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  1. B


    Hi I look for the reference (ITX N° ...) of the motherboard on the ZOTAC MAGNUS EN980 I have to replace it because water water has fallen on it. Thanks fo you help
  2. ativsc

    Question Motherboard of new Thinkpad T480s fried for the second time within 3 months of purchase.

    I received my T480s around 3 months and, just after a month, the device suddenly stopped working (did not boot even to the bios). The motherboard was replaced by the service center. Again after 2 months, the device began to reboot spontaneously and after a while, it stopped working at all...
  3. Lucaskp4

    Question Lenovo NI 1401 laptop keyboard (or motherboard) issue

    Hi there! I'm an electronic technician and I tried almost everything to solve this problem (except replacing the motherboard). My laptop is with some keyboard issue that I can't solve. The issue is that some keys don't work properly. They are: 'Esc', '2', 'w', 's', 'x' and 'z'. These keys...
  4. G

    Question Question about Desktop MB

    Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I see nowhere to ask about Desktops. I have a Dell 0c2kjt MB and I want to upgrade RAM, however I get mixed messages on how much RAM is supported. Find laptop says that my motherboard can be upgraded to 4x4GB and Dell says 2x4 GB ddr3, does...
  5. I

    Question ASUS Q304UA 2-in-1 motherboard

    Hi guys! My ASUS motherboard died. I want to buy it online but I don’t know how to choose the right model. Could you guys help? The model is ASUS Q304UA 2-in-1 and I am uploading specs of my serial number: I appreciate it very much G5N0CX129421205 Q304UA-BB 5T10 CN:2148 CCAH14LP0950T3...
  6. ekiryl

    Question my Dell laptop has no power

    Hi guys. let's get to the point. So, first my laptop screen is blank and there's a "bib" sound, so i thought it was RAM. I opened up my laptop back case and put the RAM and clean it. when i put it back, suddenly my laptop won't turn on. I tried to put the battery and plug the adapter and...