Jul 30, 2020
i’ve had my ASUS vivobook since september last year, about 9 months. Never had any issue battery was perfect, no lagging or freezing. In June my charger stopped working due to what i think was my nephew pulling at it. It didn’t work for a day and i got it into a position that it started charging, it worked for a week. After the week it stopping working and just ran out of battery. I bought a new charger for it and when tried to charger wouldn’t turn on. Went to repair shop and told me there was an issue with the charger input, got in contacted a few days later and said it had to be sent to a lab. After weeks of waiting and not knowing what was happening being told different stories, I got a phone call today saying the motherboard is broken and beyond repair. I am a college student who needs a laptop ASAP and due to the current situation of COVID, no job to afford a new one. I have important files on the laptop that i have backed up but would just love if i could have them back. I ask please if anyone has any advice, i just find it strange how my laptop was running fine ran out of battery and all of a sudden i have a motherboard problem. I am desperate to make this repair as cheap as possible. If anyone as any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks 😊
Was the replacement power supply you bought the same model and manufacturer that came with the laptop? I don't trust generic replacement power supplies. Generally not a problem, but it depends on how good a job the designer did on the related circuitry. Did you send the machine back to ASUS for service. It should have still been under warrantee (don't know about ASUS, but many laptop warranties are one year. I've never heard of a motherboard "broken and beyond repair". Usually they are replaced. There could be other issues beyond just the motherboard (although that is an expensive replacement). I've sent a few machines back to the vendor for repair and turnaround is usually about a week. They were HPs and Dells.