Solved! reformat laptop with windows 10 OS remove installed Linux OS


Jul 6, 2013
I have laptop Acer e15 that I bought, the first owner installed Linux Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, now I want to wipe out the Linux OS and install windows 10. I got a bootable usb with windows 10 OS (tested with other laptop) ready and entered the bios, restored the bios to default and activate Legacy and saved the changes and restart, constantly hitting f12 for boot device options and choose my bootable usb, unfortunately, it just wont let me enter to the windows 10 boot, it says "no bootable device" any help, ideas is greatly appreciated.
My take on this one is to remove the hard drive and connect it to another PC via a 2½" caddy with a USB cable and format the disk.

All the data will be lost but you can use the facility to use the NTFS format.