JBL Arena series speakers vs JBL Studio speakers


Jul 10, 2017
Does anyone know the specific differences between JBL Arena series speakers and JBL Studio speakers? Which ones are better for music? and Which series is better overall. I want to add some bookshelf speakers and am debating between the Arena 120 and Studio 220 speakers.

In general a studio monitor will be designed to be used near field.
Studio monitors are often brighter which can be kind of fatiguing for longer listening periods but can make changing sound for tracking and mixing more evident. Engineers know that they are bright and work accordingly.
The Arena series being for more general use would be optimized for more typical home theater or music listening in a room where the speakers would be on the opposite wall rather than on a console just in front of you, Might have wider dispersion and better imaging too.
So it depends on what you are going to use them for.