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    Solved! Laptop for FLStudio

    Hey, I am a music producer/DJ , and I want a laptop on the go that can handle some pretty heavy music production loads and still not break the bank. My budget is about 2000-2500 usd. My current options are- Alienware 15 r4 configured with i9. Dell XPS 15 Asus Zenbook pro (the one with...
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    Exporting Multiple Tracks to a Single WAV, Increases Volume/dB

    Hello folks. This issue is really grinding my gears, I'd be enthused if one of you lads could help me with this. So I have a FL Studio project with multiple tracks (which specific DAW I'm using doesn't seem to matter however). When I export the project as a single WAV, the resulting WAV is much...
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    Do audio interfaces take care of CPU overruns?

    I have a laptop that I am using for audio creation through FL Studio. I've been looking into audio interfaces because when running more than one track, it sometimes has overruns. I've read that the interfaces do the digital processing. The only place I'm confused is that most people are using...
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    pirated version of fl studio

    a while back i pirated fl studio (i know i know) and now i want to buy it legit. what i'm asking is if i buy it legit will it work like how it's supposed to since i have the cracked version on my pc? i hope i make sense and sorry for being a pirate. i just want to do things legit now that i have...
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    $400-$700 laptop for running FL Studio 11, games like Skyrim, and basic web browsing [US]

    I'm looking for a laptop capable of running FL Studio 11 without issues when the project gets complicated. On my previous laptop, (Toshiba Satellite C655D) FL would lag and the CPU would overload. I also would like to be able to play games such as Skyrim at a medium-high quality. I really have...