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  1. E

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 3 - BIOS Works, No Boot (Lenovo Logo only)

    My Ideapad 3 14ALC6 can access and enter BIOS setup and change/save any settings, Open boot order or Novo Menu, but not load any operating system outside of that (not from an SSD or USB), despite BIOS correctly identifying the amount of RAM, processor, SSD and USB drives attached (and other...
  2. H

    Question G15 Zephyrus running slow

    I recently purchased an open box geek squad certified G15 Zephyrus . Upon startup, the windows 11 setup feature felt...
  3. S

    Question Laptop not opening BIOS after replacing SSD (restart loop)

    Hi there, i just replaced the old HDD on my laptop with a brand new HP SSD (250GB). After turning on my laptop the screen is grey and when pressing F10 to open the BIOS it just says "F10 - BIOS setup options" on the bottom left corner. Instead of opening the BIOS the laptop just shuts off and...
  4. J

    Question HP BIOS corruption, no option for Flashdrive recovery?

    The HP laptop I am trying to fix says it has a corrupted bios, and goes right into the bios utility to try and repair, but it fails at verifying an image and then repeats the process. I've tried pressing esc to access the information like HP says but pressing the escape button doesn't stop the...
  5. C

    Question SSD upgrade, Laptop boots to BIOS when plugged in, will boot properly to windows if unplugged

    Asus ROG G750JX (old girl), recently installed a new SSD (samsung 870EVO), issue has started since the install, have kept 1 of the original hard drives as extra space and using the SSD for window and all major programs, performed a full wipe of system and fresh load of windows 10 on SSD. Laptop...
  6. Mantonio

    Solved! HP 15 laptop won't boot but powers on

    I'm having trouble with my laptop again, it powers on but shows no display, i cleaned my old ram and tried it but still nothing, then i bought a new ram but it still won't turn on, the fan would spin for a second then it would turn off, but i could hear the hard drive spinning normally After a...
  7. F

    Question HP Laptop shut's down after new ssd and more

    Hello i have a HP laptop with Intel Core i3-5010u No Dedicated GPU 8GB Ram DDR3 and recently got a New SSD PNY CS900 240 and my 2ndary HDD 1TB. After installing the new SSD my laptop booted windows 10 everything installed and Today when there was no Charger connected my laptop shutdown on me 2...
  8. H

    Question toshiba a50-a bios reset

    Hi, i want to reset bios on my toshiba laptop, but i cannot find the jumper on mobo. Where it is?
  9. tronichub

    Solved! Laptop turns off automatically on first few attempts of power on

    Hi, my Compaq 610 laptop automatically turns off in few seconds when I press the power button to turn it on. When I turn on about 3-5 times it loads windows and works fine without any issue. I checked by removing hard drive, replacing RAM, removing all extension cards, and even re-flashed bios...
  10. M

    Question Automatic my asus laptop turn on when charger port plugged in

    I am a big fan of ASUS and i am using this laptop since 2016. About one week ago i have an issue with my HDD and go to shop to change it with new HDD. The technical supporter attached the new HDD but it was detected in disk management not shown in this pc . I went it back to my home. I was...
  11. joshpgeorge

    Question ASUS ROG G731GU-BI7N9 Bios Password Bypass Help

    So far, I removed the Admin Password for the BIOS, but there was a USER Password beneath it. I have removed the CMOS battery, the main battery, but can’t clear this password. What doesn’t work- Hitting ANY keys (F2-F12, nada) Holding ALT+R (nope) Typing wrong password 3 times (just locks up)...
  12. T

    Question Can’t use Company Locked LapTop

    Hello, I‘ve seen some similar Questions but I got an old Company LapTop that I can’t use. I first installed Ubuntu and that worked without any problems but now that I wanted to use Windows(I installed completely after a Factory Reset), the first thing after Windows is installed is a Login Page...
  13. ppterson

    Question Laptop refusing to post. Blinking black screen

    Hi, yesterday I went to turn on my laptop, just to find it wouldn't post. The screen just kept flashing on and off. It had been doing this for some time now, but it would always post after a few seconds. I tried removing the battery, pressing the ON button for some 30 seconds, and trying to...
  14. C

    Solved! Dell Bios Upgraded to 1.9.1: Can I Safely Downgrade?

    I have a Dell XPS 7590, which has well-known fan-noise problem and which I resolved by going to Dell Power Manager, choosing the Thermal Management tab, and selecting the Quiet option. I updated the bios to 1.9.1 last night in response to an update notice from Dell labeling it "urgent". But...
  15. D

    Solved! Laptop battery died, suddenly booting straight to bios, boots too fast to see any error messages. CMOS seems fine, SSD HDD 1st Boot, No changes made

    So I'm using my laptop to listen to music, and general web browsing. I had not installed anything or did anything weird. I unplugged it from the wall to do some house cleaning in the area, the battery is older so the laptop died... like it's done 100 times before. Later, I plugged the cord...
  16. mhyss3

    Solved! UEFI BIOS for Asus Vivobook s532f

    I recently got an Asus vivobook s532f (i7 10th gen and 12 gigs RAM). It has a very basic Aptio Setup Utility as the BIOS. My question is can I upgrade the BIOS to a more advanced BIOS with more options? Current BIOS version is 305.
  17. C

    Question HP EliteBook won't let me update BIOS and doing weird things on boot.

    I recently bought an HP EliteBook x360 830 G7 (second hand, probably thats part of the problem) and it's working flawlessly when windows has started up but before that is doing really weird things... On boot it shows the messages: warning: Your system is not fully configured. Please contact HP...
  18. live_neutral_ground

    Solved! cloned SSD not recognized in bios in optical drive slot in caddy but once booted from old HDD recognized in device manager.

    I have cloned my brand new WD green SSD as I have successfully done before by connecting it with a caddy to the optical drive bay, it get's recognized, formatted and cloned. Then replacing the old HDD with this new SSD in the "main" SATA port with nothing else connected and it boots perfectly...
  19. S

    Solved! TUF FX505DT .314 BIOS bug Fans stopping

    My laptop is Tuf FX505DT and i updated my bios to the latest version which is the .314 now im experiencing a bug where the fans stops then run again every 5-6 mins should i downgrade to the previous bios version and is it safe? or should i just wait for the bug to be fixed?
  20. Navneet Gautam

    Question How do I stop my BIOS from updating itself automatically ?

    I have an asus tuf fx 505 ge laptop, recently the bios updated itself automatically and throttlestop stopped working, i read online that switching to a previous version will fix it, it did, the previous version did fix it, until the next day when it started it up again and the first thing i see...
  21. juliver

    Solved! reformat laptop with windows 10 OS remove installed Linux OS

    I have laptop Acer e15 that I bought, the first owner installed Linux Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, now I want to wipe out the Linux OS and install windows 10. I got a bootable usb with windows 10 OS (tested with other laptop) ready and entered the bios, restored the bios to default and activate Legacy and...
  22. harielking

    Solved! Dual Boot Details

    Hi all, I am using Asus tuf fx505gd model laptop. I want to dual boot Windows and Linux but I can't find any settings in bios. I am using Windows 10 pro now. My second question is my laptop came with HDD but I added m.2 sdd then I changed windows 10 home to windows 10 pro. but now I can't update...
  23. abuldx39

    Solved! Using HDD instead of CD drive, laptop cannot enter Operating system or setup

    Hello sir, I'm using acer aspure 5740 and i replaced my CD drive with HDD. I'm using SSD as my booting drive. When i turn laptop ON, it stays blank with Acer logo and also not enter Setup. When i remove second drive HDD, it enters OS and Setup. When i plug my HDD after entering OS , it works...
  24. S

    Question No Legacy BIOS only UEFi - the solution

    If the Bios have only UEFI (no legacy option), you can boot from USB if is formatted FAT32 and not NTFS. Many of new PC's/laptop's have only the newer UEFI BIOS (the Legacy Bios is an older option). Download Rufus (freeware, please use the at least the current latest version 3.8) Make a...
  25. MicroShadi

    Question looking for the BIOS driver for a new hp omen laptop (15-dh0007nj)

    laptop: OMEN by HP 15-dh0007nj Hello, It seems that I had BIOS failing on me while it's updating somehow, and now the laptop power button lights up, you can hear fans run, black screen and no response from the keyboard, hard resetting it didn't work, so I'm looking to install the BIOS driver on...
  26. Hristomir Hristov

    Solved! Thinkpad T61p midleton bios instal

    I have a thinkpad t61p laptop. My bios version is 2.30. I want to install Middleton Bios. Do I need to install official version 2.29 or Middleton version 2.29 directly?
  27. Zkneedhelp

    Question Laptop won't boot on first attempt if i leave it OFF overnight

    My problem is that my laptop Asus-753 won't boot on the first time if I left it off like overnight ' Cold Boot '. when I press the ON button the keyboard flashes and turned off again nothing more .. no sound, no time it did reach the Boot logo and restart by itself keyboard just...
  28. S

    Solved! Toshiba L55D-C5227 bios jumper? It isn't under the ram as it is in other toshiba laptops.

    I am getting prompted for a bios password that was never set. I have looked up and found other toshibas have a cmos jumper, but I can't find it on this machine. Any help would be appreciated.
  29. N

    Solved! Boot devices missing in Samsung BIOS

    When logging into my Samsung laptop with AMD processor, it asked me to log into BIOS. When looking for boot devices, none are showing. It was working 2 days ago. Not dropped or moved.
  30. J

    Solved! No BIOS on Boot - Lenovo X1 Carbon

    Hello, So I've ran into an issue where a laptop that i'm servicing will no longer boot the BIOS. When I press the power button, F1-12 will light up, along with the power button, but that's about it. Context: This laptop previously had a Windows upgrade (not an update) to it. As some of you...
  31. T

    Question Toshiba Laptop Not Recognizing NVMe SSD

    I purchased a Toshiba Portege Z30-B laptop off eBay with no SSD and upon arrival noticed it had an m-key M.2 port, so I purchased a 512GB NVMe SSD to install in it. The SSD physically fits into the port and even the LED indicator on the SSD works when connected. However, the SSD is not...
  32. Jeffery2084

    Solved! Can't Access BIOS on Dell Laptop

    I cannot access the BIOS on my dell Dell Inspiron i7559. As far as I understand, I need to access it from the screen with the Dell logo, but no such screen comes up when I boot the computer. I am running the os from an SSD that I installed a while ago. When I did that installation I could access...
  33. mkj307

    Question I am not asking how to get my bios password but.........

    I am not asking how to get my bios password but I did get a KEY when I entered the wrong password 3 times. I have an Acer laptop & they want you to take it to a service person or mail it in to be reset. I just need to know where to enter the key that was generated. Anyone have any idea?
  34. J

    Solved! Asus x553ma startup errors

    Hi all! I have an Asus X553MA laptop. The other day, it started lagging, then the screen went crazy. When I tried to restart it, it started the automatic repair, but failed. Some attempts gave me the error saying ntoskernel error, and also the "a necessary device is not connected" error. I...
  35. B

    cant open bios

    every time I try to open bios (by either pressing F12 and DEL while it boots up or by holding shift, clicking restart) my light on my monitor just blinks on and off and wont turn on. P.S. while my computer boots up, I never see my motherboard manufacturer pop up and it instead goes straight to...
  36. salvus

    Question I am unable to access bios setup or boot windows because of grub error 22

    I have legacy lenovo pc.I installed android x86 along with windows 10 in another partition.Along with it i also installed grub.But i accedently deleted the partition which android was installed and when i rebooted my pc,it only showed "GRUB loading error 22".I am not able to acces bios
  37. B

    Question Really bad Laptop performance

    I'm gonna have to go in a bit of detail here so please hang on: I have a 2 years old Acer E5-572G 525V. The laptop was quite a bang for the buck in my limited budget and actually performed better than I expected it to. Everything was good... Then around 4 months back I decided to add another 8...