Exporting Multiple Tracks to a Single WAV, Increases Volume/dB


Aug 30, 2017
Hello folks. This issue is really grinding my gears, I'd be enthused if one of you lads could help me with this.

So I have a FL Studio project with multiple tracks (which specific DAW I'm using doesn't seem to matter however). When I export the project as a single WAV, the resulting WAV is much higher in volume than it was in the project, and the dB level itself is also much higher and is clipping, even though before I export the dB is peaking at -3.

When I export all of the tracks in the project into separate WAV files, and then put all of these separate files into a fresh project, the volume/dB level is the same as the original project. Which is exactly what I want to achieve, but this issue is ONLY happening when I want to export all tracks into 1 file... & I need to have them all in 1 file. (tried both in FL Studio, AND Audacity with same problem, so this is very confusing)

Thanks for your time!