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    Solved! Advice on returning laptop for video editing

    Hi guys, I am an artist with plans to do video editing/music production/special FX. I have little spare money so I will most likely buy a second hand laptop in the future, refurbish it (I have no previous experience) and run Linux on it. Presumably for video editing/creative software, a laptop...
  2. M

    Question MacBook Pro A1502 model + Lost MacOS (no recovery partitions) and cannot boot MacOS USB drive!

    Hi, I am newbie to MacBook Pro config world, so I own a used MacBook Pro A1502 model and I lost all MacOS volumes (no recovery partitions) and now cannot boot MacOS USB drive, to re-install it! What to do now? please help (OPTION does not work anymore, Command + R also does not work...
  3. T

    Question Can’t use Company Locked LapTop

    Hello, I‘ve seen some similar Questions but I got an old Company LapTop that I can’t use. I first installed Ubuntu and that worked without any problems but now that I wanted to use Windows(I installed completely after a Factory Reset), the first thing after Windows is installed is a Login Page...
  4. K

    Question (Mini ) Stick Pc for Linux and trainings

    Hi everyone, I've been quite curious and I would be interested tob buy a stick pc or mini stick pc as I need a second pc or device for Linux environnement basis, and try some developpement that I am studying currently, I would be delighted to read some information and performance details...
  5. juliver

    Solved! reformat laptop with windows 10 OS remove installed Linux OS

    I have laptop Acer e15 that I bought, the first owner installed Linux Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, now I want to wipe out the Linux OS and install windows 10. I got a bootable usb with windows 10 OS (tested with other laptop) ready and entered the bios, restored the bios to default and activate Legacy and...
  6. D

    Solved! buying advice needed: i am looking for a convertible laptop with stylus support that is (at least somewhat) ubuntu compatible

    Hello everyone, since my old laptop probably won't make it past the end of this month i've been scouring the internet all day for a convertible laptop with a touch screen as a replacement. Because of my very specific needs i've found only the lenovo yoga 920 (version: Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM...
  7. S

    Solved! Running a program over a network between Windows 10 and Linux

    Good Evening, So this should be interesting. I have a Raspberry Pi4. I have a "home server" running Windows 10 Pro-n. My plan was to make the Pi a workstation, running linux natively. I was hoping someone had come up with a way to which I could install a few programs on the W10 machine and...
  8. Blaxck

    Question Metasploit refusing to work on windows , what can i do?;

    i have disabled antivirus and real time protection but it swtill prevents it from installing. I have tried several ways. Although i know this works quite well on linux buyt why is it not installing on windows is what i dont know.
  9. Y

    Any free online virtual machines?

    Are there any free online Linux or Windows virtual machines?
  10. B

    Solved! No OS is able to be installed

    The situation is the following, as I try to install any OS on the said laptop it always seem to be able to get me an error message or a black screen, most OSes don't even go past the "loading black screen" and even if some manage to do it, like Windows, it gets to a part where I get a corrupted...
  11. S

    Solved! my hp envy ae008tx laptop, is making grinding, scratching, buzzing sound

    my hp envy ae008tx laptop, is making grinding, scratching, buzzing sound while scrolling mouse or playing any videos when i am using it without AC charger, when charger is plug in its working fine but whenever i am removing charger and scrolling mouse it starts again . I have even changed 3...
  12. T

    Solved! hi can I ask how can I start with my new laptop extends 15,it was new I open it and it go out Acer Linux,and after 6s it start

    My problem in opening the new laptop that I buy. I fallow the manual but it didn't show the icon of the show the local host :root( automatic log in) How I don't now.I'm waiting for an hour but still like that only and I don't now what I will click to open it..plz help me.
  13. B

    Solved! Can I change os on emmc?

    I've got a laptop Kiano Elegance 13.3. It has Windows 10 Pro preinstalled. Can I change the OS to Linux by any means? The laptop has emmc
  14. T

    Solved! Operating system not found when booting from usb

    Currently I have a bootable usb with kali linux installed, which works perfectly fine on my HP ENVY 15-j151sa. However, when attempting to use on another PC, Fujitsu Esprimo D556/2, the operating system doesn't load and instead displays the image "An operating system wasn’t found. Try...
  15. D

    Solved! Need help with linux distro

    Hello i am a newcomer to linux world. I recently tried deepin os but it is too alow for my old laptop . Can you guys suggest a good linux distro for my specs Cpu i3 5005u Ram 4gb ddr3 Intel hd graphics 1tb hard disk Thanks in advance
  16. K

    Solved! Is antivirus protection needed for Linux Ubuntu 18.04?

    I have Linux Ubuntu 18.04 on my HP laptop. Is antivirus protection needed?
  17. A

    My laptop keyboard is typing the letter u infinite times without my knowledge

    My laptop is dell inspiron 15 (Intel pentium) which is installed linux now..but before some days it was windows 8... from then itself i feel my laptop like some malware inside it..because it is not working properly. But now after installing linux, my some keys in laptop keyboard is not working...
  18. L

    Problem with dual boot with usb (kali linux)

    Hi. So I wanted to dual boot Kali Linux, you know when you have two operating systems installed on your computer and you can choose which one to use, that is dual boot. So yesterday I bought a USB, and I successfully created a bootable Kali Linux USB drive. I tested it first on my PC – it...
  19. F

    Why does Microsoft keep the registry?

    Linux does not use a registry. Settings are kept in a file with the applications.The registry is always a mess and more money is spent on non Microsoft applications to fix the registry than on Windows applications. Why not keep settings in a file with the application?
  20. D

    Cannot install Windows on a laptop

    So my friend had Kali Linux on his laptop and wanted to switch to Windows 10. He couldn't boot to the Windows installation with his USB because he would always get a GRUB like this but he only had Kali Linux option there. He asked me if I could help him out and I tried everything but couldn't...
  21. M

    HP laptop, can't get into BIOS and BIOS recovery fails.

    I have two partitions in my SSD. A Linux and a windows one. A few months ago the windows partition stopped working after a Microsoft update. I was using Linux all this time just fine but today I thought why not try and format that partition and do a clean install. I tried to get into BIOS...
  22. Paradise My-Colors

    masking apps as other apps from isp (VPN like)

    hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to hide my apps internet usage from my ISP within another app. the reason I need this is my ISP allows only connection to a social networking sites (Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram... ) anything other than that will fail to connect (like normal VPNs...
  23. canadianvice

    Raspberry Pi Zero W Best OS Option? Online Banking Security options in linux?

    So, I want an alternative system to do my online banking on, as I don't like the idea of using my primary Windows desktop for this purpose. Those contracts are extremely fault heavy on the consumer, to be honest. So, I got a RPZ from a retail program for free, and I haven't touched it. I was...
  24. D

    Linux and anti-virus (security options)

    Hi folks, I'm new to Linux and was wondering what anti-virus software/options you can recommend? (Previously I've been using Avast in Windows). Are there any good options for blocking viruses etc, and also any software for scanning and removal of viruses/spyware (e.g. a rootkit scanner)? Is...
  25. G

    dell inspiron 7577 reboot loop within 5 seconds

    when installing kali linux i messed something around with my bios setting and after my failed attempt to install kali linux on my device i went back into the bios settings and reset the setting to factory defaults since then my laptop has been restartin continuoisly within five seconds..Even the...
  26. B

    Toshiba Satellite with Linux

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Edubuntu 14.04 installed. How can I install Windows 10? Seems like the booting process is linux only when I installed it a few years ago. Want to install Windows 10 and remove Linux.
  27. M

    kali linux dual boot solid underscore?

    hello guys , i had installed kali linux more than 6 times on my other devices only this laptop wouldn't boot when i boot into kali from a usb it shows me a solid underscore (should be flashing then it boots) and then nothing happens
  28. N

    Solved! kodi linux problem

    Hello guys i have an acer mini pc that runs on linux and through that i use kodi a few days ago when i turned it on and i pressed the kodi icon it came on as i line in the middle of the screen and diappears before i have any time to do anything just for a second or so .Can anybody help what...
  29. Lutfij

    How To Use iTunes On A Windows Or Linux Laptop

    iTunes is Apple’s one stop solution in their efforts to integrate their entire ecosystem. If it’s for downloading images of your iOS capable smart phone or uploading songs to your portable Apple branded media player, iTunes is the app you must have on your system provided ofc you have nothing...
  30. S

    How To Install Kali Linux On MacBook Pro Virtual Box

    Designed for penetration testing and digital forensics, Kali Linux is an important tool for developers. Linux distribution is typically funded and maintained by a company called Offensive Security Ltd. Kali Linux is known to host more than 600 preinstalled penetration-testing programs, and is...
  31. J

    Asus GL702ZC won't even show BIOS

    Hi. Bad day here. I blew away my windows disk by accident (dual boot linux, overly zealous dd.) So I figured I'd just make a usb stick with Microsofts Win10 on it. No problems. Laptop won't boot the stick, no matter what I try. Different file system, different creation mechanism, anything...
  32. T

    How to get into boot settings

    Can’t get into boot in my Linux cp
  33. D

    I need help for creating a Virtual Machine

    Hello, i have Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS and i want to create 10 android workspaces. I want all changes to be saved when rebooting. What virtual machine i must use and how can i do this?
  34. D

    Can't boot kali linux from usb on MSI GE62 Apache Pro 6QF

    I'm trying to boot kali linux from a usb on my laptop and every time i try to boot from the usb the OS crashes and i have to restart my laptop. I've tried the usb on multiple other laptops and the usb worked perfectly, so i know it's not an issue with the usb. The errors displayed are also...
  35. K

    Solved! ClamAV - Linux Supported Versions

    Can someone please tell me what all Linux Versions does ClamAV Support?
  36. X

    Looking to install linux on my asus c302ca chromebook

    Want to install Linux preferably deepin or solus want to know how to and if it will work. Also with no USB drive if that is possible and want to run steam has core m3 and 64gb and 4gb ram.
  37. E

    Dualboot Windows and Linux

    Hello guys, I have a question. Should I install Linux and Windows on 2 separate harddrives? Since I gotta learn Linux for my work I need some general idea is it better on 2 separate hard drives or not. I know I gotta install Windows first then Linux, but my question is with that. Thank you guys...
  38. G

    Hisense tv software

    I have just bought a new 2017 Hisense Tv model N6600 I am trying to put Kodi on it I know the software is Linux based by a company called Frog But what version of Linux is it As there are a lot of versions And I do not know Linux at all Thank you in advance
  39. M

    Can I make a recovery disc on one laptop and use it to "recover" another identical laptop?

    Laptop had a nervous breakdown, lost its windows OS. We decided to move it to Linux like the laptop I'm using. Now right after the Toshiba logo pops up and leaves us with a blinking curson on a black screen. Help?
  40. H

    What to do if wifi drivers are lost in ubuntu?

    I have installed ubuntu in my hp laptop it has windows 10 in it but the wifi drivers in ubuntu had lost what to do ?
  41. S

    is dual boot support in CPU Type AMD A8-7410 APU ?

    i like to install Linux along with windows 10 . can it be installed? i have this AMD A8-7410 APU processor
  42. R

    Best laptop for under £200 for Kali Linux

    My main rig is setup for gaming but I want a cheap laptop just to learn Linux on, I'd like to start training on Kali eventually learning the inns and outs of network security. My question is this: For £200 what would be the best laptop second hand / refurbished or new I could get? I know for...
  43. Z

    hi, here is my issue, i used bios and hdd passwords, today when i start my laptop and tryed to enter passwords, laptop has ele

    hi, here is my issue, i used Bios and HDD passwords, (OS ubuntu 14.4). today when i turned on my laptop and tryed to enter passwords, laptop has electrical key sounds. Bios pass worked correctly but HDD pass does not. then i somehow turned the key sound off, and turned of Bios and system...
  44. L

    Is the lenovo ideapad110s compatible with this os?

    Hello.Is this laptop compatible with Mx linux os:Lenovo IdeaPad110s
  45. A

    Laptop freezes randomly under Windows or Linux

    Hi, My home computer is Toshiba satellite U500 & I'm using it perfectly from about 7 years. Its Specs are :Core i5 500GB HDD & 4 GB ram with Nvidia Geforce 310M 512 MB running windows 10 N Ver 1709. It felt down from about 3 years & I did change its HDD, hinges & bottom chases & it works with...
  46. K

    I am Stucked with this hardrive problem

    i am using my PC from last 5 years no issue till now when accidentally my window 7 froze and i did a manual restart afterwards my PC started only two time taking hours to boot and Linux also is doing same so there no issue in window.but one thing after removing hardrive Linux {live mode} works...
  47. N

    Solved! How well will run Linux on MS SURFACE Laptop?

    Hey guys! My brother ordered a Microsoft Surface Laptop for my birthday. I would like to know how good Linux will run on it. Should I cancel the order and order another notebook? Do you have some recommendations? To myself: I started to study computer science and need a thin lightweight...
  48. A

    laptop for programming

    Hello everyone.I will start a masters degree in February (mathematical engineering)and i am looking for a laptop that i can use at the university for programming,coding etc. I think at the master we will use matlab,python and c++ is it better to get mac os or windows with dual boot linux?My...
  49. X

    Cant install any OS on a Sony VAIO laptop

    Its really getting on my nerves, i took this laptop from a friend and it already had a weird, sort of custom version of Vista installed that was working horribly. So i formatted the HDD and went on to install a fresh copy of Windows, and the problem started. I tried every OS i had at my...
  50. A

    CPU throttling on windows but not on linux

    I have windows and arch dual booted on my system. I have been experiencing high cpu temperatures and throttling on windows even on low load(30-40%). Even when watching videos on youtube, or playing some rpg-maker games, the whole system gets really laggy for 3-5 seconds at random intervals. I...
  51. S

    Getting started with Linux

    Hi, I'm extremely new to the Linux, precisely to the laptops, just got one yesterday. And I really don't know a thing about it. And I don't know what to do after this. (image attached) Please help as soon as...
  52. P

    2os remove 1

    Hey I have 2 is windows 10 and linux ubunto need to remove Linux
  53. E

    How can I boot from cd rom, since I will try linux booting from cd?

    Already find set-up, but I don't know option to boot from cd
  54. V

    Bootable usb of kali not working

    I am trying to create a live usb of kali linux, but my lenovo laptop is not booting from it, any ideas?
  55. F

    wifi driver lenovo t430s ?

    I'm having an issue with the wifi having a strong signal in linux. If i boot into windows, i get a much better signal. Is there a cmd line or a driver that i can install in linux? I tried looking for one but couldn't find anything. Should I just get a usb wifi dongle instead of dealing with...
  56. F

    Best laptop for Linux and programmind

    I need to purchase a laptop which is going to be used for programming and web development under Linux. What could be the best option considering a price range of 800-1200 $? Should I take into account hardware compatibility issues when choosing a laptop with Linux?
  57. I

    Linux Lite on Old IBM Thinkpad

    Has anyone ever loaded Linux Lite on an IBM Thinkpad A22m? I have a perfectly serviceable IBM Thinkpad A22m running Win XP and its specs (512 RAM; 1ghz Pentium III processor; 30 GB hd) match Linux Lite requirements. I would appreciate "how to" tips and "lessons learned" from the forum. Also...
  58. J

    buying a Surface pro 2017 and putting manjaro kde linux on it possible?

    i hope to run it natively thus replacing windows 10 install on the device. i dont mind if the touch screen doesnt work right with linux im just wondering if thw wifi and type cover will work fine?
  59. D

    Dual boot Ubuntu 16.04/Windows 10 - monitor issues

    I have an MSI GE72 2QD Apache Pro currently with a Ubuntu/Windows dual boot setup. The issue is when I am in Linux, both my built in display and an external display work, however, outside linux (including the bios) the build in display does not work. I just got off the phone with their tech...
  60. J

    Ok i was installing linux on my laptop and screwed up now it says no bootable device... Acer aspire one

    I messed up the partitioning of my laptop and cant find a fix for it .... Help