One speaker plays before the other when turning up volume from 0

Maks Swiderek

Aug 11, 2015
The speakers are in synch but as I turn the volume up from 0, one of the speakers plays (at around 0.5 volume) sound before the other (at around 1 volume). It also seems that at volume 2+ the vol1 speaker is quieter.

The system is made up of two stereo speakers with a tweeter and woofer each, connected to an amp. There is no potentiometer that would regulate the balance between L and R volume as far as i can seel.
Many cheap volume controls do this. They don't make the left and right channels of the control with great accuracy or consistency. By rotating one pad or channel of the control they track each other better.
At the beginning of the rotation one speaker comes on before the other so that they will continue at about the same volume the rest way. There may still be volume differences between the channels if the control is really bad. If you have any soldering skill you could upgrade the volume potentiometer.
If there is no separate balance control you might have a split left right single volume control with two concentric knobs that can be separately rotated to compensate for imbalances and off center listening positions.

Maks Swiderek

Aug 11, 2015

That's really strange. This isn't a very cheap set up, at least not in my eyes. It's a Pioneer A400. I've had another problem crop up. The volume difference isn't much of an issue but this is. There is fuzz/buzz coming from the right positive output to my speakers. It's definitely the culprit as I've tested with different inputs and tried plugging either speaker in different combinations of + and - of both right and left outputs. The fuzz always comes from the speaker with the right + (red) output.

I've temporarily fixed it with some tape that's just stuck onto the tweeter but I really don't think that's a permanent fix...

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