Question Laptop refusing to post. Blinking black screen

May 22, 2021
Hi, yesterday I went to turn on my laptop, just to find it wouldn't post. The screen just kept flashing on and off. It had been doing this for some time now, but it would always post after a few seconds. I tried removing the battery, pressing the ON button for some 30 seconds, and trying to turn it on again, but nothing worked. Finally decided to take the laptop apart to try and troubleshoot the issue. I removed the hard drive and nothing. Removed the RAM DIMMs and tried to boot without them, with only one, once in each socket, and nothing. Tried everything that I could think of, with the original laptop screen and an external monitor, but to no avail. The external monitor didn't blink at all, only the laptop one.

But, I discovered something very interesting: when it was turned on with only one DIMM, the screen blinked at half the rate as it did with two DIMMs.
Now I have three theories: it's either a faulty BIOS chip, a faulty CPU(because it has no dedicated GPU, so the CPU has to do the image processing), or just a faulty motherboard.

I'm in college so I'm not that willing on dropping more than 140$ on a new motherboard that might not even be the issue. There is a guy on youtube that has done a BIOS flash on a similar laptop to mine. ¿Is it worth getting a relatively cheap BIOS reprogramming kit and doing it myself?¿Or should I just get a professional to fix it?

The laptop is an ACER E5-571, and the motherboard is an LA-B161P with an I7.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
Jun 18, 2021
Try cleaning the screen connector pin. It worked for me. Did the laptop boot into the OS when you were using an external display? If it does, there is no problem with your motherboard or your CPU.
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