Question Automatic my asus laptop turn on when charger port plugged in

Nov 13, 2021
I am a big fan of ASUS and i am using this laptop since 2016.
About one week ago i have an issue with my HDD and go to shop to change it with new HDD. The technical supporter attached the new HDD but it was detected in disk management not shown in this pc . I went it back to my home. I was thinking to try it myself as its software or windows issue to show in this pc. I have noticed then when i plugged in my charger port my laptop turned on automatically.

Note: I checked the bettery with another good bettery. The same problem that automatically turned on when charger plugged in.

What is the reason behind this?
  1. BIOS?
  2. motherboard?
  3. Windows?
Thanks in advance if someone suggests or answer anything. I feel very depressed that this laptop's performance was very good. But an incident falls it to dead.
Nov 13, 2021
Did the shop not do the job right and STILL charge you? Didn't he check that it worked?
Why didn't you bring it back so he could finish the job, and do it right?

Well I am here to help, so look at THIS LINK
I backed to the shop. He has nothing to say me. Then i went to another shop and they told me that its motherboard problems.

Moreover, i noticed that when i turn on my pc, the time is not correct. It was a reset after net connection
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