Subwoofer to pair with Mackier CR4BT's and HOW to do so?


Nov 2, 2014
I have a pair of Mackie CR4BT Multimedia Monitors and I'd like to be able to feel the bass at lower volumes.

I'm looking to spend less than $150 total and I'm wanting a subwoofer to pair with the Mackie CR4BT's creating a bassy 2.1 speaker system.

For Subwoofers I've no idea what I'd like besides something with a pedal so when late at night I can turn it off to not bother neighbors.

Im running a custom PC build with the Sabertooth 990FX mobo.

I have a Steel Series Arctis headset I use for voice chat and late night gaming which connects through a wireless transmitter that connects via USB. on the transmitter you can connect a 3.5mm audio device and it can swap inputs when you turn the headset on and off which is how I currently have my speakers setup.

With the 990FX I have six 3.5mm Audio inputs as you can see on the included stock picture.

you have three ways to connect a sub to your pc. one is with bluetooth adaptor a few bucks (usb). this let you turn the blue tooth on and off in windows without getting up to turn the sub off. the other way is the digtial audio port that on the back of the mb. the other is the sound card on the mb. your sound card like mine is 7.1/5.1 you have left right center and sub port on the mb.
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