good day! is it possible to upgrade my intel(r) pentium(r) cpu 2020m @ 2.40ghz toshiba satelite to any i3 or i5?


Aug 11, 2016

You can put another processor if it supports the same socket, in your case:FCPGA988

The i3-2330M supports this socket.
i3 2670QM supports this sockets.

Just search for the socket name, you will get all the processors supporting that after some googling.

The problem is that your laptop might be tailor made for the particular processor so it might not go well with a lot of things:
1) Cooling (your Pentium's cooling solution might not be enough)
2) VRM (The Pentium's power requirements are low so the power supply might not be able to efficiently handle the processor)
3) And all other things :/

If it boots:
1) Check temps and clock speed , If they are right within limits. You are good to go.(Sometimes the mobo will downclock the processor if it finds a different processor)