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  1. Simi_123

    Question Asus Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (new) makes quiet electrical buzzing noise! Is this normal?

    Hi, the laptop is less than a month old. I think the noise is coming from under the keyboard, more on the right side. It is a very quiet noise, but can be heard when the room is silent/quiet or when I go with my head near the keyboard. Does your laptop make that noise too? Is this normal or...
  2. K

    Solved! Massive screen trembling/shaking and fps drops after few minutes of gaming

    Hi everyone, I own an Asus Vivobook S15 S531FL. I sometimes game on it, usually Rocket League, but also other games. The laptop was definitely not designed for gaming, but it should run games like Rocket League pretty smoothly. I will leave the specs down. The problem is after a couple of...
  3. Daniel\|255*

    Question Vivobook 15 - Keyboard Presses Keys On its Own

    Hi! My new Vivobook 15's Keyboard behaves erratically. In the beginning, when I used to type a letter, it used to press it continuously. So, for an "r" or "m", I used to get: "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" or "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm". After updating the drivers and disabling the...
  4. Ravshan

    Solved! Can I possibly change my laptop's display?

    I have a laptop, Asus vivobook s406u. It works perfectly, its CPU is great and RAM is quite enough. Though, installed display is really poor. It is 1366*768 pixels and TN matrix. I have seen, that the same laptop model goes with Full HD IPS display. So, my plan is to buy that display and install...
  5. H

    Solved! Can my asus vivobook15 run sims 4?

    i have an asus vivobook15 x540BA processeur AMD A4-9125 RADEON R3 4 COMPUTE CORES 2SC+2G 2CPUS 2.30 GHZ 4GO RAM 64 BIT WINDOWS10 CAN I RUN SIMS4 ON IT WITHOUT IT BEING DAMAGED? i only want to download the base game AND THANKS
  6. ellenleigh122627

    Question Asus vivobook

    i’ve had my ASUS vivobook since september last year, about 9 months. Never had any issue battery was perfect, no lagging or freezing. In June my charger stopped working due to what i think was my nephew pulling at it. It didn’t work for a day and i got it into a position that it started...
  7. clausdesigner

    Question Asus Vivobook S15 There Is No Boot Menu / USB Boot / UEFI

    I just bought this laptop Asus Vivobook S15 x512 and now I need to reinstall the OS but there is no option to change the boot device No UEFI setting No Launch CSM No option to boot from USB Need Help Guys...........!
  8. L

    My asus laptops keyboard isn’t working, the keyboard and the pad. It only works when i just the tablet in a way to make the

    My asus laptops keyboard isn’t working, the keyboard and the pad. It only works when I adjust the tablet in a way to make the whole keyboard work but it lags, does anyone know how to fix this?