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  1. okieiam

    Linux is bad thermal profile for laptop?

    Hi, I have been running Debian from jessie to sid, Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04 in 2 of my laptops, an Asus and a Lenovo dual boot Windows. Temperature and battery run time seem better in both laptops under Windows. In Windows, all peripheral is managed and power status is monitor real time in...
  2. Z

    What are some good upgrades for my Acer Aspire 5251 1940?

    I recently got a acer aspire running linux debian 8.3. I want to do some upgrades like ram and maybe the proccesor and maybe the gpu. Just to make it a bit faster. Also is there anyway to upgrade the cooling?
  3. N

    Streaming games on your TV - Raspberry Pi or Smart TV?

    Hello! Not sure I'm posting on the right forum, but I couldn't think of a proper one. So I'm planning on buying a TV screen and I want to be able to stream games from my PC on it. I read about the app Moonlight that can be used to stream to a Raspberry Pi, iOS or Android device. So I thought...
  4. okieiam

    Baterry wear 50% what to do

    My Asus is less than 2 years old. It lithium baterry wear 50%. Some time up an down, around that number. I run Windows/Linux/Hackintosh and each Os see the battery differently. Windows have the longest run and measure accuracy. While in Osx or Linux I can run my pc up to 20 minute after the...
  5. R

    Installed only command line Linux Debian by MISTAKE

    Hello guys! I have here a nice compaq 6710b from HP that I wanted to recycle with Linux to give it some speed. I managed to install Debian on it, but the problem is that I screwed the installation and Debian is installed in command line ONLY, no graphical interface. I tried to install other...
  6. D

    how do I create all-in-one boot/utility drive?

    In my computer technician bag, part of my tool set includes numerous installation discs & USB flash drives for Windows, Mac & Linux OSes and numerous boot discs & USB flash drives for rescue, utility, data recovery, drive partition/cloning, etc. tools and software. Is it possible to set up a...
  7. B

    Linux on budget

    Ok guys, I'm looking for a laptop that will run fedora 23 and all its... stuff (I'd guess you say). I'm on a budget of $300 and I live in Australia. Thanks! :)
  8. C

    [Q] Kali LInux wordlists

    Hi guys, I need help with something. I'm currently penetration testing my Wi-Fi and I already ran through rockyou.txt. I'm using Kali Liinux on VmWare and I'd like to try more wordlists and dictionary on my network. The problem is I don't know, after I've downloaded the wordlists, I don't know...
  9. A

    Laptop running super hot on linux, CPU throttling.

    I have one of my machines dual booted with Ubuntu/W10. I was just using it for a few hours watching movies. It began to get really hot and eventually the video playback started to stutter. Bottom of the laptop felt really hot. The last couple of times that I've run linux, it's had issues...
  10. P

    best netbook that runs Linux for the price?

    I'm looking into a netbook I can do simple internet browsing, 365 applications, and that's it. I want a linux operating system with it too
  11. H

    Limit Youtube Bandwidth with Linux

    Hi, Currently im using squid to limit bandwidth in my office. But, squid can't go over HTTPS. Is there any method to limit https stream like with linux? Regards, JH. Handi
  12. T

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro headphone jack detection

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop where the headphone jack detection doesn't work properly. Most of the time the jack will always think there are headphones plugged and and therefore disable the speakers. This is NOT a software problem, I have both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 15.10 installed...
  13. J

    Setting up a home VPN with Wake on LAN

    Ok so I have desktop pc thats about 10 years old or so and I would like to set it up as a VPN. I would like to be able to access it from school to do things like play League of Legends that is blocked by the firewall. The desktop is currently installed with Xubuntu. I would like to set it so...
  14. detroitwillfall

    LF: Laptop under $200

    Im going to be dedicating the laptop soley for linux. was on newegg looking at a few of these I like the i5's, was wondering what you guys thought? best bang...
  15. R

    Windows vs Linux - Safety - any real difference ?

    Hi, Often said desktop Linux is a much safer sysytem vs Windows, but having looked and read many recent posts and articles etc I really begin to wonder if there is any real benefit in moving to Linux. If you take out the human error factor of being careless with what you download/phish etc I...
  16. F

    Solution for remote desktop with support for Multiple screens

    Hello guys, quite a few of my clients complain that whenever they remote (RDC) to their workstations (with multiple screens) then go back to logon to them (when they are back in their office), they find that all their open windows have been displaced and they have to re-position them again...
  17. F

    What is a good Linux for someone like me?

    I am new to all of this Linux mumbo-jumbo, so I'd like a Linux that fits my tastes. 1. I am new to Linux, so I would like a linux similar to Windows. 2. I don't want many pre-installed things, I'd rather find programs myself. 3. I'm not very advanced in computing, so I'd rather stay away from...
  18. J

    Is it worth repairing my laptop

    I have just installed Linux on my old laptop that seemed unusable for the sole purpose of making it somewhat usable. I heard Linux, especially on old machines, uses less processes and therefore is easier on the laptop. Many things are better already on it, but the laptop still tends to make a...
  19. R

    MKV Files have audio but no video

    I just began dualbooting Zorin OS (linux distro based on ubuntu) alongside windows 8.1. The only issue I have is that MKV files will not have any picture when they play, only audio. I've tried VLC and smplayer. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? When I play the same file with...
  20. J

    Linux on An older (Core2 Duo) Macbook Pro 15"

    Im considering and lilkely will if it works out, purchasing a older Core2 Duo based 15.2" Macbook Pro, I prefer to run Linux on my Laptops (Windows for Gaming but only on my AMD/Nvidia gaming desktop) and was curious as to if anyone would know if I need that Apple bootcamp crap to install it or...
  21. M

    Refurbished Lenovo T420 vs Toshiba Satellite if I need Linux but don't need to play games?

    I'm considering buying a new laptop. If I buy one, I would prefer one that has some version of Linux, such as Ubuntu. Or if it Windows, it should at least have good support for Linux if I need to install it. I won't use the laptop for gaming or even watching movies that much. I will mostly use...
  22. firefoxx04

    Windows Server being brute forced.

    Hello, I have a server that is exposed to the internet. Currently only ports for remote desktop and FTPS are available from the outside. Sometimes I get someone trying to get onto my FTP. This is easily mitigated because their IP is logged and then I manually block it at the router. I have...
  23. M

    Need laptop to support Linux, considering Lenovo Thinkpad vs Dell Inspiron or Latitude

    I'm considering buying a new laptop. If I buy one, I would prefer one that has some version of Linux, such as Ubuntu. Or if it Windows, it should at least have good support for Linux if I need to install it. I won't use the laptop for gaming or even watching movies that much. I will mostly use...
  24. B

    Good Tv tuner card for windows and linux.

    I was wondering what a good tv tuner card would be that works with both windows and linux. The card would recive a signal from a direct tv reciver. The pc than would record it.(It would be like a digital vcr basically). I'm unsure if im going to use windows or linux yet but probaly both. The...
  25. meeksdoteric

    Chromebook Kernel Panic

    Context Google sent me a Chromebook prototype several years ago for beta testing. The model is Cr48 "MARIO FISH 2330". Although I am more than comfortable on Windows and OS X, I am a Linux novice. Yesterday I decided to try installing Linux (specifically Lubuntu) on this Chromebook for the...
  26. T

    Building a OTA DVR that is also a Linux box running KODI (XBMC)

    Approximate Purchase Date: Late 2015 or Early 2016 Budget Range: Up to $500 System Usage from Most to Least Important: OTA DVR, KODI (XBMC) for streaming free content (not pirating). Parts Not Required: I already have a nice long range antenna hooked directly to my TV at the moment...
  27. S

    reset Toshiba satellite pro SPA40 when 0 does not work

    Holding 0 does not work I hold it constantly but all it does is beep at me then load linux
  28. M

    Data recovery linux

    Dear reader, Recently i got a visit of a friend who came ot me with a problem. He wanted to have dual boot ubuntu with windows, but accidently deleted windows during the proces of the linux installation. So he asked me if i can do a data recovery. I accepted it and am now kinda stuck. I checked...
  29. G9xftw

    Suggest OS HP-15G004AU laptop

    The laptop mentioned in the title is very poor in performance. It came stock with windows 8.1 It lagged like hell on windows. So I switched to Ubuntu. That was not good either. Then for a year I was on Xubuntu because it seemed little stable than elementary OS, mint. But still came with...
  30. G

    Newly formatted Toshiba satellite with Linux on it refuses to open the BIOS menu.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite, with Linux on it, which i Formatted yesterday. I did it to manually uninstall the Distro I was using since it had some problems that I needed to solve manually. After I did that I rebooted the PC but the BIOS is refusing to show up and if I try F2 F12 etc it beeps...
  31. H

    Acer Aspire E15 grapich drivers?

    Hello. I bought recently an acer aspire e15 and it came with linux cd drivers and I didn't want linux of course, I managed to install win7 on it and I can't find any grapich drivers anywhere for this model. Does acer have no drivers for win7 for acer aspire e15? Could you help me please? Thanks...
  32. E

    Decapitated laptop (HP Compaq NX6125) Can't start X in Linux

    I had a laptop (HP Compaq NX6125, with 1.5GB RAM) that ran Ubuntu fine. Then the screen died, so I took out the screen and held down the screen close nub with some sticky tape, and connected the VGA output to a TV, deciding I'd use it as a media centre. Using the VGA out worked fine before. I...
  33. V

    Can't install operating system

    I/we've bought a new laptop. It was with freedos operating system, to reduce costs. It had a HDD that was switched with an SDD. So I have an external HDD, an SSD and dvd-writer/reader inside. I wanted to put an OS on it by myself, as I'm studying IT. I tried installing multiple os-es by...
  34. Justin Ulysse

    Getting annoyed by my cursor

    Is there a program that makes your cursor disappear after a few seconds on Windows 10, because I'm a Linux user, and it gets annoying when watching YT while not in full screen.
  35. A

    Questions about virtualizing my new workstation.

    I recently purchased an Intel Core i7-4790 with a Gigabyte G1.Sniper H6 motherboard. It has 32gig of DDR3 RAM and 3TB of disk space. I want to install a light weight Linux distro and use it as a host to virtualize a Windows 7 Pro instance, Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu and Kali. I want to use the...
  36. Boutchoo

    Can't find laptop with 64gb eMMC storage!

    Greetings everyone! I've been searching a 11.6" laptop with 64Gb of eMMC storage for more than an hour now. All I want is a light weight laptop with 64Gb to install Linux Mint XFCE 17.2 64bits + Windows 7. I have been looking at: - Lenovo S21e - HP Stream 11.6 - HP 255 G3 - Acer Aspire E 11...
  37. K

    sir im from india want to buy a laptop in rs 20,000-26,000 range ,the thing is i want a laptop which supports linux?(any distr

    i need laptop that supports almost all linux distros im from india want to buy a laptop in rs 20,000-26,000 range ,the thing is i want a laptop which supports linux(ubuntu)?(any distros)but should also run other propriety softwares help
  38. digitaldefector

    Man in the Middle

    How would I go about encrypting my traffic from my pc to the wifi router so that my search terms and traffic can't be read in case of man in the middle attack? Basically I see that my pc's name, and IP are monitored on the router, which I don't mind, I however don't want my traffic left for...
  39. P

    bios problem win10 uefi settings and not able to install linux

    i set password on booting and to HDD .then i updated my bios to by using sw on lenovo site , but nw i am not able to access the uefi settings and password disable enable settings and boot mode ...etc options ...hw can i solve it plz guide. I updated bios sw from win 8.1 64 bit
  40. R

    Adding tweaks and software components to an ISO file

    I have an ISO file called: LBUNTU.ISO which is an iso made for an installer for the linux OS. It's already bootable and ready to be installed on a hard drive. Before i install the OS, i would like to integrate or slipstream some software into the ISO. Then install it so the software appears to...
  41. M

    Changing from Linux to Windows

    My aunt bought a Toshiba laptop very cheap (probably from a local online classified ad or Facebook Deals w/Friends or something similar). She bought it to give to one of my uncles, who is disabled and mostly homebound. He only wants it to play some simple games offline, and to browse the Web a...
  42. C

    Windows 7 installation stops in "Starting Windows" message.

    Hello! I have a Hp Pavilion dv5-2114br with Arch Linux and Windows7. Yesterday, i decided to reinstall both systems and when i put the Windwos7 dvd the installation stoped in the screen message: "Starting Windows". With USB Flashdrive Windows installation is the same problem. If i try the same...
  43. D

    Putting OS on HDD

    Hey guys so I have a second hard-drive hooked up to my computer at the moment and I have a iso file of linux mint that I want to put on there so that I can boot from that hdd on another computer. So do I just put the iso file on it or the contents of the iso?
  44. D

    best linux distro for 6 year old laptop

    i've been looking for a linux distro for my 6 year old laptop (hp pavillion dv6 1375dx) SPECS: Intel core 2 duo 6gb of ram 500gb seagate barracuda unknown version of intel graphics My Problem: i google stuff like "best linux distro for laptop" and it pulls stuff up like "10 best linux...
  45. P

    Best system for old laptop (netbook)

    Hello, my friend has an old netbook (he is still using it i dont get why), but performance is too low that even Windows XP is hard to run there. It has like 1GB ram and some realy shit processor. He asked me if i can do something about that. So I would like to ask you, is there any Linux...
  46. Ev

    Upgrading My Toshiba Satellite e55-a5114 Laptop

    Hello, I'm posting this question along with a PDF explaining what I'd like to do in terms of upgrading my Toshiba Satellite e55-a5114. My questions are: I. One or more of my USB ports are USB 3.0. How do I determine which are USB 2.0 and which are high-speed USB 3.0? II. Is there any reason...
  47. D

    Laptop doesn't boot

    Hi, my alienware mx14 was off for a couple of months but as of today im getting the following error on it. 0xc00000e9. Googling the error relates to hard drive failure but i cant seem to load anything via the windows cd or any kind of flash drive. I tried Ubuntu and a anti virus boot via USB and...
  48. M

    Windows 7 not seeing Linux installer USB...

    Hello, I recently made a Linux Live USB in LiLi to dual-boot it with Windows 7, restarted my laptop, and went into BIOS. However, the Boot Order only shows the HDD and CD. What did I do wrong? Keep in mind tht this is my only laptop right now. Help. Thanks.
  49. N

    Application for managing my collection of games

    I am searching for an application to manage my game collection either free or paid. If there is one for Linux that would be great. Also I have a barcode scanner so supporting it will add points. Any suggestions?
  50. S

    Acer Aspire 4520 Ubuntu Installation Help

    Can one of you helpful users please walk me through installing Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop?
  51. M

    Safest OS and Anti-virus combination?

    Hello tom'sHardware community, I am thinking about making a separate super-secure netbook/laptop for financial transactions (mostly just because I am a little paranoid, and also just for fun). So I came up with these question: Which operating system (Linux/Unix distributions, OS X, Win 8...
  52. GMPoisoN

    Windows 8 Ultrabook Corrupted

    Attempted (poorly) to install a distro of Linux onto a USB off the laptop to use it as a boot usb. (I believe) I ended up mistaking the 16 gb ssd (for boot) in the laptop for my 16 gb flash drive I had plugged in, so I'm fairly sure I screwed my laptop due to this bad install. It's an Asus...
  53. T

    Can a toshiba p55t-A5118 run Linux?

    So I know that it can run linux, but I was wondering if there were any distros I couldn't run. I constantly see desktop distros, but i don't know if i can run them on my toshiba. Also, this is really my first linux distro, unless you count TAILS. I also want to run it from a USB, if possible...
  54. GMPoisoN

    Win 8 Ultrabook Corrupted

    Attempted (poorly) to install a distro of Linux onto a USB off the laptop to use it as a boot usb. (I believe) I ended up mistaking the 16 gb ssd (for boot) in the laptop for my 16 gb flash drive I had plugged in, so I'm fairly sure I screwed my laptop due to this bad install. It's an Asus...
  55. T

    Can't boot Linux from external USB HDD with Toshiba L305

    Have removed internal HDD for it has bad sectors. Can load Linux from jump drive. Installed Linux to external USB HDD and now system will not boot from the external.
  56. R

    samsung 350v5c bricked

    Hi Guys After installing Ubuntu on Samsung 350v5c laptop got bricked. No power what so ever, when you try to press power button. Nothing happens. Its a lot info on net saying why its happens and why not to do it. But nowhere how to fix it and what to do. Maybe anyone had similar issue?
  57. A

    OS to Bypass Administrator Set Permissions

    As the title states I would like to know of any OS that bypasses any sort of Administrator set permissions. I faintly remember hearing something about Linux Lite doing this but I can't seem to find any info on it apart from reviews. So if you could help me out with this it'd be great. Cheers...
  58. A

    [CLOSED] Looking for free remtore desktop apps with touch-to-point&click on Linux

    Hi all, I'm setting up uniCenta oPOS for my restaurant. And I want to access the software from iPAD. uniCenta is designed to be touch screen friendly, so all I need is a remote desktop application that allows touch-to-point&click. Remote server is running on Debian Wheezy. I've tried realVNC...
  59. CupTheYoutuber

    Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 Refuses to boot anything but Windows recovery.

    So, I deleted my recovery partition to try to reclaim some of the tiny hard drive on this thing, without reading into it (Stupid, I know) and I ended up bricking the windows install. So I thought, "Oh well, who cares I'll install linux.", and I followed one of the guides. Now, here comes the...