Question Gateway Solo 9550 laptop won't boot into bios after replacing the hardrive

Jan 12, 2020
Hello New here.
I have a gateway solo 9550 laptop that is designed for windows 98SE. I got it off of eBay. The ad stated untested. I got a power supply for it and it booted up but it said no OS on drive. I ran PC check 6.21 and it passed all tests except the hardrive tests. it failed the read,write the stress and the destruct write test. The old drive is a Toshiba 30GB IDE. The new one is a seagate 100GB IDE.

The PC check software said the bios can handle up to a 2TB drive. Installed everything the way the old one was hooked including setting it to master by removing the jumper like the directions said. Now When i power it up I get the gateway splash screen then it goes black while the hardrive light stays on.

In order to get into bios now I have to hold down the F2 key so I can get a stuck key error then I can hit F2 again to get into bios otherwise hitting F2 from the splash screen does nothing now. The hardrive does show up with the model and it's set to master. However it only shows up as 31,311MB(the old one showed up as 30,008MB) and not around 100,000mb.

The laptop won't even boot from any CDs or DVDs now either. it won't even run PC check now either. The optical drive is set to #1 on the bootlist as that's how it was when I got it. Can the bios not handle a 100GB drive and that's the issue? the drive is refurbished.