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  1. CAaronD

    Headset better than Beats Studio for $100 or less?

    So, I've just convinced my father out of buying a Beats. And I will have to find another headset for him now. I doubt that Beats was even original in the first place. Do you know of a headset that would have better sound quality for around $100 or less? Is $100 for a Beats Studio (old version)...
  2. R

    recording studio dubbing.

    Hai iam.bulding a new recording studio and dubbing.. What are the specs and equipment and best product.for recording studio. Please reply me.
  3. S

    Beats Studio Headset on the PC - sound on PC stays on simultaneously?

    Hey all, So I got a beats studio headset (the new one), and I plugged it into my PC via the headset port. It works, but the PC sound stays on. If I lower the PC sound through Volume Mixer it turns the headset sound down too. They're linked and don't work unless they work simultaneously. Is this...
  4. I

    Help me please about Pinnacle Studio 15

    My sound files is amr, but I already convert it to mp3. When I play it on the mp3 it's work perfectly, but why I can't edit the full audio in pinnacle studio 15?? anyone can help me? thank you very much
  5. D

    laptop specs for 3D Studio Max. AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit Architecture, catia v6

    I intend to buy a laptop for myself which would fulfil my needs, Kindly advice me which laptop is best and what specifications should be for 3D Studio Max. AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit Architecture, Catia v6, Corel Draw, Photoshop, SolidWorks.
  6. Andrew Mc Glone

    New Stereo Receiver - Help !

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a new stereo receiver to replace my existing one for new features and better sound. The main question I have is : (1)Will a new stereo receiver give me better sound ? My existing system : JBL Studio L880 (7 years old) JBL ES250PWBK/230 Hi-Fi Subwoofer ( 1 years...
  7. Andross64

    Buying New Studio Monitors - (audio people only please)

    So I produce bass heavy music and I only have 400$ to drop on some decent monitors that will help me get my mixes to that next level. First off I'm going to get all my requirements out of the way so i can get an accurate recommendation... - I don't know if i'd call it a small room but i will be...
  8. B

    DAC and Audio interface recomendations?

    I need some advice, and that being said I'm looking for an external DAC or audio interface to complete my studio setup. I have a pair of M-AUDIO DX8 D2 that I ordered and I figured I could just hook it to my computer directly using a TRS to 3.5 mm jack, would that work? if not can I hook it to...
  9. L

    Upgrade my Studio 1737

    Hello, recently i have been thinking of upgrading my laptop so it can play a few games here are my specs: - Component Details Subscore Base score Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz 4.4 4.4 Determined by lowest subscore Memory (RAM) 3.00 GB - 5.1 Graphics ATI...
  10. Myntekt

    Headsets - Gaming ~100€

    Hello! I want some new headsets for around 100€. I don't understand much about audio and stuff though. I had the Gamecom 780, but they broke in two parts (literally). Now I got the G35, from Logitech, but I'm returning them since they aren't as loud (I can't find the right word for this, but I...
  11. P

    Importing not transferring data to open project Pinnacle Studio HD Version 15

    Having problems I've never had before with my Pinnacle Studio HD Version 15. Only parts of videos shot on mini dvds import and I keep getting an error popup. Video imported from tape doesn't transfer to my open project anymore and I cannot figure out why since I've done it so many times before...
  12. D

    Upgrade from (Dells) Inspiron 1545 to Studio 1737?

    My old Inspiron1545 is about 4 years old and although it works fine for browsing the internet that's about all it can do, I don't really want to spend that much on a new gaming laptop or anything, just wondering if the 1737 with windows 8 would be able to play games like csgo, sc2, dota on low...
  13. K

    Studio speakers to TV without a receiver

    I am trying to hook up copper wire studio speakers to my Samsung TV without using a receiver. I connected the speakers with a copper wire to audio jack cord (one for left, one for right) and this doesn't seem to work. The TV recognizes there is something there but no sound comes out when I...
  14. X

    Beats by dre studio rattling sound in right earcup when shook

    Hi, I recently bought beats studio by dre overhead headphones around three days ago, they have been working perfectly up until 5 minutes ago when I picked them up and the right ear cup rattled as if something inside was loose, I have searched around and found no solutions to this. I cannot run...
  15. W

    Headset with Mic or Individual Mic + Headset?

    Hello folks, I did not know where to post this, or if i even should post this on TomsHardware, so if im doing anything wrong, i apologize and will take actions (As in moving the post or delete it completely) if im instructed to. But i'll Try I just bought a new computer which will arrive...
  16. C

    Does conputer with flash memory work for editing gopro videos

    Hi i need to edit gopro videos with gopro studio 2, and im thinking to buy a macbookpro with flash memory, but since the requirements of the software says that a hard drive with a minimun of 5400rpm is needed, im not sure if my choice is the right one, hope you can help me
  17. BigBadBeef

    setting up good recording software for games

    I want to set up a good recording "studio" for games but am having trouble doing that. I've tried bandicam and I've tried fraps, but both seem quite foreign to me and can't seem to set them up properly. So the question is: Is there anything better you would recommend and do you have any advice...