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  1. SpiderBlitz

    Solved! (HELP!!) AT2020 bad quality and creating background noise that sounds like white noise

    Yesterday, my AT2020 XLR (which I have had for about 3 years) randomly started to act up by being extremely quiet. To fix this I simply turned up the gain on my audio interface (Behringer U-phoria UM2), although when doing this the microphone sounded very bad and created background noise...
  2. O

    How to use an XLR for Dual-PC Twitch Streaming

    Hello everybody, I run a very basic DUAL-PC setup for my Twitch streams, of which I want to upgrade my audio. Gaming PC Elgato HD60 Streaming PC Above is the very basic route all my audio follows. All the audio from my gaming pc goes through my Elgato HD60 and to my streaming pc, ultimately...
  3. R

    Looking for a specefic DAC! Please Help!

    My friend is trying to create a professional audio setup for his stream. Because he is streaming from an Xbox I am trying to find a DAC that supports a SPDIF input (or passthrough) so he can hear his gameplay from the Xbox, XLR mic input for interacting with viewers and teamates, and headphone...
  4. B

    AT2020 XLR won't pick up any sound

    I recently purchased an AT2020 along with a Scarlett 2i2 1st Gen audio interface. I've plugged it all in correctly, but the microphone won't pick up anything. In Audacity, the input and output is the scarlet interface, which I'm pretty sure is right? I need to figure out what exactly I'm doing...
  5. Bill2002

    AT2020 XLR connecting to PC help

    Ok, so I recently purchased an Audio Technica AT2020 condenser mic, with the XLR cable, and I bought a second hand Art USB Dual Pre, which I believe is broken. I'm unsure how to connect it to my PC or what to do in that case. Could someone simplify the diagram of what needs to be connected to...
  6. D

    Mic not working on windows

    I have an NW-700 dynamic microphone to record with. It uses an XLR -> 3.5mm connection, I connect an adaptor to 1/4" onto it to connect it to my Project Series USB audio mixer, when I connect that via USB to my Mac I can record just fine. However now I'm trying on my windows 10 desktop and just...
  7. F

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 able to be compatible with a USB to XLR through a phantom power supply

    I am doing some research for my studio/work place and have wanted to upgrade audio for a while. I use a Neewer audio condenser and it has slight issues with my cloud power so I looked around. I have SEVERAL USB ports on my computer and to switch to USB rather then switching the motherboard just...
  8. R

    Need Serious Help With Audio Setup. Urgent

    I recently bought a new audio setup to improve the quality of my audio, however I am getting a horrible background hum/white noise going on and I just can't seem to solve it. I am a uk resident so not sure if our higher power is the problem or not. So I was wondering if anyone can help me? My...
  9. J

    3.5mm to XLR

    I recently bought a PA Speaker from JBL. I originally thought I'd connect it to Bluetooth with ease and play music. However, I found that it uses an XLR Cable. [Picture Provided] I proceeded to buy an XLR Cable to 3.5mm and plug it into my phone to play music. HOWEVER, I get the cable, plug it...
  10. K

    How do I get this mic to take phantom power?

    I have a Shengyue BM-800 condenser microphone. It usually gets power from a single AA battery, but if I do that, then I have to boost the input by 30db just to get a reasonable volume, and that results in an insane amount of white noise. I bought a 48v DC phantom power supply to solve the...
  11. T

    Unsure About Which Mic I Should Buy for Voiceovers and Narration

    I currently have a Blue Snowball ICE and the audio quality isn't exactly as good as I'd like it to be. It's attached to a boom arm with a pop filter already, so if a microphone doesn't come with a stand I have no problem with it. I'm torn between many different audio solutions currently, but I'm...
  12. M

    do xlr mic pick more background than usb

    In going to get at2020 but i want to reduce background car passing by stuff like that which would record it less I could also get at2035 which is xlr for same price but its only xlr so i want to no which would be better
  13. G

    Help with XLR microphone

    Hey, I need to get a Shure SM58 to record stuff on my pc. With this being said, I can't afford a mixer or anything like that. Also, my onboard audio is broken which is why I need the USB soundcard. I know it's better to use an audio interface, but will this setup work?` Mic: Shure SM 58...
  14. R

    Best microphone for under $150

    I am looking for good microphones for voice recording/podcasting, no singing. I want it to be XLR not USB because usb microphones are generally poop when it comes to XLR mics, also because I want to get the most out of the mic with the RME Babyface. It also must be a cardioid mic (A mic with...
  15. R

    Best XLR microphone for $100-$150

    I am wanting to get a microphone for under $100. I have been looking at some mics for a while such as the blue yeti, atr2500, atr2100, and the mxl 990. I am going to use it for youtube recordings so I am not going to be singing. UPDATE- my requirements used to be USB but now my friend gave me...
  16. wlp3333

    XLR Microphone Choice Question

    Hi all, I have recently gotten into recording audio with a dedicated microphone and amp setup for simple voice overs, commentaries, and the occasional rap battle. I went to the local Best Buy and got the following: Microphone: Samson SCR21S Interface: M-Audio - M-Track USB/MIDI Audio Interface...