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  1. I

    Solved! CPU usage 100% for no apparent reason

    Hello. Since about 2 months back, my CPU has been spiking at 100% when I play games such as CSGO, Warthunder, World of Tanks, IL-2 etc etc. My specs are as following: Nvidia GTX 960 Intel i5 6600k 12gb of RAM Windows 10 My temperatures hover at 35 degrees in idle, and around 50 degrees while...
  2. C

    Why is new Dell i7 laptop so slow?

    My new Dell Inspiron 7779 with the following specs is super slow. It takes almost 2–3 seconds to open windows explorer and 10 seconds to open Skype. When I installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, my PC went not responding for about 2 minutes. Disk often goes 100% in Task Manager after I open a program...
  3. F

    Logitech Z523 with Sound Blaster Z

    I was thinking of purchasing a new set of speakers for under 100$. I currently have a Sound Blaster Z sound card and i was wondering if the Logitech shitty audio would be improved significantly by the sound card. -Logitech Z523- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121036...
  4. S

    99-100% Random CPU Use - Laptop

    Hello everyone, I am using HP ENVY 3010-eg and the following issue has started a few days ago, on Tuesday. (Laptop Specifications: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03214957 -- with the only exception being my 1TB SSD being the primary hard drive having the...
  5. Pucky

    Best headsets 100$

    Best headsets under 100$ Hi, I need to buy a new gaming headsets with a max budget of 100$ (only for PC, no need for console compatibility). I want to get a headset with the best mic for the price. I was thinking in getting the mad catz f.r.e.q. 7, or maybe an mic like the blue yeti or the...
  6. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $100

    So ive been using some $30 Sonys for just over a year now and i feel like a need a upgrade. My budget is around $100 give or take a couple of dollars, and im fine ordering online from amazon and NCIX (i live in Canada). I found these headphones, do you think this is a good deal...
  7. N

    CPU easily overloaded compared to a few days ago

    My computer has been running really slow lately. You've probably heard those words one thousand times, but here's what's going on for me, as best as I can explain it. Audio is the first thing I noticed, mainly whenever I try to play a song on iTunes there's a huge amount of choppiness no matter...
  8. Myntekt

    Headsets - Gaming ~100€

    Hello! I want some new headsets for around 100€. I don't understand much about audio and stuff though. I had the Gamecom 780, but they broke in two parts (literally). Now I got the G35, from Logitech, but I'm returning them since they aren't as loud (I can't find the right word for this, but I...
  9. C

    Looking for a good gaming headset 100-140$

    Hello everyone, I've been searching for the last two days for a good pair of gaming headset in the price range of 100-140$. What I want from my headset is of cours the best 7.1 Sorround Sound this price can get me, but also have a really good sound for TV Shows, Movies, Youtube, Music and so...
  10. R

    Best XLR microphone for $100-$150

    I am wanting to get a microphone for under $100. I have been looking at some mics for a while such as the blue yeti, atr2500, atr2100, and the mxl 990. I am going to use it for youtube recordings so I am not going to be singing. UPDATE- my requirements used to be USB but now my friend gave me...
  11. MANUPRATHAPvanamali

    help me to choose a 5.1 surround sysytem

    I wanna buy a low budget 5.1 suggest me one under 6000Rs(100$) PLz. mobo= asus m2a mx(5 yr old) plan to use it for watching movies(i wanna watch 300 and gladiator and other war and action flicks with max effect i can get from a low budget 5.1 ) PSU=mercury 400w,model CKP-3400