Questions about virtualizing my new workstation.


Dec 27, 2012
I recently purchased an Intel Core i7-4790 with a Gigabyte G1.Sniper H6 motherboard. It has 32gig of DDR3 RAM and 3TB of disk space. I want to install a light weight Linux distro and use it as a host to virtualize a Windows 7 Pro instance, Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu and Kali. I want to use the Intel 4600 graphics card to drive the Host OS and pass through an Nvidia Quadro K2000 to the Windows 7 VM. The motherboard and CPU both support IOMMU and VT-d. The Windows 7 instance will be used for Light video editing and software testing. Ubuntu for web browsing and Windows 10 for training.

Is this possible? Is VirtualBox my best option for Hypervisor? Maybe Xen, KVM or VMware Workstation instead? What's the best Linux distro to install as the host OS? CentOS? Ubuntu?