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  1. S

    Question SSD upgrade on my Aspire E 15 E5-575-72L3

    i have Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-72L3 laptop which i use for my personal use and to learn coding and do maintain documents. i used macbook pro in my last company and i got used to the speed and performance on macbook. i am thinking of replacing the HDD in my Acer laptop and was thinking of going...
  2. juliver

    Solved! reformat laptop with windows 10 OS remove installed Linux OS

    I have laptop Acer e15 that I bought, the first owner installed Linux Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, now I want to wipe out the Linux OS and install windows 10. I got a bootable usb with windows 10 OS (tested with other laptop) ready and entered the bios, restored the bios to default and activate Legacy and...
  3. P

    Solved! Acer Laptop not playing DVD's

    Hi, I have a Acer Aspire E15 (E5-521-45BU). I was given it from a friend moving abroad (i.e. didn't buy it new, don't know the history). The first thing I did was reinstall windows 10. We now use it to watch moves on, however recently it has stopped been able to read the DVDs. Then it will read...
  4. K

    Swapping out Hard Drive for SSD, now won't show in boot manager

    Just finished swapping out the 500 GB hard drive in my new Acer (Acer E15 E5-571-37SY) and when I boot, it says on the screen, "No bootable device". When I go into the BIOS it tells me to plug in my boot media (which I assume this is my bootable windows 8 thumb drive) and on the next menu it...