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  1. A

    Multiboot Work Laptop

    Hello there I need advice on what laptop to get. Price is unimportant BUT lets keep it reasonable, under 1200€ (not including additional monitor). I work in QA and bug testing, and I need a machine that I will be able to multiboot different versions of windows including Win7 and Win8 (XP and...
  2. M

    install linux (suse) on the hp 14r103ng notebook with 4 (8GB)

    want to install linux on a notebook (which i want to buy ) The notebook: hp 14r103ng notebook with 4 (8GB) Prozessor: Intel® Pentium™-Prozessor N3540 (4x 2,16 GHz, mit Turbo rst bis zu 2,66 GHz, 2MB Cache) Grafik: Intel HD Graphics RAM 4 GB DDRL3 1600 MHz, max. 8 GB drive: 500 GB, 5.400...
  3. S

    Review of Asus x550-xx23d

    Is this laptop good for linux
  4. quad777

    Free Firewall Software

    Hi Guys, My Scenario: Small office (10-15 users), 1 x Router, 1 x 24 port unmanaged switch, 1 x dedicated firewall linux pc(not sure what version)with 2 x network cards installed on the pc and smoothwall firewall software installed on it(this was set up by previous IT Guy, I do not know how to...
  5. S

    Asus or DELL

    Which laptop is better Asus X550lc-xx23d(i7/8gb/DOS/2gb Graphics-720) or dell vostro (i5/8gb/ubuntu/2gb graphics-850) My requirement is linux os and use of virtualization software. The configuration of ASUS is good but I am not sure with the support and reliability of the machine and issues I...
  6. O

    Having trouble booting from recovery partitions? All cominations and methods failing? AN EASY SOLUTION

    Do you have corrupted partitions, and want to do a factory reinstall from your recovery partition, but are finding it nearly impossible to access it? I was having problems installing a fresh copy of windows even with a product key, and even with a few command prompt bypasses during installs...
  7. A

    laptop with full display driver support on Linux

    Currently i have dell 3546 which is not fully supported with Display driver on ubuntu. facing display color problem . contrast is too high and can't reduce it ... did lots of try :( . Please recommend which is good for Ubuntu / Linux specially to manage color correction / contrast and available...
  8. B

    Which processor is good AMD or I3?

    I need a laptop for daily work mostly for study...want to use Linux and Latex .& scientific papers download..which processor is good for me..AMD or i3?
  9. M

    Notebook Boot Drive Problem

    After a Windows 10 update the notebook locked up. After rebooting the drive was locked. Re-partioned with a Linux disk since Windows offered to solution. Linux can read/write to the drive (ntfs or fat) but windows cannot see the drive, because it recognizes it as an external drive even though...