My laptop keyboard is typing the letter u infinite times without my knowledge

Oct 27, 2018
My laptop is dell inspiron 15 (Intel pentium) which is installed linux now..but before some days it was windows 8... from then itself i feel my laptop like some malware inside it..because it is not working properly. But now after installing linux, my some keys in laptop keyboard is not working and it is automatically typing the word 'u' when i open the terminal or go to google browser..keyboard is not working properly now...i think it is a hardware problem..
I cant code nowadays because of this problem...i cant make a good programme because of this " u typing"
Please help me to sort it out...
For that what i have to do??
I'am hoping you will reply ASAP


Apr 26, 2016
I agree with hang-the-9 that a hardware fault would show up on other operating systems. it appears the problem is with the way your keyboard or other driver is configured.
Oct 27, 2018

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