Solved! (HELP!!) AT2020 bad quality and creating background noise that sounds like white noise

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Jan 8, 2022
Yesterday, my AT2020 XLR (which I have had for about 3 years) randomly started to act up by being extremely quiet. To fix this I simply turned up the gain on my audio interface (Behringer U-phoria UM2), although when doing this the microphone sounded very bad and created background noise that sounded like white noise.
I tested it with another computer... Same issueI tested it with a different XLR cable... Still persistingI would test it with another audio interface if I had one.
Then I tested it with an aliexpress condenser microphone I bought 6 years ago and it works perfectly.
The only thing physically wrong with the AT2020 was that the pins at the bottom were a bit loose, although I tightened the screw to resolve that.
The volume of the background noise IS affected by the gain on the audio interface, leading me to believe that it is also an issue with the microphone.

I believe I have all tools necessary to fix a hardware issue.

Here is a clip of me speaking:

Wandering if it could be a loose connection or an issue with the capsule.

Any ideas?
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If anyone has the same issue it was that the positive wire connecting to the XLR plug on the inside came off. I soldered it back together and it was saved!
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