Solved! Will 11th Gen Intel processors become cheaper with the release of the 12th Gen processors?


This year, with the chip shortage, things are different. I see more laptops on the Internet being sold with the 10th generation of Intel processors, simply because so many laptops are out of stock.
Will they replenish the 11th Gen processors, and if they do, will the laptops with 11th generation Intel processors become cheaper with the release of 12th Gen processors (Which I see is rumored to be around a month from now)?

With Black Friday coming up, and being in need of a new computer (Either I'll build a desktop or buy a laptop), I am a bit unsure of what will be happening in the computer market.

I have been very interested in buying an ASUS VivoBook, for example, but the ones with a current CPU (Intel or AMD) and 16GB of RAM have been out of stock for months now. I thought I'd wait it out, but meanwhile the ones with 8GB of RAM are rising in prices. I have no idea where this market is going.