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  1. L

    How can I make my Beats Studio 2 Wired mic work on my pc

    The headphone cable has a mic on it. I plugged it into green port and sound comes through fine. However, when I plug it into the pink port, a mic is detected but it does not pick up my voice. I've tried opening up sound and go to recording and try all the devices.
  2. P

    Corel Motion 3D fails to insdtall

    I bought 3D Motion and received download link by e-mail. After the software was downloaded the program fail to install. I noticed a pop up-windows where some files were propably extracted bud this windows closed after a few seconds and that was it; No program installed . The program has...
  3. D

    Another Audio Question (sonic studio and audio general)

    Okay.. I've been googling around so long and I just cannot find definite answer I'm looking for. Question is, should I be using any sort of xonar u7 mkII soundcard software effects. I want precise audio and not distorted.. thus the question. Bass Boost. Well is obvious, I turn it only on when...
  4. C

    JBL Arena series speakers vs JBL Studio speakers

    Hi, Does anyone know the specific differences between JBL Arena series speakers and JBL Studio speakers? Which ones are better for music? and Which series is better overall. I want to add some bookshelf speakers and am debating between the Arena 120 and Studio 220 speakers. Thanks! Chris
  5. J

    Should i connect my guitar directly to an audio interface or through an amp first?

    So, i am about to buy an audio interface (probably m audio m track 2x2) and i was wondering should the guitar be directly connected to the interface and then passed through a amp simulator or should i connect my guitar first to the amp and then connect the amp to the interface (so an amp sim...
  6. A

    Best Gaming headsets?

    Looking for gaming headset with good mic and sound quality. And yes I heard about getting a good headset and a studio mic but I rather not have less space
  7. C

    Low budget laptops?

    So I need a laptop, for less than £150, that can run fl studio 12. Should I build my own laptop or can anyone recommend one I can buy?
  8. W

    studio headphones only push half volume on pc - normal headphones go all the way

    I got some nice AKG K553 pros with incredible sound quality... on a receiver. I don't own a receiver or amp so I can't do the obvious and hook it up to my pc, but I've never encountered an issue like this. My AKG headphones will only pump volume halfway up the green bar on the volume mixer...
  9. E

    microphone is hearing speakers.

    All Audio is going through my microphone ?
  10. F

    Wireless, noise cancelling studio-grade headphones? Does it exist?

    I've been looking around, and whilst there are many nice headsets around, I haven't found one that matches all these three criteria. Are there any wireless headphones with active noise cancelling that could match the sound quality of the ones I already have (Audio Technica MSR7's) whilst...
  11. P

    Krk rokit 5 g2 studio monitors sound problem

    Hi I just bought a pair of krk rokit 5 g2 from eBay. They both have dented dust caps. 1 has a really small dent and the other one is dented pretty badly. Also when I played some music I noticed that the one with the small dent sounds clear and really good but the other one that had a big dent...
  12. noyaus

    Gamemaker Help for school

    Hi Guys, I use gamemaker 1.5 at home for my schoolwork. My school has Gamemaker 8.1. I want to do work at school as well. I started working on it and I was wondering if I could put my Gamemaker room (from PC at home) to Gamemaker 8.1.
  13. S

    Will these specs run android studio well?

    I am looking to get into app development, I tried to run android studio on my old laptop but quickly realized it will not be powerful or fast enough to develop apps. I am looking at buying a refurbished desktop off amazon and I was wondering if these specs look good enough to run android studio...
  14. A

    Android Studio Laptop

    I need to purchase for university a laptop to develop android apps on during lessons since the pc we have in our classes aren't good enought to handle android studio decently so i'm looking for a second hand computer to get the job done without spending too much money on it. My main issue is not...
  15. Remur

    Interested in investing in my own audio and recording setup. Any advice, please?

    I've recently been interested in investing in my own audiophile/recording setup, but it's a little confusing for me. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. What I'm essentially aiming for in terms of sound quality is entry-level audiophile quality, I suppose. Something I can at...
  16. I

    DAC for speakers (Fiio e10k)

    Is my DAC such as fiio e10k (already have it) good enough for good active speakers or studio monitors like Mackie cr4, or is this DAC designed especially for headphones? Fiio does have a line out which is separate from the headphone jack (with modifiable gain).
  17. S

    hard case/rubber skin for ASUS K501?

    Hi everyone, I am an incredibly clumsy artist working in a busy studio surrounded by other artists with Macs... all of which have snazzy cases to protect them - not the 'stick on' type that prevent scratching, but actual clip on cases. I have already put a dent in my K501 (I bashed it with the...
  18. B

    Help M-Audio BX5 D2 or PreSonus Eris E4.5 or Alesis Elevate 5

    Hi,i need help with making my setup for listening music and relaxing. I will connect it to my PC. I can't decide between those 3 studio active monitors. And also i need DAC or audio interface. What do you recommend? My budget is 200-250$ for monitors,and 100-150$ for DAC or AI.
  19. D

    Mobile processor for running Android Studio

    Currently, I am looking for a Windows laptop for Android app development. Which means I will be running the latest Android Studio. Just a little background. Previously, I owned a laptop with Intel Core i5-5200u, 8 GB RAM and a 5400 RPM HDD. The processor was never fully utilized due to the I/O...
  20. Z

    Need help connecting studio monitors + subwoofer > audio interface

    I currently have this 2:1 system and I'm planning on swapping the satellites out for the PreSonus E4.5 studio monitors. Tutorial videos I've seen show connecting subs to the monitors with tsr input and outputs and then connecting...
  21. T

    Which is the best video editing software?

    I want to learn video editing (I am a beginner) but I am pretty confused because there are tons of softwares available for this purpose. Like AVS Video editor, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas Pro, Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimate, lightworks...
  22. C

    Whole (studio apartment) home solution?

    Hello! I've moved into a very charming studio apartment for a live/work space. I have a shiny new PC, am getting an LG ultrawide monitor soon that will be on an swinging arm so that it can also rotate out 90 degrees and function as a tv for a couch 15 ft away. I've also got an old stereo deck...
  23. P

    Acoustic Foam Panel Size?

    Hello, I was planning on purchasing acoustic foam for my studio, so I chose the cheapest kind that had 4 or more stars. I received them and I noticed the spikes were much smaller than what was shown on the Amazon site. I noticed that there were 1x12x12 size panels, and 2x12x12 panels. Is there...
  24. G

    Turning 100w speakers into studio monitors for Focusrite Scarlet Solo

    Hi people, I'm not quite sure on the results of what I'm trying to do here, but I'm trying anyway and I'm asking for your support. Long story short: I have two 100w Panasonic speakers that I saved from an old stereo system. They have two wires each: one red, one black, and they originally went...
  25. W

    Sony Movie Studio Platinum crashes when building peaks

    Hi guys, The problem is said in the title- I import my game footage and it stops building peaks at 2%, and then crahses. I've tried cancelling the building peaks process but that crashes it too. Would love if you guys have a solution.
  26. Nathan_17

    static in active studio monitors with ur22 interface connnected to pc

    so i have been successfully using this setup for the past year. here is the pc specs: audio interface: ur22 studio monitors: two jbl 308 speakers and the jbl subwoofer to go with it. so i have the everything on and all pugged into the surge protector and...
  27. M

    My YouTube creator studio isn't working

    My YouTube creator studio isn't allowing me to reply to my to comments and is not notifying me of it either and it won't let me see whether I'm verifyed or not can someone plz tell me wtf is going on I thought YouTube creator studio is supposed to help me with that like it was recommended but it...
  28. Justinsanity

    Studio speaker and sub woofer won't work together?

    RAM 8GB DDR3 1600mhz MotherBoard Gigabyte 970A-UD3P PSU Seasonic S12 II Bronze OS Windows 10 64 Bit I'm unaware of what sub woofer I have, I got it from a friend for free. The studio monitor is a Rokit P5 G3. I'm using it for some mono mastering/mixing. So my motherboard has 6 different...
  29. K

    Sony Movie Studio Plat 12

    I just bought a new OEM Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 disc. It installs fine but Sony no longer accepts registration of this version, so, my serial number is not activated. I can choose 'register later' but get the prompt to register every time I open the program. Is there a registry edit I can...
  30. M

    Pinnacle studio crash on Samsung qx412

    Hi Recently I decide to produce some videos so I installed pinnacle studio 17 on my laptop ( i5 4g ram 320g had os win10 64 ) when I produce videos by photos and screen captured videos on pinnacle there is no problem but when I import videos recorded by my camera Sony nex-5r ( MP4 1080 30 frame...
  31. Spbach

    Connecting multiple inputs to PC (Headphone DAC and Studio Interface)

    What I want to do is have an audio setup at my PC which consists of a Headphone DAC/Amp (a Violectric DAC V800 and V200 amp which I already own) and a pair of studio monitors or perhaps a 5.1 setup. What is the best way to do this? I have the headphone amp connected to the V800 through the...
  32. P

    jumpy preview in vegas movie studio -- I have vegas 11, how to fix this??

    My video files are generally about 150mB .mp4. When editing the preview windy is jumpy, i.e. difficult to tell if my transitions etc are smooth. When I render it to youtube it is smooth, but the editing process is difficult since it is so choppy. Ways to fix this?
  33. K

    Could a amp make my microphone quality better

    So i have a t.bone studio microphone connected to a mixer and from mixer to pc. I noticed today, connecting my headphones straight to mixer sounds alot better. My pc has a basic onboard audio. Could a amp (mixer would be connected to amp and from amp to pc) make my microphone quality better? Or...
  34. T

    studio monitors or home cinema ?

    hi community people ! :) i was thinking to buy some bigger stronger speakers.... im not a dj i dont mix, but hell i love to listen to good music! i love clean bass kicks and not this computer speaker muddy bass shiz. here i have been looking at these choices... my question is, which would...
  35. N

    Beats Studio Wireless problem

    Received these for free from a friend, so save the, "Beats are terrible for the money you pay" rhetoric. Now they seem like the power button won't work, and they won't turn on. But when I stick an aux cord into them they turn on and work perfectly. I would like to use these wirelessly, just...
  36. M

    Music studio used laptop recommendation

    Hello everybody, I just build a music home studio, and after many attempts with my old XPS 1530m (core duo 4GB) to record music (not enough CPU and RAM) I realized that is time to upgrade my laptop The idea is to buy a used laptop on ebay because I think that is not worth to spend 700£ in a...
  37. D

    Looking for Good Budget Audio Interface (Audient id14 vs Steinberg ur44)

    So i'm looking into buying a decent audio interface for my home studio. I want to record music with acoustic guitars, vocals, piano, etc. I'm looking at 2 or 3 different units so far. Direct input for my guitars is also rather important to me. Overall the sound quality and good driver support...
  38. S

    (Gaming Audio) Safe to connect DAC to powered studio speakers?

    Can I connect a DAC to powered studio monitors to increase the sound quality? Will I start a fire if I try to connect the two? Am I better off getting a soundcard? So many questions and I've had trouble getting any straight, informative, answers. Please help.
  39. A

    Lenovo Top Model

    I am an Architect and very much interested in using presentation and drawing programs such as AutoCAD, 3D-Studio, etc. and similar programs that requires high graphic cards as well as high memory and first is first very powerful processor. What is the Lenovo model you recommend to me? My...
  40. Kritonios

    Headphones for all kinds of music and studio

    Hello there, I would like to buy a pair of headphones for listening all kinds of music and doing some music production and studio work, too. I would like them to be comfortable on my head because the ones I have now start hurting me after half an hour and I think this is the most important...
  41. Tenslaster2980

    Would it be safe to sell a Laptop with Movie Studio installed?

    Note**I am not intending to perform Piracy..if I do, let me know. So I'm selling my laptop to the "Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK" Laptop. And if I can, I'll sell mine with my current copy of Movie Studio 13 Platinum. But the thing is, will something go wrong with the software if we try to get on...
  42. L

    Loud noises coming from studio monitors only when connected to my pc

    ok. so my M-Audio BX5 studio monitors are making a horrible noise that gets louder when i turn my volume up on my DENON DN-X400 mixer. when i plug the 3.5 mm audio jack into my phone or laptop all the noise disappears. i bought a sound card today to see if that helped but of course it didn't...
  43. K

    Best $100 Studio Headphones for Gaming?

    I've been in the market for some new headphones for gaming and don't want to buy another gaming headset. Looking to spend about 100 dollars on some studio headphones that I can use for gaming/music listening. I was going to get the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Headphones but I also like...
  44. C

    Amp with bass management

    I have a pair of JBL studio 530 speakers and SVS PB2000 Subwoofer and I am looking for a amp that can give me bass management. I was recommended the NAD 356BEE by a friend would that be ideal for this setup or not? Budget $1000. Thx!
  45. MaqDrew

    3D Studio Max & Maya

    I'm a medium level expert in adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, But now I'm more interested about 3d modeling & rendering to the Autodesk'3D StudioMax & Maya'...... problem is i've no idean about those software...... I just wanna know I'm already skilled Adobe suite.... now How kind of skill do I...
  46. S

    Confused between three laptop models

    Hi. I want to buy a laptop for music production (fl studio n ableton). My budget is not high. I want a laptop with fullhd screen as I have a laptop with hd screen and all plugins of fl studio aren't visible clearly (very big in size). I live in india and from laptops available I have selected...
  47. J

    Studio 1737 powers of when lid closes, wont turn back on unless it is plugged in

    My Dell Studio 1737 completely powers off when you shut the lid. I already went to the settings in windows 8.1 to choose what the laptop does when the lid is closed. It still completely powers off. It won't let me turn it back on unless i plug it into the charger. Once it boots, i can take it...
  48. J

    Udp trouble in Android studio

    Im trying to make a single UDP app in android studio. Whenever I run the app and press the button the app crashes. Im using Datagram object to make it. My code seems to be alright but I don´t know where the mistake is. ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY please, help me. This is the main activity page ...
  49. Z

    Razer Kraken Chrome 7.1 Roblox Audio Issue

    I have a issue were I cannot hear anything from the game Roblox. My in-game sound options are not muted, they are all the way up. In Win 10 sound mixer, Roblox is not muted. In Roblox Studio, the program used to create Roblox, the settings "SoundEnabled" and "SoftwareSound" are checked and...
  50. Hamda

    z906 or m-audio?

    hello, i have a logitech z906 system but im thinking of selling it and get m-audio/ mackie / jbl... studio monitors. i use the z906 as a 2.1 channel only 2 speakers with the subwoofer on my gaming pc desk cz i dont need the extra channels on the desk. so, should i just keep the z906 at 2.1, or...
  51. D

    which pinnacle studio is compatible for windows 8.1

    which pinnacle studio is compatible with windows 8.1
  52. S

    Display Adapter not approved by Pinnacle Studio Plus v11

    After successfully updating my Pinnacle Studio Plus v9.4.3 to Studio Plus v11, I was then advised by the program to run a test on the Display Adapter. My Display Adapter works fine on Studio Plus v9.4. However, when I try to display a video on Studio Plus v11 all I see are flashing colors in the...
  53. T

    Powered speakers emit hissing when plugged into home built computer.

    About a month ago I bought a pair of JBL Lsr 305 powered monitors to use with my first computer build. Issue is that since the first time that I plugged in the speakers to my computer they have made a horrible hissing noise and I am at wits end with what the cause is and what options I have to...
  54. V

    Dell Laptop studio xps L502x switched on but screen not working and CPU fan making noise

    Hi, My Dell laptop Dell Studio XPS L502X is not working.I have switched it on but the screen is blank even though the power is on and CPU fan is making noise as if the CPU is overheated. I have tried many times but it is not working. Please let me know if there is remedy to this
  55. HealedWolf

    Upgrading: Studio 1440 vs Inspiron 1545

    Which could I upgrade for the best performance.s. So far all i know is the Inspiron could do a Intel Core2 T9800 with 8gb of DDR 2. And I know little about the studio other than it has one slot for a DDR 3
  56. F

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 able to be compatible with a USB to XLR through a phantom power supply

    I am doing some research for my studio/work place and have wanted to upgrade audio for a while. I use a Neewer audio condenser and it has slight issues with my cloud power so I looked around. I have SEVERAL USB ports on my computer and to switch to USB rather then switching the motherboard just...
  57. N

    Manga Studio 5 ex

    Hi all So here's my ish. I have a windows 8.1 laptop with no CD drive. I want manga studio 5 ex. On the product website it is 200 dollars and has a digital copy. On Amazon it is much more affordable however it is CD only. Is there a way I can get it cheap and get the digital copy? Can I...
  58. D

    Ideal Audio set-up for 5.2 Surround from Computer to Receiver

    Yes I know there are tons of these, but I always see suggestions for budget systems etc. as well as I'm somewhat confused on how to do this correctly even after reading the other posts. It's going to take me some time, but I'm look to get the ideal set-up for 5.2 surround sound. My PC: Asus...
  59. R

    Why does Sony Movie Studio 12 have extreme lag when editing videos?

    I was getting higher play back speeds when I was using an Nvidia GT720 GPU, but when I upgraded the FPS of Movie Studio 12 seems to have dropped significantly. This doesn't do this for anything except Movie Studio, games run at much higher FPS on higher settings, so my card is fine. My specs...
  60. P

    How to set up Studio Monitors to soundcard

    I am getting two monitors soon for music production. According to their specs each one has a 1/4inch input and a XLR input on the back. My sound card has inputs for 3 3.5mm. It supports up to 7.1. I've got a pretty simple soundcard with 3.5mm jacks with 3 outputs and 1 input. Should I get 3.5mm...