Question HP BIOS corruption, no option for Flashdrive recovery?

Mar 11, 2022
The HP laptop I am trying to fix says it has a corrupted bios, and goes right into the bios utility to try and repair, but it fails at verifying an image and then repeats the process. I've tried pressing esc to access the information like HP says but pressing the escape button doesn't stop the process and I can't seem to do anything to interrupt it. I'm trying to create a BIOS boot disc so I can get the computer to let me do anything. Following this video provided by the HP Support Website, the issues for me start at the 1:05 mark. I am able to download the files to my backup computer, but the HP System BIOS Utility Upgrade never opens. I am on an old Lenovo laptop trying to create the boot stick, and I have a USB that I can save to.

I'm using the HP Support website to figure out how to 'Update the BIOS manually from a USB flash drive (outside of Windows)'. In that section, I've gone through the steps but keep reaching a point where I'm told to do something that I don't have the option to do. I have an HP Notebook (model 15-ef0875ms) but I'm not sure about the operating system. HP has a few version of drivers for this model but one of the other problems is that I don't know which version of Windows 10 I have. I guessed and downloaded the drivers for the Windows 10 (64 Bit).

Anyone seen this before, or have a solution? I have pictures of my dog who passed away and I really don't want to lose them...


Mar 10, 2016
I have little experience with this but there are some things that I feel you should know:
- Your files are probably not lost, which means you could (and should) back them up on another computer by taking out the hard drive and connecting it to another computer- either externally with a USB adapter or internally as a second drive.

- Second, what options aren't you seeing?

- There may be a label on the computer physically that says what version Windows you have. If you know you have Windows 10 and that you have at least 4GB of RAM, that was probably the right guess.

Please specify what model HP you are asking about.
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