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  1. O

    Question Media Player stutters and general volume issues, Windows 10

    Quick history - I stuck with Windows 7 as long as possible but my machine recently died (motherboard). I have a Windows 10 machine purchased about 3 years ago, for gaming, which I never bothered using because I deeply dislike Windows 10. Still do. So now I'm forced to use this Windows 10...
  2. D

    Solved! The bluetooth volume bar keeps popping up on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ whenever I switch apps, exit apps or press literally anything.

    Just got this phone today and after connecting it to my bluetooth headphones, I noticed that the sound bar keeps showing up whenever I do anything while they're connected. I could even be browsing Reddit and it will show up at the top of my screen for a few seconds every time I tap a photo. It...
  3. I

    Solved! Home Theater Audio Problem

    Ok, so, I've got a Philips HTS3592 Home Theater System, 5.1, supporting DTS, etc. It's connected with my PC through optical cable. Everything worked perfectly for nearly 4 years until for a month is having problems when playing something with loud-constant volume. Everything works fine during...
  4. D

    Solved! Playback volume turns down automatically.

    Hello, I noticed that my max volume gets turned down after I go from one YouTube page to another. To fix it I have to change the sample rate, but that fixes it for the duration of the video. Sometimes it goes down on it's own. I am using an external DAC. I tried it using different DACs, and...
  5. D

    Logitech z333 speakers not working

    I have bought the Logitech z333 just one week ago, but the speakers do not work. The subwoofer works fine, I have everything turned on and the volume turned up. Are the speakers just broken or is there something I could have missed?
  6. I

    2-in-1 Dell Laptop Volume Not Adjusting

    I've got a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2-in-1. The overall volume level will not adjust. I can press the keyboard buttons and it will show the volume level moving, but the volume itself doesn't increase or decrease. Same if I move the Speaker slider on the volume tab. If I open the...
  7. S

    Sound System issue

    I'm having a party tonight and i'm currently setting up the sound system in my living room for the loudest music possible. I have some problems however...when i'm playing music on Spotify, the green volume bar in Windows volumecontrol doesn't hit the max or even 80%, which is the actual volume...
  8. D

    Solved! Control volume and track forward/back from an app (not the buttons)

    PLEASE HELP. I need an Android app that will allow me to control track up/down AND volume control. NOT the buttons on the tab itself (I have a disability). It is a Samsung Tab and I am currently using Spotify as the source. Any ideas
  9. S

    HDTV volume control with analog amplifier

    I just purchased a LG 43UJ6300 TV and I want to output the sound to an old analog 2 channel Sony amplifier. This TV only has a toslink optical out, so I purchased a PROZOR DAC to convert the optical signal to analog. This does work, but I lost the ability to adjust the TV’s volume via its...
  10. T

    How do I limit/cap/lock my audio on my Windows 10 desktop

    So in short, I got a new pair of headphones. Sony MDR 1A if anyone is familiar with them. They are really comfortable and the sound is rather good as well. But they don't seem to have a control volume button on them. So the only way for me to control volume output in my headphones is through my...
  11. Z

    Exporting Multiple Tracks to a Single WAV, Increases Volume/dB

    Hello folks. This issue is really grinding my gears, I'd be enthused if one of you lads could help me with this. So I have a FL Studio project with multiple tracks (which specific DAW I'm using doesn't seem to matter however). When I export the project as a single WAV, the resulting WAV is much...
  12. I

    LG TV headphone jack very low volume

    Hi, I have a LG TV and the headphone jack provides very low volume when i connect my headphone to it. What's the issue and how to solve this problem? Thanks Phoebe
  13. J

    Youtube Andorid App Volume help

    Hi everyone, I have a strange issue going on with my youtube app on my s6(marshmellow) I don't know really how to put this into words so I apologize in advance. Throughout the song at the same points every time, the quality/volume changes. The actual volume on the phone doesn't change however...
  14. Dangerous Dan

    Trouble with Vizio TV and Aiwa sorround sound

    I am having a volume level matching the same with the tv and surround sound. I has on aonther occasion. Currently the volume for the tv must be at 50% and only 99% on the surround sound to equal a limited volume on the speakers of each. The TV menu has an "srs" and a "s" something setting, which...
  15. D

    Which of these cheap headphones is better for music?

    Hi, which of these headphones will show a better quality when reproducing music and playing games, in mainly interested in the volume intensity and the bass, these are the models: 1. ATH-ON300BK: http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/cb47dd4ea6662c9f/ 2. Maxell EC-150...
  16. M

    Headphone volume controls

    So my pc has one audio-out which I have split to my speakers and headphones. The speakers have a volume control built in, but my headphones do not have a volume control. I dont like having them always on while using the speakers and reconecting the headphones everytime i want to use them is kind...
  17. E

    Source volume level controversy

    Hey. I could really use some words of wisdom here. I recently purchased a Marantz PM6005 amplifier and Polk tsx220b speakers to go with it. The amp is hooked to my PCs soundcard via S/PDIF. I always assumed that when you use S/PDIF, you cannot even change the volume level from the source, since...
  18. TheMazi

    Solved! Please help me fix my Siberia v2

    My Siberia v2 broke like 6 months ago but today I decided I want to repair them. I've read some threads and most of them pointed to the little volume box where probably some wire was failing. I've opened it but can't see any problem at all [worth to note that I've 0,01% idea about cables so...
  19. M

    One speaker plays before the other when turning up volume from 0

    The speakers are in synch but as I turn the volume up from 0, one of the speakers plays (at around 0.5 volume) sound before the other (at around 1 volume). It also seems that at volume 2+ the vol1 speaker is quieter. The system is made up of two stereo speakers with a tweeter and woofer each...
  20. birne

    Turn up youtube volume

    Hi people, i have a "problem". in short terms is my audio on the pc not loud enough. if i listen to fx. youtube, then i can turn windows sounds 100%, youtube itselfe 100% and the little wheel on my headset to 100%, but it is still not loud enough. my question is now if there is any option in...
  21. M

    Volume balance issue

    Lately I have this problem. When I plug in any headphones to my PC they work only on the left side. I tried more headphones which I previously used on other devices/PC and worked. When I use the sound manager program ( Realtek HD Audio Manager ) to balance the sound to the right I hear weird...
  22. A

    2 audio sources in to 1 out with volume control

    Ok so I need something that allows me to plug in 2 male 3.5mm cables and combines them into a single female 3.5mm out, I need the 2 audio sources going into the single to have their own volume control, I am trying to find something that will do that but I have no idea what to search on google...
  23. B

    Nvidia Shadow Pay's recorded game volume is too quiet.

    Whenever I record a video with nvidia shadow play, the game volume and the volume of my friends is much too quiet to be heard. I know it's shadowplay for sure becasue fraps doesn't have the same problem. I have tried turning up my system's volume and updating all my drivers but the outcome stays...
  24. S

    Corsair Vengeance 1500w Headset White Noise

    I just got a new headset for my computer recently but whenever I turn up the master volume slider in the volume mixer my headset gets a lot of white noise. I don't know if this is my computer or if it's my headset. Please help if you can.
  25. A

    How to Set a Volume Limit on an Android Device

    Your Android device has different volume levels for sounds and noises that play from it. You can set different levels for things like notifications from social media websites, texts, and more. You can also set the volume limit for things like music and videos. Follow these easy steps to set the...
  26. A

    No sound on laptop at all :(

    So I can't really remember how or when this all happened but my laptop speakers can't seem to project any sound at all! Not even on start-up or with an earpiece plugged in. I tried googling and researching, trying to find any similar problems... But all I got were just advice on disabling the...
  27. A

    My settings are maxed out but my headset volume is still low?

    I bought a new headset, the white steelseries siberia v2 and the volume in game is high enough, but when i watch videos or try to be in skype with my friend, the volume is a bit too low. Every sound setting is maxed out as far as i know, and i updated my audio drivers, still too low.
  28. V

    Low output volume on external speaker. Any idea why?

    I got an external speaker for my tablet to use for navigation while driving (lots of road noise, so i need a lot of volume), but the problem is that my tablet, the venue 8, doesnt seem to supply enough signal to the external speaker. The speaker itself is powered externally, so its not a power...
  29. Jesermay

    Audio Switch Volume Issues

    Diagram of issue: Current set up: Three audio sources - Mac, PC and Gamecube - are attached to a Audio Source Selector - Basically, an audio switch - via RCA (the Mac and PC both use 3.5mm to RCA cables, with the Gamecube using it's default RCA audio cables). The Audio Source Selector is...