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  1. T

    Can a toshiba p55t-A5118 run Linux?

    So I know that it can run linux, but I was wondering if there were any distros I couldn't run. I constantly see desktop distros, but i don't know if i can run them on my toshiba. Also, this is really my first linux distro, unless you count TAILS. I also want to run it from a USB, if possible...
  2. GMPoisoN

    Win 8 Ultrabook Corrupted

    Attempted (poorly) to install a distro of Linux onto a USB off the laptop to use it as a boot usb. (I believe) I ended up mistaking the 16 gb ssd (for boot) in the laptop for my 16 gb flash drive I had plugged in, so I'm fairly sure I screwed my laptop due to this bad install. It's an Asus...
  3. T

    Can't boot Linux from external USB HDD with Toshiba L305

    Have removed internal HDD for it has bad sectors. Can load Linux from jump drive. Installed Linux to external USB HDD and now system will not boot from the external.