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    Solved! 1.1 ghz for autocad 2019

    I have a laptop with 1.1 GHz pentium with 16 G DDR4, 1 TB SSD. My question is it will support autocad 2019 for only 2D. Thank you
  2. P

    Solved! streaming only pc related question.

    I have an old laptop with a pentium dual core and 2 gb ddr2 ram, and i was thinking of using it as a secondary pc while streaming. do you guys think that its enough or do i need an upgrade?
  3. R

    intel (r) pentium (r) D CPU 2.80GHz how much ram can I install?

    how much ram does intel (r) pentium (r) D CPU 2.80GHz support. I actually have only 2 gb and would like to increase to 4 gb
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    Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 330 - 14IGM is it a good computer?

    Hi guys! I'm not very familiar with PC's, as I've always been a Mac user, so I'm a little lost here and I could use some help. I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 330-14IGM (8GB RAM + 1TB HDD + intel Pentium Silver processor), I work as a Database Developer and this computer is mostly for DB...
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    can i run directx 10 to up in my pentium(R) Duel core cpu E5700 @ 3.00GHz

    can i run directx 10 to up in my pentium(R) Duel core cpu E5700 @ 3.00GHz
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    Solved! Can i upgrade my acer e1 531 processor to intel pentium 2030m processor

    Is if possible for me to upgrade my acer e1 531 processor to intel pentium 2030m processor
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    My laptop keyboard is typing the letter u infinite times without my knowledge

    My laptop is dell inspiron 15 (Intel pentium) which is installed linux now..but before some days it was windows 8... from then itself i feel my laptop like some malware inside it..because it is not working properly. But now after installing linux, my some keys in laptop keyboard is not working...
  8. S

    Solved! Doubt in purchasing laptop

    Hi, which is the better processor for daily purpose laptop 8th gen i3 8130u or 8th gen Pentium silver n5000 I'm in confusion whether to buy Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15IGM or Dell Vostro 3478
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    Solved! good day! is it possible to upgrade my intel(r) pentium(r) cpu 2020m @ 2.40ghz toshiba satelite to any i3 or i5?

    good day! is it possible to upgrade my intel(r) pentium(r) cpu 2020m @ 2.40ghz toshiba satelite to any i3 or i5?
  10. D

    Pentium vs I3 while using a dock

    Hi, I am trying to give advice to a friend about what laptop/PC to buy. For the CPU, I think he should go for an I3 or Pentium (I have never owned either, but I have read about them). But he also wants to use it with a USB 3.0 docking station, so my question is whether a Pentium is enough to run...
  11. C

    sony vaio VPCEH1AFX cpu upgrade

    trying to upgrade a sony vaio from a pentium b940 to something that isnt a potato. ive tried an i7 3630qm, didnt post. i think itd have to be a 2nd gen like the pentium but i dont want to invest money into a cpu thats not compatible.
  12. S

    Is my laptop CPU upgradable?

    I have a Acer Extensa 5630Z, currently using a Intel Pentium T3200 CPU. I'm wondering if it upgradable with any Socket P CPUs. The laptop is an Acer Extensa 5630Z-322G16Mn.
  13. J

    Delll Inspiron 7348 CPU upgrade.

    I have a dell Inspiron 7348, and its CPU is Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 3825U @ 1.90GHz[Cores 2] [Logical/Core 2] , since i find it bit slow lately I consider an upgrade on my CPU. I want to know is it possible on this Laptop Model ?
  14. D

    Asus K53E CPU swap

    Hi, I have an Asus k53e that had a non soldered pentium b960 cpu. The laptop was sold and came in a few cpu configurations, and one of them was the i7 2670QM. I know that both of these cpu's have the same socket (bga988) Yet the max TDP of the pentium is 35w when the i7's is 45w. My question is...
  15. I

    Strange small white plug on laptop?

    Recently got an older toshiba satelite laptop with a pentium in it from a friend. Decided to tear it apart to see what I can do with it and I found this small white plug next to the ram. Ive googled it multiple times with no results and the manual gave no hints to it. It may be a test plug? Any...
  16. T

    Help compare CPUs

    So do I pick the laptop with an A6-9220 cpu or the PentiumN3710? Same price, the only other difference is the A6 has 8gb ram and the pentium has 4gb ram. Casual gaming and internet usage will be it
  17. V

    I have a laptop with 1.6Ghz processor and i want to replace it's motherboard so can I replace this with a motherboard having 1

    I want to change motherboard of laptop having 1.6Hz intel pentium processor to 1.4Ghz intel pentium processor? Will this work??
  18. I

    my processor is intel pentium p6200, what generation is it

    i need to now my processor generation
  19. bmw-vision

    Acer E14 Pentium High Temps (100c)

    I've had this laptop for nearly 3 years without issues, but in the last few months, I've had thermal issues. The temps are around 70c idle and increase to usually around 100c under light-moderate loads. I noticed this after a semester of FPGA programming especially under synthesizing. The weird...
  20. B

    Intel i3-6006u vs Pentium N5000 vs Celeron N4000

    I've decided to buy one of the 4GB models of Asus Vivobook X507 laptops but I am a bit confused while choosing the processor. I mainly use laptop for typing and movie watching. I do also use GIMP editor sometimes. People usually say that i3 is better than Pentium but here I can see an...
  21. B

    What can I do with a very old laptop

    I have a HP Compaq nx6110 laptop and I have no idea what I can do with it. It's CPU is Intel Pentium M 730 / 1.6 GHz with 512MB of RAM (!) and again, I have no idea what can I do with it. It's from 2005. I've tried installed Ubuntu MATE on it but even that lags... Any ideas?
  22. K

    will intel heatsink works with pentium 4 cpu?

    Hi i have pc with Pentium 4 cpu but I don’t have a heatsink for it and i was planning to buy the stock intel LGA heatsink since it is cheap but im afraid it won’t work with it So i want to ask will it work with that CPU ?
  23. L

    How do i reset a intel Pentium N3540 processor

    I can't click on my search bar or nothing on my home screen on my laptop
  24. R

    Is this good enough for everyday use and casual gaming?

    Saw this really good deal. I was wondering if it's enough for everyday use and maybe occasional games as well as Photoshop editing. Asus X540NV-GQ002T Intel Pentium Quad Core N4200 1.1-2.5GHz Processor 4GB DDR4 1866MHz 500GB HDD 2GB Dedicated GDDR5 nVIDIA GeForce 920mx 2GB Total Intel HD...
  25. D

    Budget Asus for school

    Hello all new here looking for some insight. I'm looking for a new budget e.g $500 or less laptop. I'd prefer Asus as I have had wonderful experience with them in the past. I have a 9 year old UL50VT that still runs pretty strong. but battery life is pretty much done. I need to be able to take...
  26. O

    Can i upgrade my laptop

    I have a samsung laptop samsung 300e4a. It has Intel Pentium B950 cpu. Can i upgrade it to Intel Pentium G4560. Thanks for the answer.
  27. S

    csgo on intel pentium quad core

    i have an intel pentium n3530 quad core and i want to know if i can run CS:GO smoothly on this. please help
  28. D

    Change cpu on laptop Dell Inspiron

    Can I change my cpu on Dell Inspiron Intel Pentium n3700 1,60Ghz to a I 3 or I 5 processor?
  29. A

    Intel HD Graphics on Windows 8.1 - a driver problem

    Problem is as follows: I had Windows 8.1 installed on a Dell Inspiron N5040, which has a Pentium P6200 CPU with an Intel HD Graphics Ironlake GPU. Dell's support website claims that this is an unsupported configuration, but in some manner or other, I had it running happily. Last night, I...
  30. A

    How To Increase Processor Ghz

    I want to inrease my processor ghz processor is intel pentium 3805u 1.90x2(1.90) GHz help me and reply me please
  31. S

    can i upgrade my pentium g640t to core i3 or i5 0r i7.

  32. C-userT_T

    i3-6100u to replace Pentium E6700

    Hi, I have an old Pentium E6700 (3GB RAM) using it basically for web browsing as well as making digital works with Photoshop. I thought it's time for me to move from desktop to laptop. I have my eyes on a low budget i3-6100u (4GB RAM) I may upgrade it to 8GB. No SSD. Would an Intel Core...
  33. O

    is it possible?

    Can I upgrade my Hewlett Packard Pentium(R) dual core CPU T4300 @ 2.1GHz to i3 or i5
  34. D

    Questions about laptop information

    I'm going to get a laptop today from Argos but I don't know if it a high performance for work. The laptop is HP Pavilion X360 15" Pentium 4GB 1TB HDD Gold Laptop and it offers features like Battery lasts all day The familiar windows B&Q audio 360 degree rotation Intel Pentium 4415U Processor...
  35. A

    Toshiba Satellite C655 CPU Change

    Even if it isn't worth it,i want to put a better cpu in this laptop,i have an intel pentium p6100 and i want to change to pentium 2020m or 2030m,as i know they are compatible,the question is,would there be a problem with ram?or with the bios?
  36. S

    PCem Emulator CPU too fast?

    I test SiSoft SANDRA 99 in PCem and Intel Pentium MMX 233 is faster then Pentium MMX 266. How is this possible? This emulator really sucks or what? I wish VMware supports 3D-Acceleration in Windows 9x.
  37. Blaze Blazer

    AMD or INTEL for laptop and why, thanks!

    i have intel pentium but i am unsatisfied,so what about AMD laptop proccesors?
  38. H

    Please help me

    Can I upgrade Pentium b950 processor to i5 560m ?
  39. Z

    A6-7310 or Pentium Quad Core N3710

    Hello everyone!!! I need a laptop for engineering stuff(not so much for gaming)and I found two at the same price The first one has : A6-7310 , 500GB HDD , Radeon R4 7310, FHD (1920x1080) And the secont has: Quad Core N3710 , 1 TB HDD , GeForce GT 920M(1GB) , not FHD (1366x768) Both have 4GB...
  40. Q

    Will the acer swift 114 inch pentium 4GB 64GB laptop, work for sims 4?

    I need to know soon because want a laptop that Sims will work on. Someone please get back to me soon thank you very much x
  41. M

    is 25$ good deal for i3 3220?

    im upgrading pentium g630 is i3 3220 good deal for 25$?
  42. E

    Gaming on i3 7100 vs G4560

    Hello everyone. I was thinking to get a pentium g4560 as it was really cheap compared to i3 7100. Since currenlty g4560 is out of stock in the market .... I am left with an i3 7100. Pentium g4560 is available online but then the price difference is very less. Also g4560 has integrated HD 610...
  43. G

    Upgrade of hard disk

    Is it possible to upgrade the hard drive from 160 GB to 1 TB memory of laptop which runs with Intel Pentium b950 processor
  44. A

    What is the best gpu for an pentium4 pc i want to use it for video addition and heavy duty recording apps?

    It is a windows 7 pentium 4 i want to know which gpu is better for heavy duty recording apps and video addition
  45. A

    Solved! can i run gta 5 on dell intel pentium 3558u 1.70GHz

    can i run gta 5 on dell intel pentium 3558u 1.70GHz .
  46. Josh1123

    Need a good os for Pentium M Laptop

    Not sure if this is on the right category but anyways here are the specs: Pentium M 770 @ 2.13Ghz 1.5gb ram intel 915 chipset and graphics I have tried Lubuntu but the looks are not very appealing to me. Linux Mint seemed ok and i might go with it. Also when i put Lubuntu on it i tried to play...
  47. J

    Pentium dual core or i5

    Pentium dual core processor or i5 Wich should I go for not a gamer but put good strain on the processer and I'm talking about laptops and Wich of two different Asus to buy plz help thanks Asus x553m or a core i5 vpro 6 gig of ram 500 gig hard drive a 1gig dedicated graphic card
  48. I

    what CPU can I upgrade my Acer aspire v3-731-4473

    I want to upgrade my Acer aspire v3-731-4473. It has a Pentium B960 (35W). Can I upgrade to a Core i7 3820QM (45W)? Or have I to be limited to 35W processors, like a Core i7 3612QM (35W)? Thanks in advance.
  49. C

    my pentium laptop do not turn on if i shut down it.

    when i shut down my do not turn on again.i have to do window again to start it.what is the problem and how to fix it.
  50. O

    I'm trying to get my computer working... I'm currently in bios mode.. can not run any programs..

    Dell-inspiron one-Windows 7-intell Pentium big typically is the video card...please
  51. G

    Build for AutoCAD

    Hello there! I would like to ask if this build can run Autocad 3D smoothly. Intel Pentium G4560 (Kaby Lake) MSI H110M PRO-VD Plus AMD Firepro W4100 G.SKILL RipjawsV DDR4 2133MHz 8GB (2x4GB) 120GB SSD
  52. R

    Counter Strike Compatibility

    My PC has Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz processor. No Graphic Card is inserted. Will Counter Strike will work on my PC? If no, then what improvements should I make.
  53. A

    cannot increase/decrease brightness

    Hello Sir , I have a Samsung R540 laptop installed with specs 2gm ram, Pentium P6200 2.13 and OS 8,1 installed. I cannot increase / decrease my brightness . Please help me.
  54. B

    Is it possible upgrade intel pentium dual-core processor T2370 to core i4?

    my laptop is so slow that why i want to upgrade from intel pentium dual-core processor T2370 to core i4, i3 or 5i. Is it possible? If it possible what core is appropriate for my laptop? Or if not possible what is the best way to speed up my laptop? :)
  55. G

    Asus 453SA-WX036T running slow

    i just brought Asus 453SA-WX036T and here's the specs: Intel Pentium Quad Core N3700 1.6 GHz up to 2.4GHz 2GB DDR3 500GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm Intel HD Graphics Windows 10 64-bit. The notifications and start up apps are already been disable. all of my drivers and windows are on update. i...
  56. R

    Increasing dedicated VRAM in win 10

    Hello, can i increase my vram in my win 10 64-bit? Spec: GPU: Intel Pentium G2010 Ram: 4 GB Sysmodel: MS-7733 BIOS: v17.4 I have do all the things to increase my vram. I wanna play a game, but in systemrequirementlab say i cant, because my dedicated vram is 256 mb and it need 512 mb. Any answer...
  57. P

    Thinking of purchasing a Asus Vivobook Flagship 15.6 display pentium n3700 quad core laptop. Good laptop?

    Thinking of purchasing a Asus Vivobook Flagship 15.6 display pentium n3700 quad core laptop. Good laptop?
  58. A

    Can I Upgrade my Processor and Graphics Card in Toshiba Satellite C850-P5010

    Hi Guys, As I am new to this field I was wondering if I could Upgrade my Pentium 2nd Gen to i3 or i5 and add Nvidia GTX 660 using PCIe Adapter. I wanted to ask if my Processor is soldered to the Motherboard or not. Also what would be the best way for an e-GPU and will i3 or i5 Bottleneck the GTX...
  59. M

    IBM thinkpad 380xd processor upgrade from pentium mmx to pentium II

    I have this old IBM Thinkpad 380xd which is the Pentium MMX model , I want to upgrade this computer to the Pentium II version, I got the Pentium II for it, and plugged it into it, it just beeped at me, which means can't recognize processor, I did some research, and i found out there where 2...