Will the acer swift 114 inch pentium 4GB 64GB laptop, work for sims 4?


Jun 20, 2017
I need to know soon because want a laptop that Sims will work on. Someone please get back to me soon thank you very much x


If you are looking for an inexpensive laptop to play the Sims 4 then I recommend the following Acer with the i3-7100u and Intel HD 620 with a 1080p screen for $350. It should have no problems playing the game at 1366x768 resolution. At 1600x900 resolution performance should still be pretty good. Playing at 1080p will be possible but of course lower performance. The Acer Swift 114 with the Pentium N3710 and Intel HD 405 graphics core will struggle at 1366x768 resolution; worse than the Acer laptop I recommend at 1080p resolution.


I recommend you install a second stick of 4GB RAM for better performance; for a total of 8GB. Without getting technical, game performance improves when using integrated graphics if there are two sticks of RAM installed. Also, more RAM is better because Windows, the game and the integrated graphics will be using the RAM; and 4GB of it does not go very far.


Here's a video showing a similar laptop playing the Sims 4 with the Intel HD 620 at 1366x768 resolution.


There's a video of another laptop with an i7-6500u and Intel HD 520 playing the Sims 4 at 1920x1080 resolution. The i7-6500u is more powerful than the i3-7100u, but the Intel HD 520 is a little less powerful than the newer Intel HD 620. The i3-7100u with the Intel HD 620 should provide a little less performance



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