Question Lifestyle® 535 Series II - Jewel Cube speakers plastered into wall!

Sep 20, 2022
Hi all! I'm new to the forum.

I have a Lifestyle® 535 Series II with Jewel Cube speakers. This is an inherited system when I moved into my new house. However the wires for the speakers seem to be old bose wires with RCA.

I am looking to upgrade my system to the newer console that has 4k output which my current system does not.

The wires to the speakers seem to have RCA ends (sg_ls525_535iii_ENG_DAN_GER_DUT_SPA_FIN_FRE_ITA_HUN_POL_POR_SWE.pdf ( page 12)

I don't want to be ripping up my walls to remove the wires for the current speakers. I don't necessarily need a new Bose console. I just want a console that will allow the speakers to work (5.1 setup) and also link to a subwoofer.

Any advice please? Happy to have any console/amp etc. Would be great to have blue tooth connectivity (e.g. air play)

Also where the current speakers are in the corners of the room, there isn't a power socket there otherwise, I would've just cut off the wires, removed speakers and put wireless ones there that can be plugged in but unfortunately I cannot.