Asus GL702ZC won't even show BIOS

Mar 28, 2018
Hi. Bad day here.

I blew away my windows disk by accident (dual boot linux, overly zealous dd.)

So I figured I'd just make a usb stick with Microsofts Win10 on it. No problems.

Laptop won't boot the stick, no matter what I try. Different file system, different creation mechanism, anything.

Read a thing that said I should try enabling CSM in my BIOS. Did so.

Now whenever I hit the power, all I get is a single underscored flashing cursor in the top left of the screen. Nothing else. No BIOS. Nothing.

So I figure I'm properly hosed. Has anyone got any suggestions?



By the looks of your laptop manual(page 76), you can remove the bottom cover via undoing 11 screws and then gain access to the CMOS battery. You can try and remove and replace it after 15 minutes and see if you can regain BIOS access/functionality.

I'd also ask you to make sure your BIOS is up to date if you do gain BIOS functionality and make sure you've done away with fast boot until your OS is installed.