Best XLR microphone for $100-$150


Aug 8, 2013
I am wanting to get a microphone for under $100. I have been looking at some mics for a while such as the blue yeti, atr2500, atr2100, and the mxl 990. I am going to use it for youtube recordings so I am not going to be singing. UPDATE- my requirements used to be USB but now my friend gave me his audio interface so now I want XLR only because XLR is better.
the blue yeti is a step above them (its more compareable to the at2020 which is more expensive but argueably better sounding.)

its $100 at rakuten and $115 elsewhere. if you want a good microphone for that budget then its worthwhile. it also has different pickup patterns in case you ever did anything other than voice recording.

the atr2500 is about 75-80% of the mic that the at2020 is but at around that in price as well. its a little fragile but well worth the price. its definitely better sounding than the blue snowball (which is a bit cheaper).

i'm not familiar with the mmx990 but comparisions put it below the yeti and 2020 (likely in the range of the atr2500).

i would say spring for the yeti if you can (since the at2020 is out of budget) or possibly the atr2500 kit with pop filter and stand for $80 and then get a shockmount somewhere. both of those would be nice choices... your choice if you want "more accessories" or "better sounding and more options"


Jun 6, 2014
You say you are not singing, what are you doing on YouTube? Speaking, live recording, playing music...what?
If you are looking at an upgrade later, a USB adapter might be worth it. You best bet might be to visit someplace which will let you try the out -- like maybe a music store... Take your headphones and have them hook up a few...
if he is the same rustywasp from youtube then i'm guessing lets plays.

there really is no need to use an audio interface/mixer in the future for just youtube commentary which means that xlr isnt required. in fact, it may be better if he doesnt use it and sticks with usb. using xlr would just mean having to buy either a mixer or a phantom power adapter which takes away from his budget. usb gets you the most bang/buck.

the blue yeti is compareable to some of the better mics used for lets plays. ther emay be a few who use better equipment but that isnt the majority.

some audio shops do have products on display you can test out. if in the usa look up guitar center.