gaming, music or not at all?

I would love you for helping me with all this it'll mean the world. Thanks! Love you tom's hardware.
What you like in settings depends on you. Try them, if you like how it sounds, keep the setting. It's impossible for anyone else to know what you like to listen to.