Jun 18, 2016
Hi, I recently purchased a Dell E6400 laptop. I want a workstation for the home and light business use and it was very cheap. I am familiar with the dell XPS line and know they are durable, also this was the only laptop machine offered on amazon that excplictly stated a smart card reader in the features section. I know lenovo includes them on some models but in some photos they had it and in some they did not. That was particularly annoying and made me lean towards the E6400. I picked it up at a nice $88.00. I am curious what upgrades you would suggest to make this thing run as good as possible. Some of my home use includes programming applications, light GUI use and possibly some vishual C++. I want speed when moving between applications and really want Windows 10. Late I will probably setup a server through a DHCP type interface off the backend of my home router to stream media to other devices in my house off of a wired usb drive. I would like to run windows 10. I will possibly also use it to set up a VPN to stream certain media while I travel overseas. My roommates will also probably want to piggyback off my domestic conecctiona nd It would be usefull to have the ability to program for other consoles. I need speed. Not incredibly speed but I dont like waiting on thing s to render. But I wont be doing any gaming and most of the things I will be doind wont be that CPU consumptious. Do you think the E6400 will be able to powerhouse for a year? Do you thinkit can run windows 10 64B ? and lastly what kind of ram upgrades do you think it could handle. Do you thinkit could be forced to take 16gb? And I want to dual boot linux. I only need a 80 gb ssd, any suggestions?