I am Stucked with this hardrive problem

Nov 19, 2017
i am using my PC from last 5 years no issue till now when accidentally my window 7 froze and i did a manual restart afterwards my PC started only two time taking hours to boot and Linux also is doing same so there no issue in window.but one thing after removing hardrive Linux {live mode} works but not with hardrive plugged in.The thing is why hardrive stopping pc to boot when there is linux mounted in usb device with has nothing to do with hardrive and last thing safe mode is doing same taking long time to load hours ?


Oct 19, 2017
Sounds like you have a bad memory module. What you are describing is exactly what happens when one of you memory (RAM) m modules goes bad. I'v had the exact same thing happen before. Replace the RAM modules and it should fix your problem. Let me know how it goes.