Laptop freezes randomly under Windows or Linux


Nov 26, 2017
My home computer is Toshiba satellite U500 & I'm using it perfectly from about 7 years.
Its Specs are :Core i5 500GB HDD & 4 GB ram with Nvidia Geforce 310M 512 MB running windows 10 N Ver 1709.

It felt down from about 3 years & I did change its HDD, hinges & bottom chases & it works with no problem except the battery was died.

3 months back I decided to upgrade its hard disk to 1 TB & replace the battery, but unfortunately after doing that the laptop started freezes randomly with black screen & dead keyboard but the fan is working.

I did the following but still I've such problem:
1- I put my old HDD back.
2- Removed the new battery.
3- Checked all drivers.
4- Removed the DVD.
5- Tested the laptop with both half of the RAM (2 GB)
6- Install Linux Ubuntu on the new HDD.
7- Changed the thermal adhesive of the processor & display card.
8- Installed Toshiba PC health to check the temperature & fan speed.
9- windows event viewer has no useful information.

sometimes it remains for few days without a problem & sometimes each 5-10 minutes freezes.

what surprised me is also during BIOS setup onetime the laptop stuck. :??:
Note: the frequent of freezes increased with the new HDD

Could you please propose any test or solution.
Thank you.


Nov 26, 2017
Thank you for responding.
1-From "Open Hardware Monitor":
The GPU temp is about 56 C @ about 4% load & the max recorded is 59 C @ 57% load
(max CPU core 1 temp is 70 C @ 90% load & core 2 is 74 C @ 88% load)
2- For the driver I installed it before from the manufacture tool & during analyzing this problem I used windows to detect the driver.
3- I'll run memory test which I run it partially during installing Linux but didn't complete it because it takes longtime.



Nov 26, 2017
I did full test with "HD tune pro" because I didn't find manufacturer's tool for Toshiba HD and no error was detected.

Is a crack or loosen solder part on an internal component can result to such problem?
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