Aug 7, 2013
I want some new headsets for around 100€. I don't understand much about audio and stuff though. I had the Gamecom 780, but they broke in two parts (literally). Now I got the G35, from Logitech, but I'm returning them since they aren't as loud (I can't find the right word for this, but I think you can understand me) as the 780, which I would expect from headsets that cost almost twice as much, and sometimes the sound comes distorted (On skype, and on some games).

What I want: Gaming Headsets, I guess with surround sound (Explain me if you think that no surround sound is better). I do not want studio headphones. I do not have a sound card, only the thing that comes on the motherboard. The problem is that I already have something connected on the 3.5mm plug, so I guess it has to be USB. They should cost around 100€. I want something that looks nice, is confortable and has a good sound quality. I'd be nice if you could search for them here, but if you want you can just give me names.