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  1. P

    Question HP spectre x360 power button blinking and not turning on after I taken out one of its fan and blew it then placed back!

    It was fine until I taken out the fan to blow it rotating the armature to remove noise and dust. I placed backnevery thing and pushed the power button, it blinks but doesn't turn on! I tried holding the power button for few minutes removing charger and battery. Also I tried turning on with...
  2. SpiderBlitz

    Solved! (HELP!!) AT2020 bad quality and creating background noise that sounds like white noise

    Yesterday, my AT2020 XLR (which I have had for about 3 years) randomly started to act up by being extremely quiet. To fix this I simply turned up the gain on my audio interface (Behringer U-phoria UM2), although when doing this the microphone sounded very bad and created background noise...
  3. Haika

    Question Laptop shut down all of a sudden and won’t turn on

    Hello! I was playing a game with my friend, we both took a break to eat, I left the game still running and when I came back the laptop was entirely shut down. It won’t turn on no matter what. I tried holding the power button for 15 seconds to reset it, nothing. It won’t respond (led light) to my...
  4. J

    Question Phone has stopped showing USB options

    Since some time my Pocophone F1 won’t show USB options when I connect it to my drone controller, it’s only charging. I tested the controller with a different phone and everything works totally fine. Normally when I connect it to my phone. A pop-up shows up with options for: charging, photo...
  5. S

    Question Need advice on what RAM upgrade to get.

    I'm looking to upgrade RAM on my Acer Aspire A515-46 to increase performance on games since the GPU is integrated. It comes with 4GB soldered and 1 free slot to upgrade to 12GB max. I can't decide if I should get the 4GB for dual channel (if it's even possible to pair with soldered RAM) or get...
  6. S

    Question Why does my camera's video look much worse on a computer?

    Hi, I have a EOS 750D DSLR by Canon and I use that with their EOS Webcam Utility. I noticed that when recording the video directly from my camera it looks flawless but when using EOS Webcam Utility or downloading the video, it looks grainy and much worse. This doesn't happen with pictures though.
  7. Realpotato

    Question Help with my Sony str-k840p

    Hello everyone , im having troubles setting up my receiver , i got it as a gift but the speakers and subwoofer are from a rca rt2906, my problem its that the subwoofer only has wire leads and the receiver has a rca for the connection , can the subwoofer be used in this device ? Or i need to...
  8. Jambo72uk

    Question Keyboard typing extra characters

    I have a dell laptop, windows 10. I am using an external Dell wired keyboard. When I type 123, for example, it comes out 122222233333. When I type now, it comes out nooooooo, and the w is missing. Have tried to adjust repeat delay and repeat rate with no success. I have also tried multiple...
  9. Justin.grewal

    Question Reset my laptop now stuck in a loop.

    I reset my laptop because it was freezing and I would be forced to shut it down with the power button. During the reset process it froze and I was forced to turn my laptop off. Now my laptop is stuck in a loop of starting screens probably cause the reset was left unfinished. Is there anyway that...
  10. G

    Question Cai I upgrade my proccesor ???

    I have an Dell Precision 3520 whit an Intel core i7-6820HQ. I want to upgrade my Laptop to be oficially supported for windows 11. I have 00C084 as mother board. I was thinking to a Intel core i7 9700KF. I have Nvidia Quadro M620 as graphic card. Can I upgrade. ( My laptop is modular. )
  11. D

    Question Halp~ It's noise, it's always noise. (PC/Console Mixer setup)

    Equipment: ROLLS MX44 Pro Four Channel Portable Stereo Mixer, JDS OL DAC, BESIGN Ground Loop Noise Isolator, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Vanatoo 2.0 speakers. All devices have their own power support except the noise isolator obviously. All of these are connected via 3.5mm stereo cable with the...
  12. barcode1

    Question I need help finding the names of these apps

    Hi, can someone help me identify these apps please? View:
  13. R

    Question Help deciding between two 5.1 home theater set-ups

    Hello! I'm pretty new when it comes to home theater, but I've been doing a lot of research the past few days and was hoping some experts here could possibly help me decide. The two set-ups are: Klipsch Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound System This...
  14. Niteridet

    Question SAMSUNG RUGBY 2

  15. F

    Question Is it possible to replace my Fiber Optic Router?

    I recently got fiber optic internet, which is great, but I'd love to cut out the rental fees from my ISP and get my own modem. The only problem? The connection in my house is a Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) connection, so there is a fiber optic line going directly into my house. LOTS of modems...
  16. Kholens

    Question Please Help me. my HP Pavilion dm3 laptop USB ports Stop Working

    all of the ports are not working. there is a error code 10. and always Failed when detecting the device. please help me. I have tried Formatting my PC and install new OS. and still got the problem. In Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus Controllers: the 3 Standard OpenHCD Host Controller have...
  17. Comp@U

    Question Toshiba Satellite C655D S5089 Info

    Hel lo can anyone tell me if the AMD V140 processor my laptop came with is upgradeable? I understand many models of laptops are not able to take upgrades, however I do know that some of the models in the satellite series are indeed capable of taking an upgrade including some in the C655D-S500...
  18. Jcano2605

    Question Asus Vivobook X512 Backlight Keyboard not light up

    Hi, i recently i swap the keyboard of my asus vivobook x512, originally was not come with the blacklight keyboard, i get it and i swapped The problem is the backlight doesnt work, i update AKT, several times, i check the connector, there are fine There's any way on the Bios or on the Hot Keys...
  19. F1yingSquid

    Question Lenovo Y50-70 Touch Only Chargers When It Feels Like It.

    I got a new official Lenovo charger fit for my voltage and everything to replace an off-brand one I used for a while. About 1-2 weeks ago, the laptop would charge but only if a monitor was plugged into the hdmi and only for about 10 mins. A couple months before that, the laptop would charge...
  20. Calic0

    Problem With Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Chroma Wire

    So I recently found my Razer Kraken Chroma and I tried plugging it into my computer but each time I connect it my PC brings up this same message. "The Last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. Try reconnecting the device. If Windows still...
  21. D

    Solved! My phone won't turn on and screen shows nothing while charging

    I left my cell phone charging overnight and when I checked this morning the LED was blinking and the screen was black. If I plug it in again the LED wil turn on as if its charging but nothing will show on screen. Tried turning on and going into recovery mode but nothing happened. I...
  22. Zekie112

    Question U530 Weird symptoms

    Had a mate give me his old Lenovo U530 said to me it wasn't able to display anything, assumed it was a broken screen and plugged it into my monitor through the HDMI port. But it doesn't display anything either on the external monitor and doesn't accept any Fn commands to switch to the external...
  23. AstroAvocado

    Question Acer Swift 1 SF114 wont boot up, but keyboard lights up.

    So my Acer Swift 1 won't boot up, there are no sounds of fans or hard drives loading however the keyboard will light up. Here are the troubleshoots I have done with no success. Reset button on the back for 60 seconds. Power button for 60 seconds at various times. Removed battery then heled...
  24. Question LG V30+ Orange Border When Playing Videos

    For some reason, when I play a video in the browser, a orange border shows up around the video. I have all the accessibility options off so I don't know why it is there. Does anybody know how to remove the orange border? I have a picture below. The orange is in the corners.
  25. F1yingSquid

    Question Laptop Just Stops Charging When Playing Games

    I had issues with this laptop for a while now and this isn't even the worse problem but here's the issue. My laptop charged completely fine a week ago, and a day later is seemed completely fine but when I played a game on it, it stopped charging. I am able to recharge it though. Either sleep...
  26. H

    Solved! Is it bad if i dont turn my phones screen for about 3-4 hours?

    Is it bad if i dont turn my phones screen for about 3-4 hours? I want to use my phone as a Sim Dashboard, and I don't know if I use it for about 3 hours will I damage it somehow? Like the battery, screen or something else? It's a expensive phone and I don't want to damage it, it's my main phone.
  27. C

    Solved! My phone's presumably dead but it is detected by computers. Can I recover data from it?

    Long story short, my phone (Huawei Mate 10 Lite) died during a screen swap, now it won't start up nor charge. I can though connect it to my PC and it is detected (first as USB SER, then after I found and installed some drivers as HUAWEI USB COM 1.0). It isn't detected by any flashing nor...
  28. R

    Solved! how to encrypt data storage in pixel 4a phone ?

    Hi guys, There is an option to encrypt the storage in google pixel 4a? besides pin code and fingerprint scan. Thanks for the help :)
  29. THEBDC

    Solved! Need help connecting HDTV, DVR, PS4 to a Sony Home Theatre system with only one HDMI OUT.

    I've seen similar threads...but I still cannot figure this out; can someone please guide me on the best way to attach the following components, I'm just lost. Also...I don't have a remote controller for the Sony surround...can I still setup/configure this system without one? Thank you in...
  30. A

    Solved! I accidentally turned off my laptop while using it and now it won't turn on

    So I was playing Rocket League when the match ended so in order to quit I wanted to press ESC but instead I pressed the power button. I didn't press it hard or whatever and it shut down. Now the thing is that the power adapter was plugged in (my battery was at 40%) and now it won't turn on and...
  31. J

    Solved! hard of hearing

    My partner is hard of hearing and our flat is open plan so the layout is front room > lounge > kitchen. all this is one big open space. He does a lot of office work in the kitchen.. yea I know (even though he has an office, but never mind that) he keeps saying he wants to hear the tv from any...
  32. PeachyMeadow

    Solved! Amd radeon settings not showing when right clicking desktop

    When I right click my desktop it says "AMD Radeon Software instead of settings idk I just did a clean install of the driver. not sure what to do?
  33. ellenleigh122627

    Question Asus vivobook

    i’ve had my ASUS vivobook since september last year, about 9 months. Never had any issue battery was perfect, no lagging or freezing. In June my charger stopped working due to what i think was my nephew pulling at it. It didn’t work for a day and i got it into a position that it started...
  34. Tauridium

    Question Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 I7 7700 1050GTX SSD/M.2 Upgrade

    Having a few questions Firstly - What's the max storage space I can place within the M.2 space 2nd - My current Nitro came equipped with a 1TB HDD and a 128Kingston SSD which is within the M.2 place 3rd - Falls back on question one, If I can have up to a terabyte would it be worth to just...
  35. sam_voerman

    Solved! All my asus laptop's conection drivers seem to be broken.

    I bought my ASUS TUF Gaming FX705DU laptop about 2 months ago, and ever since I set it all up it has had a huge list of problems when it comes to connection. Firstly I use wireless headphones and a wireless speaker so I use Bluetooth a bunch. Once every hour or so it cuts audio for about 15...
  36. V

    Solved! Help! Astro a50 or Razer Thresher?

    So, i am looking for a gaming head set (mainly for my xbox) and found a great deal on a Razer Thresher and Astro a50. Either way cost aside what is the best gaming headset as far as Sound stage and then also sound quality that i can get for xbox one? also any feed back on comparing these 2...
  37. Sparklessdreams

    Question Is this laptop good enough to run Planet zoo?

    Is this good enough to run planet zoo, overwatch and warzone? Intel® Core™ i5-9300H Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB 133 FPS when playing Fortnite at 1080p...
  38. F

    Solved! Need help : my laptop doesn't boot properly

    Greeting everyone I have a MSI GE62VR laptop and when I press the power button, LED lights glow, fan spinning sound is heard, but the display remains black, and the notebook does not start but it's very very odd because sometimes my laptop boot perfectly and sometimes I have this issue. I've...
  39. Peeteus

    Solved! Neewer nw-700 too quiet

    I recently bought a neewer nw-700 microphone. When I had set the mic up and tested it, it was extremely quiet, not managing to get 3 bars. I then turned up the levels and boost in the windows settings however that would cause it too pick up too much background noise and I could barely hear my...
  40. K

    Question Gaming Desktop - Expert Opinion needed

    Hi all! I've been a gamer all my life, but now that I've decided to purchase a new gaming desktop, I've realized how little I know about the device that's been fueling my gaming obsession! I mainly play games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, etc. Having said that, I currently have a...
  41. J

    Solved! Is my Hp laptop compatible with elgato Hd60 S?

    Hello, I am having some trouble figuring out if my laptop is compatible with Elgato hd60 S. Here is the information for my laptop: Here is the system requirements for the Elgato hd60 s: Windows 10 (64-bit) • 4th...
  42. Solved! [W photos] Old RCA DVD player can't be found by Roku smart TV

    [Warning there's quite a bunch of photos in this post showing the items in question & what I've done to troubleshoot trying to get the player to show up on the TV so far] Roku Smart TV: Believe it's the TCL 55R617 (the manual just says R613/R617 bought at BJ's w voice command) Dvd player...
  43. zulfanmr

    Question My laptop stops charging automatically, restarts charging, then stops again and so on.

    Hey. I want to ask you a question. So i got a problem on charging. When i plug my charger, there's a beep sound and the charging indicator in my laptop is appearing. But after a few moment, the charging indicator is disappearing, means that my laptop is not charging. But when i unplug my charger...
  44. mkbnk

    Solved! This laptop or this? Help

    Hello, I’ve been watching millions of different reviews on YouTube and it’s came down to these two laptops I would really appreciate it if someone could help me pick or maybe even suggest something else that’s maybe better at same price. Here are the two laptops Eluktronics MAG-15 144hz 1080p...
  45. A

    Will my Windows10 Backup work under these conditions?

    I recently decided to upgrade my storage space on my PC, but I’m worried with how things are setup that my system image will not work. I’d like some advice on two combinations. My previous setup is one 120gb m.2 ssd as an OS drive, and two 1TB SSDs in Raid Zero format. I’m replacing it with two...
  46. D

    Question Audio Interface has a glitchy signal. Help!?

    Hello! When i record into my DAW through my Avid Fast Track Solo the sound has a glitchy static noise on top of the audio. This sound will come and go at random. The correct and most recent drivers have been installed. This isnt a latency or buffering issue. Here is a list of things i have...
  47. zach183323

    Solved! Help Android Stuck In Fastboot

    My Google Pixel 3a is stuck in fastboot and wont exit. I tried installing magisk and when I tried to reboot the phone it got stuck in fastboot mode
  48. AviBag

    Solved! The os for lenovo g550

    Hi! I have Lenovo G550 2958. The S/N is CBG1344796. What OS did arrive with that computer? Now it have linux, and I want to install the original windows. Thank's!
  49. utubeagrawal

    Question Laptop recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for an upgrade from my Dell Precision M2800 w/ 16GB of RAM, an i7-4710MQ, a Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB ssd, Windows 10, etc. I want to have the following i7 - 10th generation (any model, would prefer a k) (can roll with a 9th gen model if necessary) (can go with a Ryzen 7 if...
  50. Y

    Question i cant reactivate my twitter

    i deactivate my account and i try to reactivate my account but i cant login to my account it said that this email and password doesn't match our record. someone please help me
  51. N

    Solved! Laptop high ping and poor connection when other devices is fine

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my Lenovo legion Y520 Specs: OS-name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2501 Mhz, 4 cores(r), 4 processors Ram: 8gb graphic cards : intel(r) HD Graphics card 630 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 ti wifi card: Realtek 8821...
  52. B

    Question Building a laptop from parts?

    So my computer just died on me and I need it for school so more or less I was wondering could I use the 5+ somewhat broken laptops in my house to scrap together something that'll work? Obviously it wouldn't need to be the best it just needs to work for the meantime.
  53. E

    Solved! HP Pavilion Protect Smart Hard Drive replacement with a broken screen

    Hello, and thank you in advance for helping me with my unique problem. I was given a HP Pavilion Protect Smart laptop with a broken screen and no hard drive (a co-worker of mine wanted the hard drive out of the laptop to salvage the data from). I have another hard drive from an older laptop that...
  54. D

    Question Desktop in task manager??????

    Ive had my PC for like 5 years now and under startup it has never shows DESKTOP.I disabled it but it is under C:\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup soIdk i would normally brush by it and not think twice but its never been there before.I just worry that its a virus...
  55. I

    Question Headphones with mic that are recording internal sounds

    I bought in-ear headphones with microphone included from Sony and I noticed that my internal sounds are being recorded while I talk to others. For example if I listen to Spotify they hear the music, even thought the sound is being sent to the headphone the microphone somehow manages to record it...
  56. G

    Solved! Pink horizontal lines across my screen when i turn it on what is wrong

    My computer was fine yesterday, I turned it on today and it comes on with pink lines across my screen? I dunno what happened or what to do
  57. D

    Smell of burning only when turning on the PC.

    I cannot find the source. It only happens for a short period of time after the PC has been off for a while. I have a cat in the house could it be it burning dust/the hair of the cat? The PC performance has not been affected Any idea what it could be?
  58. yirv iej livcnqejwvijvw

    Solved! Am i able to upgrade my laptops cpu

    hey guys sorry for bothering but i couldnt find answers anywhere. i have a lenovo ideapad 330s 15arr and i was wondering if the cpu was soldired or not as i am unable to find answers for my specific model
  59. S

    Question My iphone 2g will bootloop at the apple logo and sometimes it gets to the home screen then shuts off. help

    My iphone is pretty old when i charge it it does the bootloop otherwise it doesn't turn on
  60. HighLeaderTaurus

    Question Power Button Broken!

    So some context; I have a Gateway Laptop (NE56R31u). A few years ago it had fallen off of my bed and the top left corner of the keyboard part got damaged. The two bottom pieces separated and the power button frequently has issues powering on the laptop. I didn’t know what to do about it, it...