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    Thinkpad pantium m password removal

    how i remove startup pasword from ibm thinkpad pentium m :sleep:
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    Fujitsu LifeBook AH531 CPU Upgrade

    Hello, I have a Fujitsu LifeBook AH531 with Intel Pentium Dual Core B960 Processor. Can I upgrade the processor?
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    Hey guys i want to buy a notebook. & am confused between these 2 proccy. AMD APU A4 & INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE 987 OR i3 {2nd Gen} ACER - DUAL CORE/i3 HP - AMD A4 Who gives better Battery Life with Good Amount of Perfomance Pls reply soon
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    Miocrosoft windows xp version 2002 intel pentium processor

    I need to get on the internet ..I have Fios wireless. how do I do this? does it need an ethernet cord? I also need to find a manuel ..please help...Fran my email is
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    Packard bell nec computer pentium 4 sound card download

    Hello where can i find drivers for my old packard bell pentium 4 pc? I managed to install windows xp but there is no sound, Can anyone help
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    Sony intel pentium vs intel core

    Hello, Intel Pentium core i3 or Intel core i5 which one i better on Sony laptop plz
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    Dell Inspiron 5100 Upgrade Time!

    Hello. I have been gifted an old but working Dell Inspiron 5100 with a Pentium 4 proc and a 40GB hard drive. I was wondering what upgrades I could do to make this more functional. For example, adding more RAM, but I don’t know what type it uses. It is from around 2003-2003. If possible I would...
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    Whats is best pentium dual core or core i3

    Hello, I'm purchasing a new laptop and unsure of which would be best a core i3 with 4GB ram 500GB HD or a Pentium dual core with 6GB ram 500GB HD
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    Can i upgrade the cpu in my hp pavillion ze5600 laptop?

    In my ze5600 (ze5620us to be exact) laptop, I have a Celeron GHz processor, and would like to upgrade it to any form of Pentium 4. Would this be possible? And if so, what would be the best pentium 4 to choose for my laptop?
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    Dell pentium(r) dual core cpu info

    Hello, whrere i get the the full guide about this laptop
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    Pentium B950 for photoshop??

    Hi i want to run photoshop, and i was wondering if my laptop hp with 2gb ram ddr3, 500 hd, and a intel pentium B950, can run photoshop cs5?? can you help me?? thanks Pd: i was searching in the whole forum, but i cant find info about this topic!!! thanks again!!
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    Intel r pentium r 4 cpu 3 00ghz driver download

    hi sir how are you kindly share me intel pentim 4 cpu 3 ghz motherboard and other drivers thanks for your copoperation in this regard have a nice day khurram Email removed to prevent spamming!
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    Intel pentium vs intel core i3

    Hello, im on a budget and dont know which one would be better? I need it for basic web browsing and Microsoft Word but I also load a lot of pics. Im trying to decide between Intel Core i3-370M processor and Intel Pentium processor T4500? Can someone who knows about computers advise me please.
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    What is the difference between a pentium i3 processor and a intel core duo

    Hello, I am not a computer wizard obviously, so I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with this. We are purchasing our 16 yr old son a laptop for Christmas and I needed to know the difference between a pentium i3 processor and a intel core duo P7575 and which is preferred and why...
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    Pentium 4 vs pentium b940

    Morning. I am in the process of shopping for a laptop. I presently have a desktop computer with Intel Pentium 4CPU 2.80GHz. One of the laptops I am considering has an Intel Pentium B940 (2.0GH2). Another laptop I am considering has an Intel Core 13-2310M. How much faster are the two that I...