Question Sudden "BootDevice not found.." - Installed Win 10 on new SSD - Legacy disabled

Dec 1, 2022
It is a factory Windows-installed laptop. HP Elitebook 840 G4
Had got a new SSD installed, installed windows 10 (legacy mode off) downloaded from microsoft website. Worked good for 2 days, but on 3rd day - got this error at boot (photo attached) - "BootDevice not found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard disk (3F0) F2 system Diag.."
What was worse is the SSD was not getting detected & shown anywhere in BIOS/Boot menu.

Replaced SSD with a new WD Green SSD, installed Windows 10 (legacy off). Installed all drivers. Again after a day, when I opened windows explorer, suddenly after black screen - the exact same boot error appeard "BootDevice not found. Please install..".
Restarted - windows booted normally. But this happens again in every few hours. I am not starting with my work on the laptop until the problem persists.
Please help with this.

Windows 10 USB media created with latest downloaded microsoft tool. Turning off legacy as I think latest windows 10 and UEFI install will be good that way.
The laptop is an used one (seems very-good condition) I bought from a known vendor, he had replaced HDD with a new WD Green SSD. This laptop comes without optical drive.

Boot error screenshot
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Dec 1, 2022
update the BIOS
Thanks for the response. I really appreciate the help.
- Before facing the issue, I had updated the BIOS after Windows 10 installation with HP support assistant. After posting this question, I installed Windows 11 (legacy off - default, USB from ms tool) after deleting, creating drives to see if the issue persists with different OS. While installing drivers, I found another new BIOS version has released a few days ago - so updated it. But again after half of the day of usage, the same bootdevice not found error (this time after BSOD) occured 3 times in span of an hour.
For fresh windows installation with already-latest BIOS - I installed Windows 10 again. This time, I installed only essential drivers, used the laptop without installing any softwares. But second day - same "bootdevice not.." s*** happened.
  • The laptop is an used one (seems very-good condition) I bought from a known vendor, he had replaced HDD with a new WD Green SSD. This laptop comes without an optical drive.
What is weird is that this is happening with the second laptop too.
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