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  1. S

    i3 1.7 ghz or pentium quadcore

    which laptope is better i3 4th gen. 1.7 ghz or pentium quadcore 2.4 ghz,,,,,,,my use is very basic like web, microsoft gaming
  2. I

    Will this laptop be good enough for my needs?

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a new laptop. I will be using it for multitab web browsing, microsoft office, video and music streaming. I found a laptop that is within my budget but I am not sure if it is good enough for my needs because it only has an intel pentium processor. Other than that...
  3. I

    HTPC Build Help

    Hi, I'm wanting to build a HTPC that can handle 5.1 1080p movies flawlessly and also handle some light gaming in case. I want to keep costs low as possible. Intel Pentium G3240/G3258 or Core i3 4160 or AMD A10-7850k 400W Zalman ZE-LE-400 8GB ( 2x 4gb) G.Skill Ares 1600mhz RAM Sapphire Dual-X...
  4. Shadowdarkblade

    Lenovo B570 Cpu Upgrade

    Can my Lenovo B570 1068 Intel Pentium B950 @ 2.10GHz be upgraded to Intel Core i7-2760QM 2.4 GHz Maximum Turbo Frequency: 3.5 GHz there both Sandy Bridge and Socket G2 but the i7 is 4 Core and the Intel Pentium B950 is 2 core
  5. J

    can a dual core processor handle gaming(newest games), vid editing and game rec?

    im planing to buy a pentium processor (20th anniversary processor) or a i3 - 4160
  6. S

    pentium quad core 1st generation means what

    1Gen plz tell me fst
  7. allegedsin

    looking for a new laptop thanks in advanced

    okay so i have a laptop with a Pentium p6100 dual core and its 4 years old this year and i am giving it to my mom as i want to upgrade looking for a laptop 300$ and under that can do the following play these games med-high setting: at least med not low tho World of Warcraft call of duty...
  8. V

    would i3 or Pentium N3530 with 4Gb RAM run faster than Core2 Duo 1.86 GHz with 2GB RAM?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to replace my old Lenovo Y410 series laptop (that I bought in 2008) with a HP laptop. My old laptop has Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 GHz processor, 2Gb RAM. It runs quite efficiently and fast. It gets slow only when I work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and above. I know i7 is...
  9. D

    Can you help me chose laptop for my daughter - I've done lots of research but got to my final 3 and I am stumped

    Hi guys typical Mum here researching a new laptop for my 16 year old. I've I'd like a HP and have drilled down to 3 options. Expected use - Internet, social media, online videos - youtube etc. Creating Documents presentations etc on microsoft office. Downloading/streaming films - netflix...
  10. X

    Light gaming question (Laptop CPU with integrated graphics)

    Does anyone have any experience with the Pentium N3530 CPU's capabilities? I have my overpowered desktop but I'm getting a Lenovo Flex 2 with this CPU and 8 GB of RAM. Essentially, could this CPU run games like LoL, Counterstrike Source, etc. without much issue? The graphics don't have to be set...
  11. W

    What can this laptop handle? Planning on buying, is it worth it?

    I have had an old Intel Pentium ASUS laptop for 3 years now I need a new laptop (would build my own [Desktop], but I am moving constantly).Anyway I found this laptop by ASUS at B&H here are the specs on it: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-4710HQ Quad-Core 4th-Gen Haswell Nvidia GeForce 840M 2 GB...
  12. S

    how can i upgrade my hp 2000 laptop intel pentium dual core to i3 processr??

    i have a hp 2000 laptop who have intel pentium dual core processr but i want to upgrade my hp laptop proccessr intel pentium to i3 prosseccr can you tell me the exact proccedr to upgrade my laptop proccessr??
  13. nomad1500

    CPU upgrade, HP

    Recently got hold of an HPxt3280us with a pentium M 1.7. I researched that this motherboard can handle a Pentium m 2.3 MHz. The BIOS recognizes the new 2.3 CPU but only allows the computer to run at 1.7. My question is can I upgrade the BIOS to fully use my new processor or is there an other...
  14. J

    Can I run "The Binding Of Isaac/Rebirth"

    I really want to get Rebirth but i don't know if my laptop can run it. If I can't can it at least run the original? Specs: Intel Pentium Duel Core T4200 2.0Ghz 3GB Ram Intel Series 4 Express Chipset Family
  15. S

    laptop for average use

    1. What is your budget? Upto $330 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13 to 15.6 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1366x768 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Just anything but a laptop 5. How much battery life do you need...
  16. Boyling460

    Laptop for school

    Im looking for a laptop that can be used for school work and light gaming. If anybody can help me that would be great. This laptop needs to be light, portable, fairly large battery life and under $500. Another thing is that I would prefer it to be an i3 or i5 processor, I really don't like...
  17. F

    Intel Pentium vs Celeron vs Core2 Duo vs Core i3 vs i5 vs i7

    I was shopping on Amazon today and found a bunch of good laptops with the divine Windows 7 on them. I was wondering which processor is best (fastest, I mean) out of the ones I mentioned in the title. There is an i7 laptop that fits my budget, or should I buy a pentium, for the same amount of...
  18. S

    how much difference is in the following processors

    I have chosen two laptops Dell inspiron 3542-1000bk for $240 and dell inspiron 3542-1666bk for $285. One has intel celeron 2955u(or maybe 2957u) and the other has intel pentium 3558u.
  19. B

    IBM x41 Tablet can it handle internet these days?

    Hi everyone, just been looking for a tablet for drawing simple caricatures. And found IBM x41 Tablet which is extremely cheap these days, however looking at the specs i'm afraid it won't even handle something as simple as email on html5 webpage. The problem is that it has non upgradable Intel...
  20. M

    Ultra low budget school/work notebook, E-450 or Pentium B980?

    Hi! Would a notebook with an E-450 be sufficient for everyday use like web surfing, streaming, video playback, MS office, mobile storage and stuff? Also add in some database and programming stuff for school. Is it sufficient or should I go with the B980? They're basically priced the same here...
  21. G

    Old Laptops versus the new Covertible laptops

    Do they make any that do not get hot? My 17 inch gets very hot and it is powered by Intel Pentium and I have had it over 5 years. Once I get all the viruses off of it that comes from got know where, it is pretty fast for my use but it is not a touchscreen. I do not know if touchscreens need...
  22. G

    2nd laptop wanting to buy and wondering about

    Or isthe one better to buy: HP Pavillion X360 2 in 1 11.6" with Intel Pentium and intel Pentium HD graphics with 2.7 GZ vs. HP Pavilion 13-a012cl 13.3" Touch Convertible Laptop Computer, AMD A8-6410, 6GB Memory, 750GB Hard Drive ? Which one is better?
  23. G

    Laptop Amd A8 vs Intel Pentium

    I want something that last and won't burn out. I chose the Amd A8 with 6gb Ram and 750 gb Hard drive over the Intel Pentium 4 gb Ram and 320 Hard drive because i thought it would be a better laptop. Is this true? The latter one is $184 cheaper than the former. Did I make the right decison...
  24. P

    Hp a1110n gaming pc

    I have an hp a1110n With 250w An intel pentium 4 3.0ghz 2 gb ddr And maybe a gt 430- gt 640? Do you think this could play bf4 on low with 720p and atleast 15-35fps?
  25. N

    which is better for gaming

    Lenovo laptop AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M 2.8Ghz 12GB 1600Mhz vs Lenovo Yoga 2 Intel Pentium N3510 quad core 2.42GHz 4gb budget is around 500 looking at playing skyrim. read some reviews saying the extra ram with the amd laptop helps as the cpu's onboard graphics gets dedicated more memory...
  26. J

    How much can I sell this laptop for?

    It's a Sony Vaio laptop made in 2007 with a few items that are either stuck or not working properly. Specs: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Operating System Intel Pentium Duel Core T4200 2Ghz 3GB ram 288GB HDD Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Extra Information: 4 USB ports (One...
  27. H

    help wirh laptop shutting down randomly

    need help please, Have a pentium Samsung r730 this is the 3rd motherboard testing and the 2nd CPU that ive tested have already tried diff ram, charger and , charger with no battery not sure whats causing it to shut down like this. the fan runs good and also i can get it to work 15-20 min...
  28. X

    Please help me on selecting a laptop (4th gen Pentium Quad Core Vs 4th gen ci5)

    Hi all I am planning to buy one laptop, my use is just browsing and to use normal social network sites, Skype, google hangout and for watching and listening movie and songs. My main requirement is not to get the lap hang (or get slow) even if I open many sites in different tabs. Also right now...
  29. T

    HP 15 Notebook frame rate drop

    I have an HP 15 notebook with an Intel Pentium 1.99 GHz CPU. I play Arma 2: DayZ Mod and it will run fine on low for a while at about 20 fps(I know that's really low, but I'm working on a gaming PC at the moment) and after a while the frame rate just drops. It will go to like 5, and nothing will...
  30. V

    Which is better for laptop: AMD A8-6410 or Intel Pentium N3520?

    Hello, I am trying to decide between two laptops -- one has AMD A8-6410 and the other has Intel Mobile Pentium N3520. These two laptops are identical models with identical specs (literally same brand, RAM, everything) other than the processor, and both priced equally at $300. Which is the better...
  31. M

    Which of the cheap ones to buy: Lenovo G500 or Lenovo G700 or Lenovo S500?

    It will be used for everything else but no gaming (school, movies, programming, photoshop..) Lenovo G500 intel pentium 2020m 2,4GHz RAM 4 GB (1x 4 GB) 1 TB HDD, win 8 64 bit for 480€ Lenovo G700 intel pentium 2020m 2,4GHz RAM 4 GB 500GB HDD, win 8 64 bit 500€ lenovo S500 Intel Core...
  32. A

    Intel Dual Core (3rd Generation) vs Intel Pentium Dual Core which one is better?

    I am in need of a PC and would like to know which of the above mentioned is good in terms of performance?
  33. V

    Which is the best of these three laptops?

    I game a little bit, but only with less graphically demanding games like combat arms, minecraft which laptop do you guys think is the best to purchase?
  34. H

    Questions about good Laptop for Video Editing at $600

    Hey guys, So I need a good laptop for video editing and needs to be powerful. The max I can spend is around $650. I was wondering if an i5 processor is good for video editing? What about pentium or i3?. And also, what does the clock speed do? And what about video card? And any suggestions for...
  35. C

    IBM Thinkpad T30 won't boot

    I've got an old IBM Thinkpad T30. It's a Pentium 4 with 1 stick of 512mb ram. When I turn it on all the lights flash green for a couple of seconds apart from the ultrabay light (first in the row). Then only the battery light and the power light stays on (orange and green respectively) but it...
  36. P

    Latest Driver Processor For intel pentium g2030?

    Hi! Is there any Latest Driver processor that is version 7+ on Intel(R) Pentium G2030 because i have a version of 6.1 If There is any, Kind someone posts a link for it? Thanks
  37. M

    Is it my laptop can be upgrade ?

    I'm currently using Acer Aspire 4743 , I wanted to upgrade the Processor from Intel Pentium P6200 @ 2.13GHz to > Intel Core i3 - 4330.
  38. I

    Will Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Dreamweaver run okay on Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2030M 2.5 GHz?

    Will Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Dreamweaver run okay on Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2030M 2.5 GHz? It is said that it's not suitable for such programs, but i still need to know if i can use this soft. What difficulties i might get into while using this proccesor?
  39. H

    How do I test 400 old laptops......

    So....As a task at my job I have been given about 400 old laptops (Pentium M, Core 2 Duo, etc. and more from that time period) and need to test them for stability as fast as possible without loading an OS(not fast). IS there any way to do this in a relatively fast way if you are dealing with...
  40. V

    Pentium 4 vs Core i3 (GHz confusion)

    Hi all At present I have A DESKTOP Pentium-4, 2.6 GHZ, 1.5 GB RAM But now i am planning to buy a Laptop. So i went to retail stores and the dealer showed me Core I3 3rd gen Laptop of Dell/ HP/ Acer but those were just 1.8 Ghz. Some were 1.6 Ghz So my question is : Will a Core i3 (1.8...
  41. M

    pentium dual core 3rd generatoion vs intel corei3 2nd generation

    i want to buy a laptop for programming purpose, heavy softwares. which processo i should go for.. pentium dual core 3rd generation or intel core i3 2nd generation?
  42. B

    Want to know if I can/should upgrade laptop

    I have an Acer Aspire 5720z with an Intel Pentium T2330 1.6ghz processor with 2 gigs of DDR2 ram 266Mhz on an Acer Nettiling motherboard v1.45. I've googled alot and read some things on TH but there is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to my laptop. I want to keep this laptop for school but it...
  43. C

    windows 7 on old laptop

    hi all. i hope someone knows if i can install windows7 on a laptop ibm r40 with intel pentium r m 1.4 and 2 gb ram thanks.
  44. D

    Cpu upgrade acer aspire v3-531

    I have acer aspire v3-531 , can I upgrade the processor? Intel Pentium B960 2,2ghz 8gb ram ddr3 500gb HDD Intel hd Graphics
  45. M

    Upgrading Intel Pentium B960 to Intel I3?

    Pentium seems too underpowered, is it possible to upgrade an Acer Aspire V3- 731- 4634 to an I3 processor?
  46. T

    Which is better Celeron or Pentium?

    I need to buy a new laptop, and i found two feasible options: and...
  47. Green ViruZ

    Upgrade Toshiba Satellite L300

    I Have a Toshiba Satellite L300 , i like to do some upgrades in my laptop can anyone suggest any part or features that i can upgrade , other than hard disk (i recently upgraded it) specifications of my laptop Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core t3400 Ram - 2Gb + 2 GB (ddr2) Hdd - 500 GB Os...
  48. Maxime506

    What if Intel Pentium and i3 CPUs have unlocked multiplier?

    In Sandy/Ivy bridge and Haswell CPUs. Nearly all the CPUs under $200 have their multiplier locked. But in AMD there are tons of unlocked multiplier CPUs like Phenom II/Athlon II, APUs and FX- series CPUs. So here is an interesting question: If one day u've woken up, search the Internet and...
  49. B

    i want to ell my laptop

    i have hp laptop pentium m with webcap and a very portable one for any information pls call me on this number 08188737476
  50. Z

    What to buy?

    Hello i cant decide over these 2 models acer v3-731 g intel pentium dual core b960,2,20 GHz hard disk:750 gb graphics.nvidia geforce gt 710m or lenovo ideapad g780 intel pentium dual core 2020m,2,40 GHz hard disk:500 gb graphics:intel hd graphics? which is better for gaming?
  51. francium

    A Few Questions About Two Laptops I'm Interested In From Newegg

    About Me: I'm a health professions graduate student that is looking for an inexpensive laptop that will last me for at least 3 years. I typically use a computer to use Microsoft Office, take notes in class, stream videos/music, and derp around on various internet websites. I take very good care...
  52. kocopuff9191

    How much would you value this Laptop at?

    I'm trying to sell this Lenovo laptop and I just wanted to get some thoughts about how much you guys think its worth: Specs: Model: Lenovo Ideapad B570-1068A8U Intel Pentium B940 (Dual core) 4 Gb of 1333 Mhz Ram 15.6 Inch screen (1366 x 768 resolution) 500 Gb (5400 RPM) Hard Drive and ETC...
  53. watters1996

    new laptop isnt as quick as i thought?

    Hi guys, I brought a new laptop last week, mainly for 6th form work, as an upgrade from my old pentium t4300 laptop. Thing is its not exactly the fastest on bootup, like it takes a good few minutes to fully load up, and it doesnt feel that much faster than my old laptop. ive cleaned it up with...
  54. C

    Would a Pentium B960 CPU bottleneck a nvidia GT 635m GPU?

    Hi, I ve just come across a Lenovo configuration that would both satisfy my moderate gaming needs and my budget. Now, as far as I understand the nvidia GT 635m is capable to deliver some moderately decent gaming experience, but the P B960 CPU just seems to be a little too weak as to compared...
  55. L

    Intel (r) pentium(r) dual cpu e2200 2 20ghz

    I need the driver audio intel Pentium Dual CPU E220
  56. T

    Best laptop for gamingout of these 2?

    Hello, Which laptop is faster for gaming? Laptop 1: i3 2367M 1,4ghz GT 620m 4GB ram Laptop 2: Intel pentium b950 2,1ghz hd 7670m 4GB ram
  57. R

    Intel(r )pentium (R) CPU B 950 @210GHZ.210GHZ IS IT DUAL CORE PROCESSOR

    intel(r )pentium (R) CPU B 950 @210GHZ.210GHZ IS IT DUAL CORE PROCESSOR
  58. R

    How much is a used toshiba 2595 CDT laptop worth

    I have a fully operational Toshiba Sattelite 2595 CDT laptop, Pentium ll processor with all documentation with Windows 98. Does it have any value ?
  59. kpineau

    A6-4400m or Pentium B960

    These 2 notebooks are the same price, but the AMD has 8gb ram & 640HDD; the pentium has 6gB ram & 750 HDD. Which one would be the better performer online & games ? Thanks....
  60. Tomz_21

    Upgrade intel pentium cpu b950 to core i3

    How do I upgrade intel pentium B950 to the core i3???