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    Solved! Studio monitors produces high frequency noise without any input [Monkey Banana Gibbon 5]

    Hello, I know there are alot of related threads about studio monitors and speakers producing noise but none helped me, Also i couldn't find one where the monitors are generating noise even when there is no input connected . So i got these studio monitors about 2 weeks ago "Monkey Banana Gibbon...
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    Question Help with choice of used speakers (for studio) And suggestions for old and good speakers

    I need a pair of speakers. The used market of speakers is huge, but at the same time not so huge where I live. I have concluded that I am more than certainly better off with a used pair of speakers than a new set. The quality for price was way better in the "old days" I believe, today the...
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    Solved! Help Connecting Speakers!!

    Hello, I was thinking about purchasing two of the Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Speakers, and I was wondering how I would go about connecting it to an iPhone/Computer with a 3.5mm jack. I was thinking I could just get 2 XLR to 3.5mm cables run those from both speakers and then a Dual-Female 3.5mm to...
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    Speaker Wire to RCA Connection from subwoofer to studio monitors is very quiet.

    Connecting my subwoofer to my studio monitors is very quiet. I just bought this subwoofer and have these studio monitors...
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    Solved! Which specs are important to run Android Studio smoothly?

    I am trying to understand on which parts I can save money if I only want to use my laptop for Android programming (and use the Android Studio emulator). I could already figure out that an SSD and good RAM are mandatory. What about the CPU? Can Android Studio / Gradle leverage quad-core in a way...
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    9 year old Dell Studio 1558 PP39L won't boot!

    I've read a few previous threads, and followed the tech answers, but still can't get my laptop to boot up. I've got the ram out of it right now. Pressed the power button, and it definitely beeps twice with a pause in between before doing it again until I turn it off. What else can i do to try...
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    Studio Monitors connected to PC AND bluetooth receiver at the same time

    Hello - very big audio noob here, so please bear with me :) I've currently got a pair of JBL LSR 305 connected with 1/4 jack to an Alpha Lexicon Pro audio interface, which is connected to my PC through USB. Sometimes (when Im not producing music or using my PC) I would really like to be able...
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    Solved! beats studio or beats solo ?

    hello hello, recently I'm thinking about buying headphones beats studio 3 or solo 3. Recently I found these headphones at a fairly good price on the Amazon, below I send links to the auction. Does any of you have such headphones and can tell me if the equipment is worth the price...
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    How can you use three or more headset/headphones in one pc?

    How can I listen with three or more headset/headphones? I have a usb headset, and two Headphones, i can only use two with audio output, one usb and one front/rear output, can anyone please help me? thanks in advance.
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    Solved! Beats wireless studio headphones

    I need help with my beats by dre monster studio wireless headphones. The right side just stopped working. Idk if it was because i sweat a little or what the problem is. I've tried resetting them and that hasn't worked, anymore ideas that would help the sould come back?
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    Solved! connecting studio monitors as 5.1 surround speakers

    hey i already have 4 monitors so i thought id only buy a center and a sub and could have a 5.1 system. the problem is that the monitors are already amplified. how can i connect them? from HDMI (gygabyte vega 64) to an adaptar (if there is something like this) or from the motherboard (asus...
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    Beats studio 2 thumping sound

    Whenever i turn on my beats, there is this audible "rolling" sound, like revving an engine. After using them for a while, I experience a thumping noise that sounds like a heartbeat. This noise only happens in the left ear, and gets much louder for a moment if I tap where the power button is. The...
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    Studio Monitor Barewire Cable

    I bought the Presonus Eris 4.5 and connected it to my Audiobox. However the Barewire red+black cable connecting the active to the passive is broken. There's nowhere online to buy replacements. I've been told to use an RCA to RCA and cut the ends off but I am worried I'll mess up and have wasted...
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    Solved! FL Studio Midi Keyboard Question

    I have a Nektar SE 49 midi keyboard I purchased recently. When I use it on FL Studio the black and white keys are not mapped correctly to the corresponding notes. Is there anyone who can help me with a solution? I would like to possibly get advice on how to manually map the keys or configure...
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    Solved! Ok so not sure if this is possible but I'm trying to connect the following . . . .

    Ok so not sure if this is possible but I'm trying to connect the following, good luck helping me lol: Studio Standard Fisher stereo amplifier (mo# ca-880) / Pioneer audio/video stereo receiver VSX-501 / Studio Standard Fisher Graphic Equalizer (mo# eq-275) /2008 LG TV (mo# 52LG60-ua) / (2)...
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    Solved! i need 2 front covers for fisher studio standard model 9425 speakers

    the speaker cabinets have no protection for the speakers
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    No sound from passive speaker only the powered one

    Hey, I've been looking for an answer everywhere and can't find one hopefully someone here can help me. I have 2 Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors, they used to work fine then one day my sound would only play out of one speaker. I know they both work and my wires are good because when I switch the...
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    Building a home studio NEED ANSWER

    I started making music with my friend a while ago and we are just messing about on my 3-year-old laptop. Now i want to get more serious and decided to set up a home studio. After some time, this is the list of equipment I plan to purchase. Headphone:Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones...
  19. D

    Hi-Fi or Studio headphones?

    What's the difference between Hi-Fi and Studio headphones? I'm thinking of buying headphones and came across those two categories so I was wondering what's the difference and what's better. For a brand I would get audio technica and looking for open back headphones because I don't like closed...
  20. M

    Proper Speaker Placement studio

    Here are the dimensions of the room I need to set up as a studio (pic link attached below). 10' 8" x 11' 10" (8ft ceiling) I have 2 KRK Powered Rockit 6's Can someone please tell me the technically proper dimensions I should place the speakers in the room, for the best flat response for the...
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    Loud blaring sound from speaker even without audio

    When I turn on my JBL LSR 2300 studio monitor speaker it makes a loud blaring sound that pushes the cone forward. This happens without the audio cord plugged in, it even happens when I change the cord out or use a different outlet. It came on suddenly when I turned it on today. The other speaker...
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    Wiring diagram for Beats Studio 2 headphones

    I need to replace the wires for my Beats Studio 2's (wired edition) and I need to know where to solder the wires because I made the mistake of not taking pictures when dissembling. If somebody could find a diagram or pictures of the board with the wires it would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Hi, I have an amplifier Marantz SR6006 and Paradigm surround 130w each and my centre 130w. I did not as yet buy my floorstand

    Hi, I have an amplifier Marantz SR6006 and Paradigm studio surround 130w each and my center 130w. I did not as yet buy my floor stand speaker and subwoofer. My amp. is 650 Watt and the Output Power/Channel 110. 125 Watt . Output Impedence/channel is 6 ohm. 8 ohm. About how many watt speakers...
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    Help choosing a laptop

    Hi, I'm currently looking to buy a laptop for a member of staff to use on building sites to do 3D scanning with an Artec EVA 1. What is your budget? Around £700, but i'm willing to pay more if you think a more expensive one would be more...
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    Yt studio app issue

    I'm using yt studio app on my Android phone since 1 year.. it's working so nice.. but from this month analytics started showing £ currency sign instead of $. why is this? Is it a problem?? Plz reply. Thanks in advance.
  26. J

    My hallmark craft cd 2018 get right to page states cannot connected to internet but it is.

    I installed hallmark studio delux 2018 had a job to load it get right to open the pictures and it states not conned to internet but it is help.
  27. F

    Y splitter from Soundblaster z front l/r output (at rear i/o) to 2 monitor speakers.

    Hello I am working on building a small home studio , mainly working with vsts in the DAW, and i have just bought 2 Yamaha HS80Ms for use as studio monitors. I am wondering about my soundblaster z and the setup i have already ordered in order to route the audio from the rear i/o "Front L/R"...
  28. 9

    My YouTube studio is not working

    Not is not workingYouTube studio
  29. H

    Purpose of Sound card

    Hello! I was used to work in analoge studio . But as I dont have any more access to analoge studio, I got a digital studio( mac with ableton, manitor, controler, keyboard, sound card and microphone). I have also loop station 505. As I have low budget and also would like to have some analoge...
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    TV - Digital Out - Professional Studio Monitors - HOW to connect

    Hey there. I setup my Bosses office last month. He is into Sound?Audio a lot, and shares the passion for GENELEC Studio monitors, so he ordered them and told me to do the setup to the TV. I know that the Optical Audio Output from the TV is not variable, which brings problems for me. Thats why I...
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    How to achieve 5.1 with 4 monitors

    Hey everyone, I have a home studio with rack mounts and sound mixers everywhere, as well as 4 monitors plugged into my 1070. I was just wondering how I could plug my PC into my Denon receiver to achieve 5.1 while still getting the 4 monitor surround. Thanks.
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    Web Studio Activation Code storage

    My old xp machine is dead, but I have slaved out the HD to my new machine. The problem: my web site was created with Web Studio 5.0. Web Studio's creators are out of business now. I downloaded the software, so I have the install files and it seems to have installed on Win10 with no problem...
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    quadro m1000m + light gaming

    So trying to decide on a laptop and the zbook studio g3 is on my radar. It has a quadro m1000m 4gbvram. Would this be able to run civilization VI somewhat fluently? Minimum requirements nvidea 450, recommended nvidea 770. thx.
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    What would I need to go with a passive speaker?

    Hi, I recently purchased a KRK Rokit R6 G3 Passive Studio Monitor that I would like to connect to my computer to help with music listening and production but I am unsure on what amplifier would be suitable for the monitor. Will an amplifier be the only thing that I would need to purchase to be...
  35. Jamius Siam

    Good studio quality headphone for gaming?

    Can anyone suggest me a good pair of headphone under/around 150$? I'm specifically looking for a studio quality headphone. I don't need any mic attached to it as I already have a dedicated one. Currently considering AudioTechnica ATH M50X, but heard that the soundstage is not that great for...
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    (form filled) Chromebook under 300CAD with specs that can run android studio

    *not looking to run the emulator 1.) Budget - 300CAD tax not included 2.) Size - 13inch max 3.) Resolution - not a priority 4.) Portable or Desktop Replacement - Portable 5.) Battery life - 3hours minimum? 6.) Games or no games - No games 7.) Tasks - Android Studio and Web browsing 8.) Storage...
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    Solved! New to PC Gaming, Help choose a laptop

    Hello everyone New poster on the forum but have been helped here plenty of times over the years thanks to other post and posters. thought i would give it a shot. I am in the market for a gaming laptop. I know computers a little but gaming on a pc is going to be totally new for me. I have been...
  38. J

    Mixing Headphones Recommendations under $100

    Hey everyone, tl;dr : I need mixing headphones ( not recording headphones ) for music production STRICTLY under $100 ----------------------------------------------- I’m a newcomer to the audio production industry. I am a student. I’m on a SERIOUSLY tight budget. So I need a mixing headphone (...
  39. R

    Solved! Wiring diagram for beats studio headphones

    I need to know what wire goes where on circuit board
  40. J

    Solved! High pitched noise from studio monitors

    I've recently purchased the Kanto YU6s. I have them hooked up to a ASUS G750JW via 3.5mm audio jack. The speakers sound great the first few minutes of listening, but after a few minutes, there would be a high pitched noise that starts getting progressively louder. Here is the sound: There is...
  41. S

    i3 5gen vs i5 4gen

    Need a solution fast The faster the better To run Android studio
  42. F

    Not shutting down Laptop for a month but hibernates it.

    Ok, so. Im using an old laptop (Been using for 4 years) And Im trying to use FL Studio without actually buying it. (A trial version which you cant load your saved project) I wanted to buy it , but is expensive as hell in my country and I wanted all the plugins. So, I thought that if I could let...
  43. N

    Android Studio Laptop usability

    Can my laptop run Android Studio with acceptable performance? Is it suitable for developing some middle-scale apps? Here is the specs: Laptop: Lenovo V110-15ISK (15,6 inch) CPU: Intel Core i5 6200U RAM: 4 GB, DDR4 HDD: 1 TB
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    Solved! Uprade from Logitech z506 (Studio monitor advicing)

    Hi, currently I have a set of Logitech z506 5.1 speakers. They sound good, but I've been to a friend's home studio some years ago and he has only a pair of monitors no dedicated subwoofer apparently and they already sound 10 times better than my setup. The thing I'm asking for help: I'm looking...
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    Solved! Statis noise from studio monitors.

    Ive recently built a new gaming computer, all components are compatible with eachother, updated alot of drivers, tested the monitors on different power sockets, still static noise, but when i plug my cable into my phone or my laptop, theres no static noise at all, when i run heavy load...
  46. R

    Please help me out

    So i m using Mackie CR3 studio monitor speakers they were working cool earlier but now only whenever i plug in the headphone jack the sound is through earphones only when i remove there s no sound from speakers i tried opening them checked the wirings n stuff they are all fine and also i m...
  47. S

    I have yamaha HS8's, I just got a new computer and the onboard audio isn't near as good as it was on my previous motherboard.

    Audio DAC for powered studio monitors
  48. K

    Yamaha hs5 is it worth it?

    I have heard the Yamaha hs5 at my friends studio, i really liked them but they felt a little harsh in the highs. this review confirms my concerns Anyone knows if they really are that harsh and if you get used to it? Should i get the KRK rokkit 5 instead...
  49. N

    Connect Dynamic audio AT 300 studio monitor to Audio decoder? Bare wire to plug?

    http:// Connect Dynamic audio AT 300 studio monitor to Audio decoder? Bare wire to plug?
  50. J

    Should I buy audio interface for studio headphones?

    They said studio monitors or headphones is required for home recording so I'm planning to buy ATH m30x. I've read that plugging studio headphones makes it more sound amazing and help you mix/master well so my question is do I really need to buy audio interface or it's okay to just plug the m30x...
  51. LWFG001

    Powered Speaker Actual Watts Used Question

    I'm hooking up a couple of project studio 8 monitors which have the following features: 1. LF driver: Magnetically shielded, 8" mineral-filled polypropylene cone with neodymium magnet, 1-1/2" diameter high-temperature voice coil, and damped rubber surround 2. HF driver: Magnetically...
  52. Azzkicker007

    what is better between sony vegas and sony movie studio plat ?

    i want a program that i can easily use to put texts on existing videos , merge and mix videos ,make it is own animations in videos ,add gifs maybe *im new to video editing so i dont know anything * if any other suggestions im open to it
  53. F1reW4ll

    Subwoofer to pair with Mackier CR4BT's and HOW to do so?

    I have a pair of Mackie CR4BT Multimedia Monitors and I'd like to be able to feel the bass at lower volumes. I'm looking to spend less than $150 total and I'm wanting a subwoofer to pair with the Mackie CR4BT's creating a bassy 2.1 speaker system. For Subwoofers I've no idea what I'd like...
  54. E

    Good USB DAC

    Hi I am looking for a good USB DAC to convert sound from my PC to 2x studio speakers. My pc doesn't have SPDIF outputs or Coaxial so needs to be USB. Looking for a reasonable price range 50-100. Any recommendations?
  55. E

    Miktek CV4 with power supply buzzing with good, new electrical setup

    Pretty terrible buzz. I read another post ( about something similar sounding...
  56. E

    Powered studio speakers not working through my Digital to analogue converter

    CALLING ALL AUDIOPHILES I have a serious issue that has been bugging me over the last few weeks. I have a pair of JBL LSR 305 powered studio speakers and i am wanting to use these with my pc without getting any interference. So I bought a cheep DAC from amazon here...
  57. J

    Solved! Where the fuse on a studio monitor speaker

    Plug speaker to power source does not turn on
  58. N

    Studio monitor speakers buzzing when scrolling/moving mouse/gaming

    I have a pair of Rokit KRK8s using balanced TRS plugged into an external DAC (scarlett 2i2). The buzzing happens when i move my mouse, scroll, and gets insanely bad when I play video games. When I play video games and interact with stuff in the game (like a menu) the buzzing fluctuates in pitch...
  59. Z

    Exporting Multiple Tracks to a Single WAV, Increases Volume/dB

    Hello folks. This issue is really grinding my gears, I'd be enthused if one of you lads could help me with this. So I have a FL Studio project with multiple tracks (which specific DAW I'm using doesn't seem to matter however). When I export the project as a single WAV, the resulting WAV is much...
  60. R

    Do I need an amp (headphones)

    I'm looking at buying the AKG K702 Reference Open-Back Over-Ear Studio Headphones and was wondering if I need a DAC/amp and also if there I a better headset for that price range ,these will live on my desk and don't need to be portable. Thanks