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  1. mk716

    Question High CPU Usage and Reduced PC Performance

    I have purchased a gaming laptop in august of last year and it has been about 11 months since I've got it. For the first 8 months everything was amazing, i was getting high fps and good performance on all my games. Then about 3 months ago, the performance went dramatically downhill. I wasn't...
  2. Jakub.Chlouba

    Adobe Premiere pro not Using CPU and GPU when rendering.

    Hello guys, I have some issues with my new laptop (Lenovo P1, 32gb ram, Intel xeon 6 cores, Nvidia quadro P2000). Adobe Premiere is not using only using CPU and GPU around 5% when rendering and exporting. I have Cuda enabled but still nothing. If i queue the videos in Encoder it exports...
  3. M

    7 beep error after upgrading cpu - Dell N5110

    Hi, I installed i7-2630qm on N5110 and got 7 beep error (CPU/MB error) I found posts of people who already upgraded successfully their CPU I also tried removing CMOS battery Original CPU: i5-2430m BIOS: A11 latest (unlocked) now I'm posting with my i5 CPU
  4. C

    Are my CPU/GPU temperatures within normal range?

    Hello guys, I didn't know where to post my question but I just wanted to know if my overall CPU/GPU temperatures are in an acceptable range. I built my PC a few years ago and made no upgrades since (I kind of forgot what temps are normal). I make music on it and was playing the piano in Ableton...
  5. S

    Question HP Omen 15 High CPU Temperature

    I brought a new gaming laptop a two to three weeks ago and recently playing call of duty black ops 3 and noticed that the cpu temperature is sometimes over 90c and can get to 95-99c range but less often Not too sure about this as seen on other HP Omen series that it's used to these kinds of...
  6. R

    Question Why does my laptop has a faint beeping noise when HWMonitor is opened?

    I have an ASUS X441UV with an i3-6100U and 2x4GB RAM with 120GB Kingston SSD. I found that my laptop would heat up whenever I do task like watching YouTube so I decided to install a software which can monitor my CPU temp. As it turns out, browsing the web can cause my CPU to heat up to 70+...
  7. biffdownhill

    Question Good CPU but games running slow

    Hi, I've got an MSI GE60 2OE CPU: i7-4700mq GPU: Nvidia GTX 760M When I first got the laptop, I could run games pretty well, even after turning the quality up a decent amount. Recently, when trying to play games on the lowest possible quality settings, I'm getting about 15-20 FPS and I can see...