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  1. A

    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

    I'm looking for a good pair of headphones under 100$ to use to listen to music (inside and outside) would the M40x's be good for travelling and listening to music?
  2. irontrooper

    Which of these 4 camcorders is most versatile?

    Going to be recording variety of events and videos both inside and outside, not (long) movies. Camcorder should last me a long time without needing early replacement as this is my long-term investment in self-employment. Feedback appreciated! Available: -Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K...
  3. M

    Cables for studio gear.

    Hi! I won last week gear for my studio and i don't know if i'm gonna need anymore cables. Can you check and tell me what cables do i need? Thank you!
  4. A

    Would I get superior sound from M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Active Studio Monitor Speakers?

    Hi. I'm currently using Logitech Z2300 speakers with my desktop PC. My soundcard is the Asus Xonar Essence STX . I have had the Z2300 for years and like them. However, recently I read several positive reviews for the M-Audio AV 40 monitor speakers. I am wondering if this would be a better choice...
  5. BlueFireZ

    How to upload custom thumbnails to YouTube (fix)

    Can't upload your thumbnails on YouTube even after verification? Follow these steps for a simple to fix the problem. This tutorial is for Windows but you can modify the steps on your behalf for other operating systems. 1. Make sure your account is verified, check by going into Creator...
  6. R

    Looking for a studio condenser mic + audio interface around $100 - $150 each for podcasting / livestreaming

    I've had a lot of gaming headsets throughout my life and all of them ended up breaking fairly quickly and I've decided to get myself a good set of headphones and now I just need a mic but I don't want a USB mic because I know that an audio interface can be used as a preamp (thing that enhances...
  7. B

    I currently have he ATH-M30x by audio technica looking to upgrade.

    That is right, I am not a audiophile buff so when it comes to headphones I do not know much. I have a focusrite 2i2 and I make techno and metal along with gaming and I am looking to upgrade. For my budget dont worry about that (this doesn't mean send me a link to some $500 pair of cans) I just...
  8. Kevkas

    Please recommend good headphones for gaming.

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me figure out what to buy, or at least point me in the right direction. I want to buy headphones, which I'll be using mainly for gaming, but also to listen to music. I'm NOT interested in buying a 'gaming headset', I don't want a mic cause I already have one, and I...
  9. Y

    Studio speakers vs computer speakers?

    Hey everyone, I have a question I hope someone can help me further with. I've been eyeing studio/reference monitors vs my current speakers. I know monitors are for like production and ect. I was wondering though, I am really into music, I don't make it I just like to listen. So I was wondering...
  10. C

    netbook for basic song recording?

    Hi guys I am looking forward to buy a netbook(asus eeebook) for recording songs and guitar tracks via an audio interface( focusrite scarlett 212). Ill be using audacity or cubase as the recording software. Just wanted to know whether the netbook with intel atom quad core and 2 gb ram be able to...
  11. MattH1112

    Connecting Studio Monitors to Subwoofer

    So I have a pair of Mackie CR3 Monitors and a Polk PSW10 Subwoofer. I was wondering how to have them running as a system for my computer however the monitors don't seem to have an output. As of right now, the speakers are hooked up via headphone jack while the subwoofer is waiting to be used...
  12. P

    Electrical buzz coming from studio monitors?

    Hi, There is a consistent buzz that comes from my studio monitors (which are connected to my PC) when my CPU, and particularly GPU are under heavy load, such as when I'm playing a game. It does not happen when they are not under heavy load. There are no loose wires connected to the monitors...
  13. T

    Need a cheap and quitet computer for audio recording!

    So I need a computer for recording sound for my little home studio and I don't have lots of cash so I am thinking of (A) a chromebook or (B) a small silent pc? If anyone has an idea would love to hear it! Thanks
  14. I

    pirated version of fl studio

    a while back i pirated fl studio (i know i know) and now i want to buy it legit. what i'm asking is if i buy it legit will it work like how it's supposed to since i have the cracked version on my pc? i hope i make sense and sorry for being a pirate. i just want to do things legit now that i have...
  15. R

    Fisher speakers - rare?

    Fisher st-441 studio standard series speakers - looking for an estimate on value, please. Possibly hard to find? There are no results on Google! Just similar speakers.
  16. V

    Which is the best budget laptop for running Android Studio?

    Here are my requirements: 1. It should run android studio smoothly 2. It should be portable i.e should be small in size and light in weight 3. It should not cost more that 20k (Indian Rupees) 4. It should have good battery backup (at least 7 hours) P.S: I don't care about type of OS or HDD size .
  17. R

    How to set up a pair of monitors correctly?

    Hi, I have been looking around google for a a long time but i havent found my answer. Please I need the help if anyone knows how to do this. Basically, I have apir of 2 rokit 5's that I want to hook up to my desktop. I dont know how to do it. I thought it was easy as just using the 3.5mm jack...
  18. P

    Electrical buzz coming from studio monitors?

    I have two studio monitors connected to a preamp, which is then connected via USB to my PC. However, I seem to get quite a loud buzzing sound coming out of them when the computer is under heavy load, such as when I'm playing a process heavy game. They do not make a buzzing sound when...
  19. D

    App to enter dialer codes

    Yeah, so I have android studio installed, v.1.4 Not sure what I am doing. I have the 5 buttons that I want all set up looking all pretty, now I want to make each button open the dialer and dial the code without calling. I tried some bogus app builder that tried to call the code, so that sucked...
  20. C

    Cdma sim card work on gsm phone

    Want to put my Verizon sim card in a gsm blu studio 5.5 Blu is unlocked
  21. S

    Good studio grade headphones with mic?

    I'm a producer and i am looking for some good high quality sounding headphones with a mic that i could use for gaming and for my production for under 250USD. Any suggestions?
  22. G

    2.0 or 2.1 Speakers

    Hello everyone I'm looking to buy a new pair of speakers which I can buy from my local electronics store. I spent a few hours looking and these three caught my attention. Two of them are 2.1 and one is 2.0 system. Microlab FC-330 Microlab M-200 Platinum Edifier Studio R1280T They cost about...
  23. I


    Hey! I'm looking for a comfortable and efficient way of creating my small mobile recording studio, and for that reason I require aid at picking the most adequate laptop / notebook / netbook. My friend advised me that this particular website if the best source of creditable and reliable...
  24. WimboJallis121

    Can I integrate a pair of Studio Monitors in a 5.1 speaker set up on my PC?

    I'm currently looking at replacing my speakers (which desperately need doing!), but am a bit unsure about how to do it. My PC is mainly used for gaming, watching films/TV series and music production. Obviously I need a nice pair of studio monitors for my music, but I'd quite like a 5.1 set up...
  25. N

    Good under $100 studio headphones needed to pair with my zalman mic! ASAP

    Hello I have the choice for going with a logitech g930, corsair vengeance 2100 or getting a pair of pro headphones to pair with my salmon zm1 mic. I honestly like the salmon mic a lot. It has one of the best qualities out there. Im very strict on price. Has to be under $100. Please post any...
  26. Vladimir Aquino

    Beats bluetooth connection

    Beats headphones not syncing with my laptop over Bluetooth. so the laptop sees the device and it connects the first time. It then stays in a pairing loop where nothing happens any suggestions.
  27. P

    Setup of dvd videosoft free studio keeps showing when my computer starts up

    Once I was trying to download dvd videosoft free studio, but I interrupted it, since then the setup of of it keeps showing when my computer starts up. I have have finished the download, but it keeps showing. Can someone help me?
  28. F

    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro With Pinnacle Studio 18

    Is there someone out there using the same specs as I do. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate. I am having difficulty's with playback.
  29. O

    Wiring up home studio

    Hello, I have purchased an Allen & Heath ZED10 mixer for my home studio. I already have an Apogee ONE which I was using to output audio to my Adam A7X's. Now that I have a mixer should I output audio from that and how would I go about doing that? My setup consists of the above items, an Akai...
  30. A

    Headphone mixer amps

    Ok I am a gamer and i am going to start using my recording studio headphones which audio technica ath m20x. I am going to use this on my ps4. The mic is also studio quality not a snowball. I need to know what amp mixer or amp for headset so i could adjust trebble and bass.
  31. T

    Connecting Studio Monitors to Subwoofer

    I have two KRK 5 studio monitors that I'm using as speakers. Right now im using a TRS cables that connects the two speakers to my computer. I recently just bought a low budget sub Pioneer SW8K and was wondering what cables I'll need and how to hook it up to my monitor. Do I need to buy a...
  32. C

    DVD RW won't work

    My Studio 1745 got to where the dvd drive won't work at all,it won't burn or play,it sounds like a clicking sound as if it has a disk in but doesn't,.and now it won't download,Any ideas?Thanks.......
  33. S

    Ulead Media Studio 8 Pro

    how can i use ulead media studio pro 8 in window 8.1 64 bit?
  34. B

    do beats studio have to be charged for audio cable to work

    My battery is dead on my beats studio so I put the audio cord in and nothing. So I'm wondering if they have to be charged to work with the audio cord. If so I think that's corney
  35. Z

    What is the minimum graphic card to run GoPro Studio?

    I have a Go Pro Hero 4 camera and need to upgrade my graphics card on my computer to run Studio. What is the minimum or best to get?
  36. C

    pinnacle studio 10 incompatible with windows 7

    I have pinnacle studio 10 but it's incompadible with windows 7 so it refuses to run...anyone any idea on how I could solve this?
  37. I

    Dell Studio 1555 Upgrade Parts

    Interested in upgrading parts for my Studio 1555 since it has considerable slowed down since its purchase in 2009. I used to play video games on this back in high school like crazy, now I'm afraid to even have more than a few tabs of the internet open. I scan for viruses frequently, and defrag...
  38. D

    Beats by dre studio 2 vs Astro Gaming A40 (old version)

    Hi, I got both of the headphones and i need money so unfortunately I need to sell one of them, which them should i get rid ? I use them for music and gaming
  39. A

    Convince me to not use just use my Beats Studio headphones for gaming on PC

    Answers that will be rejected: ■ It has no mic to use with Ventrilo, Mumble, Teamspeak. (I can just buy an external mic.) ■ Beats Studio headphones have too much bass and/or sound bad. (I like it.) Backstory: I've owned the Logitech G35 wired headset for 6 or so years. I like them a lot...
  40. ComputerKid1234

    Looking for help with getting speakers/studio monitors

    I'm looking to get good speakers for my computer. I just don't know much about hifi stuff.... So, budget 200-300€ to the speakers (preffer lower cost ofc) and if i need to get an amplifier i would like to know if there are any good ones for 50-200€ in the markets, of course not any audiophile...
  41. M

    Do I still need any of my closed-circuit coax setup if we're going streaming?

    Hi! I teach a middle school broadcasting class. Our TV studio runs on a coaxial output that is then amplified to the rest of the school. In the process of our current remodel, workers have removed the coax outlets in our classrooms, and I'm told that our district is looking for streaming...
  42. M

    how to connect fisher speakers to the studio standard by fisher

    Trying to connect my fisher speakers to the vintage studio standard system by fisher
  43. X

    Do i NEED a dedicated Soundcard?

    I've been looking into buying a good set of studio headphones lately and ended up purchasing some AudioTechnica ATH-m40x's Since I will mainly be...
  44. C

    Do Studio Monitor Speakers Usually Have RCA inputs On The Left, The Right Or Both

    I found some fairly priced speakers by Technical Pro (MB5000). They claim to have RCA inputs, but I dont know if I need just one L/R or 2 L/R (both speakers) to connect directly to my sound card.
  45. S

    emulator: warning: Android studio

    Running an App in Android studio 1.0 and get this error during emmulator launching could not get wglGetExtensionsStringARB Failed to create Context 0x3005 could not get wglGetExtensionsStringARB emulator: WARNING: Could not initialize OpenglES emulation, using software renderer. could not get...
  46. X

    Best Headphones Under $200

    I recently bought Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBL Professional Studio Monitor Headphones for its high praise. After listening to them for about a week I returned them because I didn't really like the bass feel. I am not an audiophile but I listen to music and movies on my phone and computer for hours...
  47. X

    What's It Worth?

    Hi, I am getting a new laptop that will be delivered Monday and plan to sell my current laptop. The laptop is a Dell Inc. Studio XPS 1640 A153 with the following specs: Processor: 2.53 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo 64 kilobyte primary memory cache 3072 kilobyte secondary memory cache 64-bit ready...
  48. nikoli707

    Budget Under $100 2ch Studio Monitors For Computer

    Just what the title says. Im not very familiar with studio monitors but it seems to me that they would be much better for my application. I just want good all around quality music, battlefield/games, youtube. I already own some older altec lancing 2.1 speakers, and they work great, but i know...
  49. K

    what is needed for an amature music studio

    I want to start to make beats with my computer i am planning to build. I am planning on making hip-hop/rap beats and kizomba beats Could you tell me the bear essentials needed for a studio for my criteria? Could you also recommend the cheapest components aswell? Thanks in advance
  50. Ryarwood99

    Help to code in Android Studio

    I want to make an alarm that you would enter when you want it to go off (just like the stock alarm app, or any alarm app for that matter), can someone point me in the right direction. I've looked and all I've found is alarms that go off in 15 seconds or something like that. P.S. non video...
  51. G

    Beats Studio Headphones Quality Question

    I came across a deal on some Beats Studio headphones and am considering taking the plunge. One source has them new for $100, but they aren't in the box and come only with a vendor 60 day warranty (so obviously grey market). Another has them for about $150 but in box with the year warranty. Is...
  52. A

    How do I turn up the bass on my headphones?

    I recently bought a studio microphone as well as headphones after my headset died. However, I have noticed an annoying lack in bass. Does anyone know any settings that I can use to increase the bass?
  53. S

    Wireless speaker recommendations for 1000 SF yoga/so dance studio space.

    I stream music from pandora. Do not need interface or airplay. Music level does not need to exceed moderate listening level. Floor placement. Does not need to be portable or outdoor. If price is exorbinant, can use one wired speaker. Thank you!
  54. G

    Fast!! Help me with a home studio set up

    Hello guys, im from Brazil and tomorrow im going to Miami and i need some help to buy stuff for my home studio. So, i am new to music production but i really liked it from what i have seen and i want to take the oportunity and buy some stuff for my home studio. From what i've read, the most...
  55. P

    USB studio mic or headset with 3.5mm jack with sound card?

    Hello, I am thinking about upgrading my audio sound, but I'm unsure what I should invest into. Currently I got a Asus Xonar DX sound card and a Razer Carcharias (old version) headset. I'm actually pretty happy with this setup in a day to day basis. But for audio recordings or streaming it...
  56. smorizio

    studio micophones for use with online radio shows.

    anyone know of good studio mic for doing live radio shows from home web streams.
  57. A

    Need help with my KRK Rokit 5 G2

    Hello guys, I've recently moved my KRK Rokit 5 G2 from my PC setup to my Studio setup as I've only just finished building it. However I am experiencing this awful buzzing sound from the speakers which I've never had before (or at least I've never noticed, not to the extent that it is now). I'm...
  58. hunterj

    KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors Noise/Hissing Sound

    I recently received a pair of the KRK Rokit 5 Gen 3. They make no noise once they are turned on but once they begin playing music they make high pitched hissing and static noise. The noise continues even after I turn off the music. They are plugged into a separate power outlet. On the other...
  59. B

    $400-$700 laptop for running FL Studio 11, games like Skyrim, and basic web browsing [US]

    I'm looking for a laptop capable of running FL Studio 11 without issues when the project gets complicated. On my previous laptop, (Toshiba Satellite C655D) FL would lag and the CPU would overload. I also would like to be able to play games such as Skyrim at a medium-high quality. I really have...
  60. ambroochizafer

    NEED HELP IN UPGRADING Studio XPS 16 M1640 (Mid 2010)

    Greetings I wish to upgrade my studio xps 16 these are the configurations Computer Model Studio XPS M1640 (Mid 2010) Shipping Date 7/6/2009 Country Emerging Countries – EMEA Components Part Number Quantity Description F811K50STUDIO XPS 16 : INTEL CORE 2 DUO PROCESS MY29750MODULE, LIQUID...